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My Gastric Lapband Surgery 4 Years in

I had band fitted April 2006 as I weighed nearly...

I had band fitted April 2006 as I weighed nearly 22 stones and was an English Size 24 at 5ft 4inches I was morbidly obese! I was in hospital for 1 night and then back to hotel for 1 night then fly home. After surgery was in lot of pain, more than I thought, Dr said this was due to strong muscle under the fat! Was given pain killers for pain, but not really strong enough.

I lost oinly 6 stone in first 2 years after having 7 restrictions put into band. (saline is added through an injection into a "Port" attached to cather which is attached to inflatable band. Last restriction was done under barium xray and found faulty band, was leaking at port site!

I went back to Belgium and had this repaired under "local" anesthetic! horrendous experience as needed to ask for more anesthetic, as felt cutting and heat from laser! burning smell was awful! 6ml was put into empty band and this lasted till July 2010. I has suffered with reflux problems, acid indigestion, vomiting back food, sometimes even water! no 2 days alike, and what you could eat 1 day, not neccassarily eat on another! I have lost nearly 14 stone in weight and gone down to English size 8/10. It has been a long hard journey as I sorted out surgeon myself, and my fills through seperate agents, as didnt know about "package" deals at the time.

We live and learn! fills can cost between £100 - £200 a time and everyone needs different amounts, also dietry advice is available, at a price! I have learnt myself as time has past how to cope day to day, but there are good weight loss sites now, just look them up.

I recently went for a restriction or "fill" as they are called, due to being able to eat more! only to be told that my band was too tight, and food had collected above band in easophegus and formed a "pouch"! so had 2 ml took out, (Dr suggested whole band emptied, but too scared in case get fat! so a compromise reached) and back on liquid for 3 days, compared to 2-3 weeks at fitting of band originally! then week of mushy foods, then small portions of normal food, (though normal food is different for every bandster! I cant do bread, red meats or pasta as bulky and dont digest enough for me to get through band. All food to be thoroughly chewed to inable it through band! a process that you are always learning about) a lot of will power needed for 3-4 months then back for barium xray to see if pouch has gone, and wether I need a restriction putting back! I am getting married June 4th 2011, so need to fit in my already bought gown!

The reason I had band was because I was so fed up with being fat and pretending to be happy when I wasnt. I dont regret having it done, but think people need to be given ALL the details, pros and cons for this procedure, because I wasnt, and other friends that have had it done by other surgeons abroad and in England were not given all the relevant info.

Dr Bruno Dillemans

Dr was good at his proffesion, and informative, just not really good follow up care as I done this alone. I know now that you can get package from him, and a friend has been to him since, no problem.

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I have had lap band surgery from Dr Dillemans and in the first 2 years all was good, now the port area is infected and leaking but when I email Dr Dillemans surgery I get brushed off!! I would advise to pay more and have done in this country as the aftercare is easier, loads of contact when booking with Dr Dillemans but afterwards .......
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Hi, can you inbox me your doctor's contact information?
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Dr Bruno Dillemans in Belgium @ AZ Sint Jan Hospital in Bruges, Belgium:
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Good advice just about to undergo A gastric band op. I am fed up with being big and in pain in my joints. Once I have the op I will be commited all the way. Nervous with anticipation..Best of luck to all.
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Thanks for your review, you look amazing.

How has the liquid diet gone? Have you been able to get rid of the food that had accumulated above your band?

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Everything working and fixed. I have since got married and maintained healthy size 10. Feel good, I teach Zumba 11 classes a week! When I was fat couldn't do any exercise!!!
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Hey, that's so awesome, glad everything is working out great for you! Congratulations on your marriage!

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That's great- Im sorry for your bad band experiences I'm grateful for your willingness to share. What questions should one ask the surgeon before lap band surgery and what are some things you suggest that one knows before/after procedure? I'm currently in the process, I have two more nutrition appointments before my one on one with the surgeon. Thank You again Congratulations on your success and new union :)
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Hi Prettee2B,

If you take a look at our Weight Loss Surgery page, there are some guides, one specifically on Lap Band. You may find it useful to take a quick look at it.


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