1 month Post-OP

That's my motto - Living My Life Like It's Golden!...

That's my motto - Living My Life Like It's Golden! I love that song; yet I am not truly living my life as my motto says. I'm a very confident woman and pride myself on being the type of person that goes after what she wants. Getting my body - my tummy tight - has been a constant struggle - a unmet goal!

I'm 43 years old, married 25 years, mother of two girls (19 and 23 years old), and I am ready to transform my life! I feel that having this procedure will help me truly Live My Life Like It's Golden!! I'm self-conscious of how I look naked and also when in clothes!! I'm always afraid that when I'm out with my husband, daughters or girlfriends that someone is going to ask me "When is your baby due?".

I'm small framed and not really fat anywhere except my mid-section. I've contemplated the surgery for years; but could not afford it. I made the decision to get it done and I schedule my procedure for Monday, September 24th!! Not giving me any time to chicken-out; so I am reading your stories and need your advice on what do to to make this a smooth transformation to the ...FLAT SIDE!!!

She was the TT Wonder Child - she was back at work 12 days post-op; standing straight in 3-days and doing crunches 6 weeks later. This is something that I want, yet it's amazing how much anxiety it causes. I'm hoping it's because it's unknown territory. I read the different posts and wonder where will I fall in my recovery. I just chuckled because someone post - put on your bikini to determine how low you want the scar. I don't OWN a bikini because I haven't worn one in 23 years!!! I had my first child at 19 and the second one at 23; so now at 43; the flat tummy is a very distant memory.

My raised toilet seat came on Thursday; so it would have been here in time. I'm more comfortable with waiting until December because I will have my hubby at home to take care of me. If I had moved forward with the decision to get it tomorrow; he would have to work the remainder of the week.

I've researched the recliner and plan to pick one up prior to the surgery and just take it slow; continue to read the forums, and NOT look at an actual surgery on YouTube!!
So am I understanding you correctly, you are purchasing a recliner just for the surgery recovery? A recliner like a piece of furniture for a room? I have been tossing around the idea of renting a hospital bed for a month, I made a few calls, and it is $130.00 for the month, not a bad price. I really want this too, the only thing I that bothers me is I am spending sooo much money, and I think about what I could do with it, like a vacation, or do something to the house. I have really never spent that much money on myself, I feel guilty. I had my first child at 20, second at 27, and third at 43, lol.....yep, 52 with a 9 year old. I just keep thinking I should hold onto my money just in case one of my kids need it, ugh
I sure will, I am small framed also, but with this freaking fat stomach of mine, I look so much heavier than I really am. How did your friend do that had it done two years ago? Is she happy with how she looks now? It is probably a good idea you have put it off for awhile, this way you can get used to the idea, prepare, and get your mind ready for the surgery.

86 more days til I'm on the flat side. The...

86 more days til I'm on the flat side. The thoughts of TT have consumed me. I have time to prepare, yet I feel I'm doing everything now. I'm more excited about the TT than my vacation the week before!! My procedure is scheduled for 12/20/12 and I have a seminar scheduled for 1/5/13 that I can not reschedule. That has me concerned!

I'm watching what I eat and logging every thing I put in my mouth into LoseIt! I'm determined to lose 15 pounds before my procedure. Yesterday was Day #1 of Boot Camp yesterday! To say the least....I survived!!!
79 days til I'm on the Flat Side!! I'm always on this site reading everyone's journey. I had dinner with 3 of my girlfriend's and one of them stated she had a tummy tuck 3 years ago. It was so easy for her to share; but I still didn't confide in them that I was going to do it. She stated her was for medical reasons; but it boosted her confidence. I asked lots of questions and was able to hear 1st hand her experience. Maybe in the next 2 1/2 months, I will be able to open up and share my story with those closest to me. My husband is on board 100% and has taken the time off work to care for me. So now, I have to let my day arrive and do my best to be the healthiest me when I go for my procedure.
Ashique4, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey, My 12/18 date is back on so we may be recovery buddies. :) I haven't confided in anyone other than my mother as she's the one who will be helping me out. Funny, I've been packing things and picking things out to take with me to my moms since I got my date scheduled. I've made a billion checklists and I know I'm going to forget something. I'm waayyyy too excited. Well keep us posted on your journey. I'm using myfitnesspal to track my food intake.
Ashique4, Im so excited for you! Im schedule for mine in Dec. 14th and I'm so nervous! lets keep in touch!

