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I've always been very insecure about my nose; big,...

I've always been very insecure about my nose; big, overprojected with a big bump. At 18 years old I finally got my first rhinoplasty, and looking back now, 1 year later, I can say I rushed things instead of making sure to chose the right surgeon and REALLY discuss my goals. However, at that time I really thought the surgeon did understand what I was looking for and I was extremely confident. The intervention itself went well, I was in some pain the first day but the recovery went smoothly, very uncomfortable but nothing unbearable. I can't deny, there is a big improvement but there have been some mistakes which are really bothering me right now.

The bump is gone, my nose is overall smaller but the now bulbous tip still has a "droopy" feel to it (due to the hanging columella + supra tip), a small bump is noticeable from one side (cartilage) and there's an obvious pollybeak deformity as well as alar retraction. Needless to say I'm quiet disappointed since I clearly told my surgeon that I was looking for a cute nose, a little bit pointy ( I think it gives a very "refined" look which I always loved) and I have the exact opposite now.

Sadly, my surgeon didn't admit that and basically said she did a great job and that I should be happy with it. I decided to look for another surgeon, and after having a few appointments, I chose Dr. Beldi who seemed very professional and trustworthy right away (6 months ago). He also performed revision rhinoplasty several times and I made sure to be EXTREMELY clear with my expectations (lots of pictures highlighting what I don't like about my nose, what the perfect nose would be for me, etc).

My surgery is in less than one month right now, and I'm obviously feeling nervous about the outcome ! There's a lot of money that I'm spending after working hard to get it, and I'm thinking about it every single day. Sometimes I do wonder if I shouldn't wait, but I'm getting more and more obsessed with my nose and I honestly don't think I'll be able to live with it another year or so.

I don't know if it makes sense, but it's almost like this nose bothers me more than before because I actually PAID for it, believing I'll finally get over with it. Lesson learned: never rush things to get it done, take your time and be patient.

Fingers crossed, hoping I'll be satisfied this time :).


We are in the same exact situation! My tip still looks the same, probably even worse after my surgery, which was one year ago. I cant even smile without being so depressed. I hope your second surgury goes well!!! best of luck!
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My fingers are crossed FOR you. I truly hope you get the result you want this time. Please keep us posted.

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Hi guys, as you know it my surgery was scheduled...

Hi guys, as you know it my surgery was scheduled for December but I did some thinking and I realize I'm not quite ready yet. I've been extremely anxious lately, thinking about my nose and what could go wrong ALL the time. Plus I've been sick and really exhausted these weeks; not the best time to put my body through this surgery. My surgeon was extremely understanding and we rescheduled the procedure (March 2013).

Now what ? Well I did some thinking and decided to book a 1 month vacation (mid January to mid February). Until then I'm going to make sure my body and mind are at peace: eating healthy, working out and just take my time doing the things I like to do. Last rhinoplasty was rather uncomfortable because my body didn't recover that well from the anesthesia, I was in a rush, anxious, tired.

It was hard to make this decision. Obviously, living another 4 months or so with this nose isn't what I wanted, but I need to stop obsessing so much about it and find some self confidence back no matter what. So right now, it's "me-time" :). I'll update you guys before the surgery !


Hey how long after your first primary did you have revision? Im thinking to go at 5 m but same like you so many things running through my mind
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Forgive me for going off topic, but your eyes are stunning! Can't wait to see how they look after your revision rhinoplasty, it will make them stand out even more. Good luck!
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I also made the same mistake as you did, last year when I was 18 I also felt that I rushed things and I was really dissapointed when I saw my nose, it didn´t look bad but wasn´t what I wanted I regretted thinking that I didn´t explain myself well, so this year I had a second rhinoplasty and it looks so much better but eventhought I´m just 3 weeks post op I´m thinking on doing one more time since It´s still too bulbous, I´m hopping it´s swelling but I´m pretty sure I´ll be doing it again, only that this time I´m going to wait for a couple of years, maybe when I´m 22 to do it one last time, anyways I really hope this time you get the results you want! I hope the best for you :)
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Late update !

