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For the past 10 years I've been contemplating BA....

For the past 10 years I've been contemplating BA. The time is finally right and I have a supportive husband who is behind me on this... At first he was very hesitant as he is happy with the way I am, but after going to the consultation with me and having many discussions as to why this is important to me he is on board. The biggest issue I'm facing is his "go big or go home" attitude... I want to do this to improve my appearance but I don't want them too big. I'd like to add more fullness but still maintain a natural look.

I've had two consultations, both PS within the same practice. Good reviews for both, one more experienced than the other... however, it was the sense of ease and peace of mind that made me chose between the two. Also, I had heard from friends that one particularly prefers bigger breasts and I wanted to steer clear of biases.

My biggest fear and concern is the incision. A lot of the photos are from recent surgeries and it's hard to gauge what it'll look like down the road. I'm latina and we have the tendency of having thicker scars. I was hoping to have a transaxillary incision but my PS stated those tend to be thick as well. Probably going to go through the nipple. I would like some feedback from the ladies who have gone through BAs and hear about their incision and healing.

I have selected Sientra HP Textured Round, my PS and I discussed between 325-375cc and will decide during my pre-op visit. My husband would like 415cc, but I just feel that based on my frame this is simply too big, my PS agrees. I'm 5'5'', 125lbs (hoping to lose 5lbs before the surgery).

My biggest issue is talking about it with my family. My mother is highly critical and I'm afraid of what her opinion will be. My parents are facing financial hardships and in a way I feel guilty undergoing elective plastic surgery knowing they are struggling. I for one think there will never be a perfect time, my goal is to work overtime this summer so I may have it completely paid for. The practice I'm going through is having a special and the pricing is manageable. I'm practically saving $1,000 by choosing to do this procedure now.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you...

Let the countdown begin:

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Trying on some different sizes at the PS office. This is 415cc, the size my husband would like. I'm thinking 375. My PS recommends 325-375cc.
Lol, just reading the "go big or go home" comment....those were the exact words out of my husbands mouth & I still did what I wanted...I did my own research on sizes & even up to the last minute he was in my ear about doing 425cc....glad I chose a bigger size then I originally planned on (375)...400cc perfect, thus far anyway!
Oh and im prettt close to you in stats I had a 34a before my surgery 5'2 117lbs and I wanted a full c so my dr ended up placing 440cc and its sentra silicone. I picked out 375 but once we got in my dr decided 375 wasnt gonna give me the look I want I have pics on my page if itll give you An idea. I was scared of being huge but im in love with my size.
I know how you feel about parents. Im 30 and didnt wanna tell my dad. My mom slipped amd told him. The day after my surgery he came and saw me and asked why I didn't wanna tell him and I said bc hed worry and came be very critical some times. But he was surprisingly very supportive and has been checking up on me to see how im doing. Hope the same can come from your family. Also you said you have surgery on 28 and back to work on 31 rt? I had mine on the 3rd of april and went to work on 6th felt fine and I have a desk job. The day after my surgery my husband and I had nothing to do until my dr appointment so we went to the mall and I walked around for 2 hrs and felt fine. I know everyone handles things diff but maybe this will give some in site on the surgery! Good luck!

Upset husband

So I had uploaded a few photos of myself trying on different sizers, my husband got very upset about it and I took them down. No nudity or any personal information was included, anyone else have this type of issues? On a better note, I wanted to share this website I found that might help visualize the size of your breasts… http://www.reshapr.com. It can sort of give an idea but the picture doesn't always turn out so great. I tried it with a bra on and it worked better. Hope this helps some of you ladies…
May I suggest allowing the PS to make a size decision at the time of surgery? He/she actually has a vested interest in choosing the size that fits your body most appropriately. You, as a well satisfied patient who does not have the "stripper" look and appears with proportionate fullness, is the best advertisement his practice can get.
I have slightly broad shoulders and chest. I'm thinking you have a narrow chest that's y you're going with hp?
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