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I am a proud mommy of 4 (ages 9,8, and twins that...

I am a proud mommy of 4 (ages 9,8, and twins that are 4) I am goin in for my surgery on the 25th and I'm really nervous! Ever since the twins my tummy has been shot! I will be going in for a full tummy tuck with lipo in the hips and and thighs with will be placed in my rear to help lift back this 38 year old sagging booty! I'm really excited to have a brand new me yet I'm scared out of my mind of surgery, healing process, ect. Any tips would be most appreciated!

Good luck mommyov4 I'm sure you will look great and love the end result :) just a few days away.
You and I have a very similar case! My belly button is stretched out and I have loose skin but my muscles are tone and I'm not overweight. I'm currently scheduled for May 6. I go back and forth about whether I'm jumping in too deep where it's not needed. My friends have differing advice and I'm nervous about my potential scar. Are you set for 5/25?
Fairyrhea - please post pics - thanks for sharing
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