Hi guys,

As you can tell I've gone MIA the past year and didn't update my review. In short; after coming back from my vacation in late February 2013, I've had some pretty big health issues (brain tumor) that required loads of tests, appointments and finally a surgery in September 2013 (2 months spent in hospital).

Needless to say my nose was NOT my priority these past few months, even though the insecurity was still there. I guess life threatening experiences will do that do you, and I'll have to admit that after my brain surgery (hardest time of my life, lots of complications too) the idea of putting myself through an intervention willingly seemed NUTS !

It took time to get better, and accept the fact that I'll have to be under the neurosurgeons radar for the rest of my life (the tumor is so deep rooted in my head that it's impossible to take everything out without major neurological deficits). What about me ? Well I'm feeling better now, still experiencing some tumor related symptoms and the aftermaths of a pulmonary embolism that occurred a few days after my surgery.

Wow. So what now ? :)

I've contacted my plastic surgeon & have an appointment next month. We'll have to talk a lot about my medical history, make sure to plan a safe intervention & really assess the risks.

Some friends and family around me are surprised (some angry I have to admit) that I decided to go through another surgery willingly, I mean isn't this kind of experience supposed to make you realize your life is precious, and amazing and you have to make the best of it with what you have ?

Well, yes, of course. But I also realized that I don't want to live the rest of it obsessing over something I could "fix". I'm strong, I went through a lot, but now I'm sure that's what I want. It's not a reckless decision, and nor do I believe it will fix all of my self-esteem issues but I genuinely think it would be a big step towards self-acceptance.

I want to believe in loving yourself for what you are, and I've really tried to, I'm still trying every single day. I respect IMMENSELY those who accept themselves for what they are, "au naturel", but 2 years and a half after my first rhinoplasty I can say I'm not there yet.

It is my choice, and I believe I can get "there".


Wow. You are such a strong and beautiful person!! I wish you the best in everything that you do!!
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Thank you very much ! Wish you to find an excellent surgeon for you revision too, and please keep us updated. Don't give up, maybe you could try to find a reconstructive surgeon who's also doing plastic surgery (my surgeon's case); they're the best at repairing "damages" whether it was done by accidents or failed surgeries. :*
This is literally me. I had a rhinoplasty on the 15th of February and by then I was already 17. I told my parents that I, after breaking my nose several times as a kid, had breathing problems, so I told them about surgery, mostly a septoplasty (but also rhinoplasty, since I had BIG bump), and they agreed to it. Like you, I rushed things, and I was pressured with other problems (had the worst 2014 summer vacations of my life). I have the same problem.. slight bulbous "droopy" tip, alar retraction and a slight pollybreak deformity. Well it's been about 2.8 months since my surgery, so I don't know the official look of the nose. I'll post a pic soon and tell my story. Best of luck for your next rhinoplasty :)
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We're getting there !

So, I had an appointment with my surgeon not too long ago. To keep it short, he's just as amazing as I remembered, whether it was at listening or explaining.

As I was expecting, we're gonna have to be a lot more careful considering my recent health problems, especially post-op to make sure I don't develop another thrombosis that could lead to a pulmonary embolism again (not fun). I was however really impressed at how much time Dr. Beldi spent with me (about 1 hour actually) discussing what happened, the surgery, my expectations or just plain small talk. I understand now how that communication was missing with my last surgeon !

Dr. Beldi does not treat me like an ignorant patient; he's opening his own med books, trying his best to explain every little step of the procedure, never annoyed when I repeat myself talking about my expectations, again and again.

I'm happy to announce my revision rhinoplasty is scheduled: 21st of July.

I'm also seeing the anesthetist 2 weeks before that.

So now we wait, but I'm extremely happy we're finally getting there. Especially considering I've been working my ass off these past few weeks to pay for the surgery; 5 more weeks to go !

My next update will probably be after the surgery. See you guys, & all the best to each and every one of you !