2 months until my surgery! I'm addicted to...

2 months until my surgery! I'm addicted to reading the posts on this site and use it to reassure myself that I'm making the right decision for me. I've been so unhappy with my body for years and now that I've made the decision to move forward, I find myself having so many mixed emotions. One day, I want to move the surgery date up because I'm confident that I will be able to bounce back and then the next day; I'm feeling like I'm not giving myself enough time to heal.

I paid for my Tummy Tuck today!!! It's definite, I...

I paid for my Tummy Tuck today!!! It's definite, I will be on the flat side in less than 2 months!!! I finally shared my "secret" with my sister and my best girlfriend. I wasn't going to share the information; but I've finally become comfortable with my decision. Today was 8 weeks since my hysterectomy and I was able to get back in the gym. I did a 1 hour fitness class and I enjoyed it!!! It's amazing how connected I feel to each of you because when I read your stories, I feel comforted to know that there are so many women facing the same challenges with their bodies. We are all making a decision to make us feel good about ourselves and to improve our quality of life. My family doctor told me that with my mid-section carrying all the weight I had to be careful of visceral fat because my waist is larger than 35". She said the Tummy Tuck is proactive because currently I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes or any other health issue that the belly fat is playing a negative role.
Love your motto! My surgery date is right around the corner from yours we'll have to keep in touch!

Tomorrow is my Pre-Op. I have my list of...

Tomorrow is my Pre-Op. I have my list of questions and I'm so excited. We are leaving for a cruise on Sunday the 9th and return on the 16th!! Then it's a serious countdown of 4 days until the FLAT SIDE!!! I'm praying my results are what I desire them to be and that my recovery is smooth!! I only have 2 weeks off work with a possible extension to 3! I have a 95% desk job; so I need to be able to go back to the office.


Just left my PS office from my Pre-OP!! I have my...

Just left my PS office from my Pre-OP!! I have my prescriptions to fill, my surgery bag, lots of great advice!! I'm super excited and can't wait until the big day!! I decided not to rent the recliner and rely on pillows!! My PS wants me to be able to stand up straight within 48 hours. (hmmm). He provides the compression garment and requires I keep it on for a month. He's going to utilize silicone sheets to aid in developing a smooth scar. I have a fear of keloids. They will provide me with the before and after photos for my journal. The atmosphere at the office was comfortable and I am confident that I'm going to be taken care of. Of course, I will have the jitters an anxiety; but overall, I am satisfied with my decision!! I will keep you update on my recovery!!

My Big Day is tomorrow and I'm so excited!! I was...

My Big Day is tomorrow and I'm so excited!! I was not able to sleep last night - so I guess it's my nerves!! I will keep you updated on my recovery journey. This is a major step for me to make some changes that will make me feel great about me again. I've spent the last 4 months preparing for tomorrow trying to convince myself that 's it's okay to spend my hard-earned money on me! So that I feel better about me!! I still have shared with my mom or mom-in-law and at this point; I don't feel I am going to. I'm praying that all goes well and that my results are better than I've hoped for. Sending up a prayer for everyone that is contemplating the surgery and those that are recovering.
Good luck, keep us posted!
Good Luck! How is your cold?
Good luck!

My surgery was performed yesterday at 11:00am and...

