Finally have some boobies! Sientra 435HP smooth

Well wasnt to sure about joining but after reading...

Well wasnt to sure about joining but after reading so many stories I figured this would help with me being excited and nervous! Im 22 and have considered implants since i was 16, im a 32/34 A (blah!) and i have yucky stretch marks from my pregnancys so im hoping that dont get super worse but im so ready to finally feel like a woman! We have had 2 children and are done so i said well why not im ready to have some boobs! LOL

I have decided to go with the 400cc sientra gummy bear and I cant be more excited I really think im going to love them! My preop is this Thursday 4/11 and Surgery is set for 4/18! im very excited and nervous also, i have never been put to sleep for anything!! so any tips or anything would be helpful?! or if anybody has the new gummy bears and has imput? I think this site is going to really help me out, will post pictures when able (:

Well had my pre op today!!! excited and nervous!...

well had my pre op today!!! excited and nervous! my PS said I should go with the 425 cc and I tried it on it looked good considering Its going to be under muscle!!! but still really hoping its not to big on me! I think with my hips being wide since having kids it will even out (: posting some before shots. blahh :/ really depressed over my stretch marks, I hope they don't get even worse...but just ready to feel out some shirts and bra's (: wont nobody see them but me and the hubby!

PS!! im really not tan or orange, in fact im pale!...

PS!! im really not tan or orange, in fact im pale! haha the lighting just sucks in my bathroom!!!!

So i feel like im obsessed with boobs now! i catch...

so i feel like im obsessed with boobs now! i catch my self looking online for compare pictures 24/7 LOL i just wish Thursday would hurry up and get here!! (:

Well not much longer, Thursday needs to hurry up!...

well not much longer, Thursday needs to hurry up! I feel like the days are dragging by though! Im so anxious and excited (: I went and got a couple sports bras, I still need to drop off my prescriptions and go get some button up shirts! anybody else got the sientra gummy bear implants? also what did you buy for scars im going under the fold of my breast? and getting textured under muscle! I also have 2 kids 4years and long did it take some of you to get back to activities and picking them up? im thankful I will have my mom and hubby home to help me out!

Well 1 more day! So excited surgery is set for...

Well 1 more day! So excited surgery is set for Thursday at 8 (: still anxious about size I hope 425cc hp won't be huge on me but I think since my hips are wide they will look great! Just some last min nervousness before I reckon! Lol anybody else have surgery scheduled for then? What all should I get for after surgery? I already picked up some sports bras and I think I will just wear zip up hoodies(:

Welp ladies, tomorrow is the big B day!! hehe. im...

welp ladies, tomorrow is the big B day!! hehe. im super excited! dropped off my prescriptions earlier and will head back out to pick them up and some last min little items. is there anything any of you would recommend that you wish you would have had?! I got my sports bra's, bought a pillow w/ arms, have some zip up hoodies, food tray, chap stick, tissues, and there anything else?!! I feel like im just forgetting least I'll have the hubby to go back out if there is anything that I think of!

Well today was the big B day!!! And I'm super sore...

Well today was the big B day!!! And I'm super sore and in pain but I think this will be so worth it. I'll finally get to feel like a woman! The car ride home sucked I felt every bump! Ugh but my hubby and mom are helping out so much! I got to the center about 8 and they started at 9 all I remember was laying on table waiting for me to fall asleep I don't even remember closing my eyes lol just remember waking up in recovery and boy did it hurt! My ps ended up doing sientra 435 gummy bears HP smooth... haven't got to see my boobs yet, as thy we're in the surgical bra and had wrap and cotton around them but my post op is 9 in the morning so I feel sure I can see a little sneak peek(: just want to say a Good luck to the rest who got there's done today and in the future I think this was a awesome choice I made for myself! And a big thank you to the ladies helping me through before and after!! Will post pics as soon as I'm able! For now I'm gonna eat some crackers and get some rest!!

Well today was post op! Got to see my new girls...

