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Tummy Tuck - Garden City, NY

So I have my TT scheduled for August 6. I am so...

So I have my TT scheduled for August 6. I am so nervous and scared. I keep thinking to myself...is this really worth! I have 2 children....5 and 2. I work out twice a week, boot camp, run 3 miles twice a week... My husband, mom, in-laws are all helping for the first 2 weeks...they are actually sleeping out!! Any advice is welcome....Thanks


Dragonfly88---that for the details now that you are two weeks down the road...it is always a good reminder of the process...so I know for sure and so I don't get "stuck in my head so much..."
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For me, and I think most of us, the first week is the worst, week 2 is when you will try doing what you can for yourself. It is a long healing process, but tolerable. I'm just over 5 months and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Even with the swelling and sensitivity. At this point, the sensitivity is all but gone, but the swelling is still around, but my tummy still looks better then it did! I was scared more of going through the surgery then the surgery itself. But the doctors make sure you are at the healthiest you can be, otherwise they wouldn't do it! It is so worth it for the stronger body and the much improved self confidence. As far as advice, for when you are home after surgery, a recliner will be your best friend, easier to get in and out of, (with help the first week), straws for water, it is hard to bend your head back at first, an alarm or someone to wake you up every 4 hours to take your pain meds(you'll want to keep up with them, specially the first week), chapstick and above all, cough drops!!! Your throat will be sore the first few days! Take all the help you can get and don't push the recovery! Any questions you have, feel free to ask, you can ask on here or private message me! Anyone on here is more then happy to help!
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Thank you so much for the advice!! I have a recliner which will help. I'm also very nervous about the surgery... especially for afterward....I'm so nervous about potential complications...I keep reading about possible risks and that is freakin me out more!!!
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