Why It Doesnt Work....my Guess - Georgetown, TX

I did not think this product would really work.....

I did not think this product would really work...Until I saw the resaults of real people that I REALLY KNEW!! I was excited to see such great results from people I actually knew so was willing to give it a try. As I figured, it didnt work for me:( I am on thyroid medicine and have been told that it would still work but take longer. I would bet that the handful of people that find it does not work on them can say they are also on a thyroid medicine. I KNOW it works for most people and would stand by that even though that it did not work on myself because of my medical history. Please keep that in mind if you are a non believer.


Im close to Georgetown,tx and I was wondering where you bought your wraps?was it online or at a party? Do you know if it is safe to use while breastfeeding bu any chance?

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I was wrapped alone and later went to a party. I took a friend and she could not be wrapped because she was breastfeeding.

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I would definatly try it if I was not on a thyroid medicine.

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