Well today was post op! Got to see my new girls and I'm loving them! Right now there swollen of corse but I already love them and can't wait for the next weeks when they drop into place!! My ps said they are doing great and I dot have to wear my dressing anymore just a sports bra(: I'm so glad I went with 435cc I think there perfect!! Also no more pain just sore and stiff as if something on my chest! Go back in 3 weeks for another post op(:

Well today was okay, pretty sore and stiff this...

Well today was okay, pretty sore and stiff this evening, and a little burning sensation..Hopefully a warm shower will help, not much else to say just ready for the next couple of days to fly by, lol

Day 3 feeling a lot better trying to come off my...

Day 3 feeling a lot better trying to come off my pain pills and been taking extra strength Tylenol. Hope everybody else is having a good recovery. I actually got to get up and make my kids breakfast which made me feel good, and Iv been walking around alot! Can't wait to keep seeing them change day by day...uploading some more pics from this morning.

When can we start laying down flat again?! My neck...

When can we start laying down flat again?! My neck a d back are hurting so bad from sleeping propped up but my boobs are so sore and tight idk if I could even lay down like I use to.. I got out of the house for a little today but I'm so glad to be back in my bed! I'm wore out...

Day 4 with my new boobies and feeling better! I'm...

Day 4 with my new boobies and feeling better! I'm able to get around more wash and brush my own hair and pull a shirt over my head! Sleeping is still a task though lol just hard to get comfy! Boobies are still high but not hurting like they were! Will post some pics from this morning(:

Well today has been a little rough I just feel so...

Well today has been a little rough I just feel so tight and hard my body is achy and I feel drained all I want to do is sleep! Can't wait for this part to be over with!!!!! Hopefully get some rest tonight

Well today was the first day I felt a little...

Well today was the first day I felt a little better! Only had to take Tylenol once and drive a short distance to get some take out. My muscle still sore and swollen I feel like its taking forever lol! My incisions starting to itch so at least there healing, my ps said I can take off the tape Sunday! Well that's about all for now will post some more pics this weekend(:

Well officially 1 week today I got my new...

well officially 1 week today I got my new boobies(: today is the day I actually feel good, I was able to get up and clean the house up and do some laundry! still sitting up high which is aggravating, but hopefully they will start dropping soon. hope the rest of you ladies are doing good, im loving the way I look in clothes now, I would have never looked this full with just a sports bra and a t-shirt I would have been flat as a pancake. lol

We'll so far doing good. Still no sensation but...

We'll so far doing good. Still no sensation but did did get to take tape off incision as ps ordered they look better than what I expected! What did y'all use for scars? Hopefully I won't have bad ones because they incisions looks so nice done...but hey I finally got boobs so idc. Lol finally getting in my normal routine with my kids but still very tired at the end of the day. And ready for the rest of swelling to go down, I'm still uncomfy doing something's and sleeping is a task...I prop myself up with like 6pillows but still can't wait till I can sleep on my side!!!! Go back for post op may 8 I think I start my massages then which I'm nervous about!!! Anywho how are the rest of you wonderful ladies(:

We'll 2 weeks my right boob is starting to drop....

We'll 2 weeks my right boob is starting to drop. We'll It seems so anyways lol! I feel great otherwise! Back in old routine and getting around very well and love sleeping on my sides again(:

