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I have always known that I'd want my boobs done...

I have always known that I'd want my boobs done after I was finished having babies. The time has come! I'm a 33 years old, 5'4", 115lbs. Getting smooth saline implants, under the muscle. I am excited to see how my completely deflated breasts will fill out. I'm getting between 350-375 cc implant. I was very unsure of the "look" I wanted but then I realized, my boobs are uniquely mine and they will look like me, only better!

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I was freaking out a bit last night. I am a homeschooling mom and am on the leadership team of a very conservative organization. I got so worried about my new breast size after BA.... I don't want to be embarrassed of my breasts and look "sexy" at all times, kwim? I asked on here and was reassured that 375cc isn't too big and will still be able to look modest under clothes. I'm trying to upload pics but cannot get them from my Droid phone onto this site.

Some before pics...

Getting close and nervous!

I am at an emotional point in my cycle and last night I broke down about not wantingvto deal with the surgery and pain. I have a high pain tolerance and have been through lots of painful procedures but because this is voluntary, it just seems crazy!! I'm still very excited for the new curvy me, just ready to be on the other side.
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Hi honey don't worry tooth x I'm on week 5 today and when mine finally drop n fluff I'm worried I won't be big enough x I was only able to go 520 cc as I don't have enough skin but wanted 600 cc min x an as for the pain it's tolerable x it's the first 24 hours x mostly uncomfortable but tolerable x I was outta bed walking around the next day and 4 outta the 5 weeks been flat out housework xx can't wait for ur next review x good luck x when do u get ur ba
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Too much not tooth pml
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Just in case you haven't seen this already, here is a link to help you with uploading pictures from a mobile device. If this doesn't help, send me another PM and we'll see what we can do for you!
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Cookie, my surgery is the day after yours...lol we can recover together. Im 5'4 129 and getting 400-450 with a lift. I too am/was a homeschool mom. Son just graduated in may so I am done being a mom and gonna get a life. 400 is not too much for our height, so 375 is even a tiny bit less. who cares if they notice, tell them you bought new bras, because you will.
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I'm not sure what size you are now and that makes a difference. If you had 375 to someone who is very flat or if you add 375 to someone who has some boobs to begin with, you will get completely different sizes, thought you added the same amount, if that makes sense. I was flat, flat, flat. I did 425, silicone, under, high profile. I'm 9 weeks today and I'm a C cup. I did not tell anyone I was having a BA except my daughter. No one has noticed. You really can play them up or down, unless you go really extreme like Pamela Anderson!! So if you don't say anything, you can probably get away with no one knowing you had anything done.
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Hi cookieof4 x congrats x and if I were u I'd go the bigger size xx good luck and I'm here if u need to chat xx
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Oh my you have been busy girl! So glad it's your turn to do something special for yourself. Here is a helpful list of recovery supplies. Also, be sure to check out a Forum of amazing women who also have gotten or are getting their BA's this July, 2014. Keep us posted as the day draws near!
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