Your story struck a chord with me. This is your life, and you have every right to change something that you don't like. You are so inspiring! I'm sure another surgery and the associated pain and anxiety are not desired, but the memory of it will fade as you put time behind you. I'm in a similar predicament, myself. I hope that this procedure is as gentle as possible and that you have a beautiful nose waiting for you at the end of this journey.
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Thank you so much for your comment; it tends to be a very lonely path, when friends and family don't really understand why we're spending so much energy and money to change ourselves. Also, thank you for also putting your story out there, I really think we can help each other as a community ! You're beautiful, and wishing you all the best, :*.

2 days after surgery.

So, on Monday I had my surgery; it took longer than expected (4 hours) so recovery is pretty hard. I have to admit after waking up in quite some pain and a shitty general state I was really questioning the decision to put myself through this again. I'm a little bit better now, so there's that !

Apparently, the previous surgeon did an even worse job than we thought; lots of cartilage was missing so my surgeon had to take some from my ear, and also use fascia graft on the bridge. I'm obviously still extremely swollen, & still have a cast on.

I'm still very drowsy, but I'm trying my best to stay as active as possible; don't wanna risk another thrombosis. I'll make sure to update you guys with pictures as soon as the cast comes off.


u are so brave, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing updates. Take care x
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Thank you very much, xx.

It's been 3 weeks !

Hey guys,

It's been 3 weeks since the surgery, and I've recovered completely - or almost. Still a bit tired sometimes, but overall I'm good. Now, to the important thing you guys are waiting for: NOSE UPDATE

Well, it's definitely better than before - see pictures attached. As I told you in the last update, it was very tricky to fix my nose after the previous surgeon's "work", and Dr. Beldi told me he did the best he could with what he was given.

I'm still me, and I think I'm a bit relieved the change wasn't to drastic ! Of course, there's still swelling, but I was surprised I could go into the world without people even noticing the recent surgery; that's how good the nose already looks.

There is a slight asymmetry between my nostrils, I don't know if it will fade, but again, I'm trying to be as understanding as possible considering the mess my previous surgeon made. I'll make sure to update you guys in a few months.

& if there is a lesson to be learned here: never rush when it comes to those things ! I'd give anything to go back in time and slap myself in the face; lots of money, tears and frustration wasted because of my impatience and my reckless decision.

For now, let's be positive ! Hopefully my nose will only get better as the swelling goes down (it's already pretty damn cool !) and it's the first step towards that self acceptance and confidence I've been working so hard to gain.

Take care, you beautiful people !



how is everything going with your healing?
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I am thrilled for you! Your nose is a huge improvement! Congratulations!!!
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Thank you a lot, :).

11 weeks post op.

Hey beautiful people !

So it's been over 2 months since my revision, time does really fly by. I think (and I've been told) my nose is slowly but surely getting smaller and more defined; it's still very early for a definitive result though.

There is a small asymmetry between my nostrils - one a bit lower than the other - but my surgeon mentioned he had to put different amounts of cartilage on each side in order to try to fix the original asymmetry. Hopefully it's just a matter of asymmetric swelling. But again, I'm aware my nose was NOT an easy fix, so I'm really trying not to be my own worst critic - easier said than done. The tip is obviously still pretty numb and hard to the touch, which is to be expected for a while :).

That being said, my nose does look a lot better, and it's probably time to let go of that "ideal" small perfect nose I had in mind for so long. This is MY nose, and it's definitely pretty cool, time to move past it, :).

I also wanted to thank you guys for the amazing feedback; having this community around helped a LOT and though the idea of exposing myself like that was pretty scary, I'm glad I did ! Although I'm not that active on this website, know that I support all of you in your decisions, surgeries and whatnot; be happy & healthy ?.

I'll make sure to add some pictures in a few months, take care !



Touching story of a strong young lady. You are beautiful and your nose looks great! Congrats and take care:)
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Hey, everything's been going pretty smoothly ! I hope things are working out for you too, and stay strong,
Dr. Moez Beldi

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