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20 Y/o, Overbite, Crooked Front Teeth and Overcrowded Bottom Teeth - Gatineau, QC

I just got my first set of trays in with the...

I just got my first set of trays in with the attachments yesterday. I will have 44 tray for the upper and lower teeth. I have 6 attachments on the bottom that hurt me when I try to eat or chew with my mouth closed so I eat with my mouth open and try to avoid with people around. I have two small attachments on my upper teeth that don't bother me at all. The rough edges of the trays are uncomfortable as well as biting down.

I play trombone so I am grateful that they are removable as I can't play with them and it would only be worse with braces. I got tired of looking at pictures of me and noticing how my two front teeth were not aligned (one is deeper in my mouth than the other). Having refused braces when I was 11 I was clearly not going to pick braces this time around. I keep having the urge to grind my teeth so instead I chew on the chewie they gave me.

I usually drink 6-8 teas per day so not drinking any is a big change for me. I don't want to brush my teeth after every single cup. On the bright side people don't notice my treatment except when I mention it or they notice the small lisp I have.
Hello and welcome!  

We have very few people here from Quebec, but you bring the number up to two active invisaligners in any case :D.  Perhaps you'd like to meet Mil ou, who is on tray 6 now, so has pretty-much gotten the hang of this:).  She did have sores and a bit of trouble in the beginning, so she may have some words of wisdom for you!

Of course, we have lots of other Invisaligners as well.  Some of our newest (I took out those with gaps) are Klinden95, Crooky24, Sairisan, sarahmartin,Alignwithme, SugarKinesis, Mmapp1, FijiGNR89, Dante555, fi414, KaySanaY, Joliesmile, rlt0723, and ejamis.  Since you haven't posted a picture, I can't really guess whose issues are most like yours :).

I am curious if, once you get more accustomed to the trays, you might be able to play the trombone with them in.  The biggest barrier would seem to be the attachments, as they may make a significant difference in your embouchure.  The thing is, they'd be there whether the trays are in or not, so you may end up more comfortable with the trays in (since the attachments can be very uncomfortable in the beginning.)  I sing, and I found that after many hours of practice, I was able to get a reasonably good diction with the trays in.  I wouldn't perform with them in, but for rehearsal it worked fine.  I am extremely curious whether you are experiencing a change in your embouchure as a result of the attachments.  And it will also be interesting whether there will be a significant change as your teeth shift!

I look forward to following your progress!

Almost a week!

Day 6 - I have gotten used to speaking with my Invisalign my lisp is almost gone entirely. I can feel my teeth move when I remove the trays to eat but they are no longer sensitive when the trays are on (except when I chew hard on my chewie). I have a concert on Saturday and keeping them out for 3 hours straight worries me a bit. I also took a nail file to smooth out the rough edges as they were cutting my tongue. I am also managing to not bite the inside of my cheek with the attachment when I eat. I feel my teeth closing together differently than before so in only 6 days I can already tell it's working!

I took some pictures this morning to see if they were visible and they are not! My boyfriend didn't even notice I had them on so they truly are invisible! I'm glad I went for this treatment!

Here are the pictures I took this morning.
Hello! I have almost as many trays as you (42) with similar problems. The attachments sucked but by the end of the first week with them my mouth became accustomed, and now I can hardly tell that they're in there :)
On the lisp side, you will get used to it! I noticed it for like 2 weeks; but it was very small and nobody did, but now I am 5 weeks in the treatment and I don' t have any issues at all. You will adjust just fine :-)
I find myself chewing on the chewie like it was gum and to alleviate the urge I have of grinding my teeth.. Is it a bad thing to do?

3 weeks done 2nd tray in!

On Thursday I put in my second tray. My teeth were sensitive or the first three days but now they are fine! I also filed the rough edges with a nail file before even putting them in and they are comfortable. I already feel my bite closing differently although I can't see any difference. I saw my Invisalign technician during my work shift which was pretty funny and she said by the 8th or 9th tray I should see a difference!

I try to avoid going out to eat as it requires me to brush my teeth in the bathrooms of the restaurant and I get odd looks and someone even complained (Harsh!). I find myself eating only twice or once a day and when I do they are big meals... Not sure if it's a good thing. I have gotten used to eating with the attachments and rarely hurt myself with them anymore! I have gone through 3 chewies in three weeks... Ooops!
It's fascinating reading your story. It's also nice to know I'm not the only one .. That's how I feel sometime. You mentioned the chewies and I heard that couple times. Could you please tell me what it is?
Wait, somebody complained?????  What did they say??

Waiting for 4th tray

I am starting my fourth week in tray 3. My Doctor told me to wear the first three trays for three weeks each but since his office was closed last week I have to wait until Thursday to get my next three trays bringing the total time wearing tray 3 to 4 weeks. The tray is getting more and moer visible even though I remove it while drinking or eating. But my biggest problem is that I have a cavity!!!

I went to the dentist two days before getting my teeth impression done and I had no cavities so there are two options: my dentist completely missed it or invisalign is causing cavities. I do brush my teeth after every meal or snack or drink and am being very religious about it. My tooth hurts and I can see the black spot on it. As I know I am not supposed to get dental work done during treatment I am extremely worried. I still have a year and a half to go with them and cannot wait that long to get the cavity fixed. I really don't want to have to pay for more imprints and for the new trays (still have 41 to go :s ). I will wait and see what my doctor says on Thursday. :(
Don't panic!  I thought I had gotten bunches of cavities from Invisalign.  (I even wrote about it, all depressed-like, in my review here.)  But when I went to the dentist, she said nope, none of them were cavities.  They were just colored deposits from the way my saliva reacted to being in the trays.  Whitening gel totally worked. :)  So good luck, and I hope it's not a cavity!
They are little tubes made of a rubber like polymer material. They are used to make the aligner fit snugly on your teeth. I chew mine for 15 min after putting in a new tray and then for 2 min every time I put my trays back in.
They told the manager brushing my teeth in a restaurant is disgusting and non hygienic for other customers and that it should not be allowed.


I find it annoying that we can't edit a post on here :( I forgot to mention that I experience bleeding when I brush my teeth and that often after chewing on my chewie it tastes like blood in my mouth :(
Did you need extractions before this?
I'm just on day 5 and it feels like my aligners aren't as tight at the back as they were in the first day is this normal or does it just feel that way after a couple of days?
Dr. Brent Coté

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