We'll 3 week post op went great today

We'll 3 week post op went great today. Get to start massaging! And he said after 2 weeks no more restrictions and I can go back to wearing a underwire bra!!! Thank god I'm so over sports bras! Lol go back in 2 months(: so glad things are going good! Can't wait for my left breast to hopefully drop some more. I had some assemetary before but hopefully it will get better! I'm just thrilled I have some boobs! :D
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Piedmont Plastic Surgery . I choose Dr Ness, he was a Dr that told me how it was, he is very straight up and looked me in the eye and explained everything to me perfectly. Also reading other reviews on there website he seemed as the right pick for me and my surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am scheduled on the 20th to get gummy bears 400CC and wondering if I should go bigger?
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how did you like Dr.Ness? Do you like the size? I'm afraid 415cc might be too big for me, any recent photos?
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Hi,just checking in one you its been a while since you have updated. Looking forward to some new pics.hope all is well with you and yours.
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They look so great! Do they feel soft? My ps suggested round sientra gummies (maybe textured?) but I've read they feel firmer than other silicones? Hope your feeling good!
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Thanks!! Actually I can't even feel them in me lol I'm getting softer everyday! Start massages today! My left one is still high and a little swollen tomorrow makes 3 weeks post op and I feel great! A little sore every now and then but other than that I'm so happy with my choice to get them I love the gummy bears! I think you will to!!!
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Hey girl, here are some answers I can give to your questions.. Scars ? There is cream for that. You can buy it at any local store/supermarket/pharmacy.... I was told to not put anything on the scars for awhile . BC they still need to heal on there own. As for you working. That may be hard BC the muscles you use when massaging. I struggle to vaccum... Just try it out on hubby-spouse. & start easy. You may have to hold off awhile.
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My PS put silicone scar strips on my incisions. I have to wear them for the next 12 Weeks. It can be taken off and reapplied after you shower. It drastically lightens new and old scars. Its also sold at Walgreens,CVS ,ect.
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What size danskin did you get? I got a 36 c and I am a 32 flat a now so hopefully it's the right size . I'm going 415 ccs
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Yep I got a 36c and it fits really good!
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You look awesome! So happy that you chose to share your story! :) have an awesome day!!!
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Congrats booby buddy! We have same surgery bdate:-) that size looks GREAT on you, I ended up with 400L/450R hp
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ahh awesome! congrats too you also(: thank you, I looked at yours. they also look very good!!!
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Meg glad 2 hear yr doing well and yr results look awesome dr ness did a great job. As each day passes it gets better and better and u will start 2 feel them getting softer and dropping. Once they finally start 2 soften up u will not b able 2 tell that there not yr natural breast. I think that was the main reason y I went with the gummy implant because it was so very natural feeling. I love them!! Best decision ever!!
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thanks! yea I feel so much better today!!! im very happy with Dr ness as my choice, there starting to soften a bit not as tight, thank god(: lol. and yeah I loved the gummy implant so natural an we get the benefit of silicone without those major risks!!
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looking good there girl. And your waist makes everything real nice on you. My next step after I pay off my boobs. Is my waist I need to get that down and then my boobs really will show. I figure in other two months exercise and then I'll go with a tummy tuck or liposuction. Need to rid the love handles. Make this 50 yr body ROCK.
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thanks! yeah I have wide hips so I think my new boobies even everything out now (: I was going with a tummy tuck also but I was like no way I can handle that much pain at once!! haha.
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same here I was going to go with a tummy tuck but uh didn't want to go with that extra pain and longer healing time. Like I said I'll wait a few more months then uh hopefully by let's say, before Christmas it'll be done.
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Good luck!!! I'm currently 5 weeks post op with the sientra gummy bears. 450cc. Love them!!! You'll feel amazing soon and they get softer and softer every day.
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I seen your pic your results turned out great! What size do you measure now?! I'm hoping to be a good C once everything is in place lol!! I think the back pain from trying to sleep is worse then the actual boob pain haha.
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Hi MegMo90, I be seen her results also and their nice. I bet she's going to get the WOW's, and Damn's like I have and most all of us have. You'll look great yourself. I love my results, you will too I' m sure.
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Hi! Yes your results are also nice! It's great to be able to fill out a bathing suit top now (: cant wait till I can go shopping hehe!!
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Thanks. I been waiting to fill this top for years. Thanks again for your positive comment.
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mmm, it took me FOREVER to be able to sleep completely flat without any pillows behind my back! Funnily enough, i remember more the backache than the boobs ache in the first weeks after surgery... Good luck to you !! Hope you will do better than me soon enough... C
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That sucks, I guess we all handle these new boobies different. ;) I'm laying flat now, about to crash... I'm so glad I can. I started laying on my side last night. That was heaven....
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Yeah the back ache sucks just as bad! I hate it's so hard to get comfy lol I pile up my pillows and turn on my side the best I can
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