My surgery was performed yesterday at 11:00am and I was out of surgery a little after 2hrs. Once home, iMy hubby gas me a muscle relaxer and something by pain. I slept surrounded by pillows until midnight. I have 2 sets of after photos. I go back to my PS today to have my catheter removed. I have seen my scar, but I already see a difference in my body shape. Pain Level is 5 when I get up and move around. My PS says I MUST walk outside the home today and remain in the ski position. Thanks or the prayers and I keep posted on my recovery.
Oh - I forgot - COUGHING is the worse!! Definitely get the cough drops!!!!
I'm PO Day1 and I love my results - even with the swelling. My surgery was scheduled for 10:30 on 12/20. They called me back promptly and had me undress and put on a robe. The anestelogosit (sp) came in and set-up my IV. He was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. My PS, Dr. Daniel Ness, came in a marked me up and explained everything to me with tummy present!! Joke of the house - You let another man write on your body while I watched!!! (LOL). I waited another until 11:05 and went to the OR. After my surgery, I remained in recovery for about an hour and was on my way home at 2:30. Hubby was golden giving me my meds and charting my output. Day #1 - drains had 100ml in 1 and 25 in the other. Today both have output of 25ml. I had a brief episode with nausea and just feeling I wouldn't make it. I think my family was doing to much --hubby trying to provide meds; empty catherer and drains. My daughter put a cold rag on my face and that seemed to make everything much better. I also have shots that prevent blood clots; but was informed if I walk 5 times a day; I won't have to have those anymore! Also - getting up and down is a challenge. For the short ladies, I'm 5feet even and I purchased the toilet seat riser; it has helped me tremendously. So far, my recovery has been better than I anticipated. I love my results already and I'm glad I made this investment to make me feel better about myself. Take care....those that are considering a TT - research the PS and be confident with your decision. Those that have scheduled this procedure; I can attest, the surgery has nothing on labor. I had a 3 hour labor and a 24 hour labor. Happy Healing!!!
Congratulations! Happy healing.

Day 7 - PO; my drains were removed yesterday!! ...

Day 7 - PO; my drains were removed yesterday!! Yippee!! Now I can devote 100% of my time being concerned with the swelling!! I'm so swollen that it's scary, however my PS states that normal!! I walked a mile yesterday in addition to walking the grocery store and department store!! I'm drinking lots of water; watching my sodium intake and I"m still swollen!! I go back on Monday to have the sutures removed from my belly button; which is quite cute!! I drove to the hair stylist today and did very well. I feel good most of the time; but not 100% like myself. I have a few more days of rest before I'm back to the real world!! I survived Christmas without sharing with my parents, in-laws and my stepmom!! That was quite an accomplishment!!!
Wow! Look at you!!!!!
2 weeks Post OP!!! I'm pleased with my results! I'm still swollen in my pubic mound and lower abs; but other than that I feel and look great!! This was exactly what I needed to get myself on the right track to become a healthier person. I went back to work 11 days Post Op for a full day. I was swollen before I started moving around more and now the swelling is minimal. I wear my binder at night and a compression garment during the day. I plan to start walking daily next week for 2 miles. Once I'm cleared by my PS, I plan to resume aerobic activity.
I'm currently 230 lbs. my ideal weight is 135lbs. My PS said that even if you're overweight a tummy tuck is ideal for patients with overhanging skin as long as you are NOT planning on losing another 50 lbs after surgery. He says it gives women incentive to get into better shape. I agree. You're going to look fabulous. Just be careful how much weight you lose in the tummy area. You don't want to ruin it.

I'm 26 days Post-Op and LOVING my new look!! I...

I'm 26 days Post-Op and LOVING my new look!! I will post photos later tonight. My scar is healing amazingly and even though it's high on the end; I'm not complaining! Having this procedure has given me so much more confidence and I'm just thankful that my recovery was not bad.

Does anyone have any recommendations on scar therapy? My PS hasn't given me any directives on how to make this scar diminish. I love my compression girdle. I wear it every day to work!!!

6 Months Post Op - Still Loving My Results

I'm 6 months post-op and I'm still loving my results. I have a few issues with my scar - it's healing very slowly; but my PS is going to provide me with some options at my 6 month appointment. My struggle with weight remains, I still have to force myself to work out and count calories. I've lost 14 pounds since my surgery; but had lost 19.5!! My vacation caught up with me and I have not lost any of that weight yet. I'm considering lipo of my flanks at the 1 year mark because I did not do that during my TT surgery.
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