Mixto, Hoping 3rd Times the Charm to Get my Skin Looking Great in Time for Daughter's Wedding - Garden City, NY

Tuesday, 9/15, I had my 3rd Mixto SX fractional...

Tuesday, 9/15, I had my 3rd Mixto SX fractional CO2 laser done. I had my 1st one in December 2008, and my 2nd in March 2009. As my daughter's wedding is approaching this October, I was on a mission. The mission was to feel better about myself, and hopefully like the pictures of me at my daughters' wedding. Last October I started on my weight loss plan, 32 lbs to date, and my face started in December.

I have always had problems with acne. As a result, I was left scarred. Thirty years ago before my own wedding, I had dermabrasion done on my entire face. I had previously done everything I could do to look better. I had punch grafts done on my face(for the large pock marks or pores on various areas of my face, they used a cylinder like tube to punch out skin from behind my ear, and plug into same sized holes on my face). I also had 100% pure silicone(not FDA approved) injected into my face for the depressions left on my cheek and jawline from enormous acne welts that were on my skin for apprx 6 mos, which ate down into the layers of my skin, leaving them permanently scarred. I was told by the doctor, a prominent NYC doctor, that it was like I had a fire, and everything was burnt. I was happy 30 years ago walking down the aisle, as I know I did everything I could possibly do at the time for my skin, to be a beautiful bride.

Now dermabrasion was no fun at all! I left bandaged like a mummy. The recovery was tramatic! But, I'm not here to talk about that procedure.

I've also had some Fraxel treatments done, but didn't notice much of a difference. The doctor and nurse told me they'd seen change, but it wasn't enough for me to pay again.

A co-worker referred me to her dermatologist, as I was having serious problems with rosace. Well, I am forever grateful for her recommendation. I never knew that there were different lasers now that could possibly improve my skin. I know, 30 years have passed, but I guess I was too consumed with child raising, and parent caretaking, to think about my skin. So we set up this time frame, which was rushed, as the wedding is approaching next month.

I am thrilled with the results. I just never thought my skin could look any better.

First laser, it was apparent almost immediately. Second laser even better. Third time, well, I haven't stopped peeling yet. I actually looked forward to having it done after the first one. After your skin is finished peeling, usually for 2 days, your skin feels so nice and tight. Love that feeling! My skin has gotten tighter, poers smaller, and my silicone area scars have appeared to shrink in size. Overall, my friends tell me my face looks smoother.

My skin will never be flawless, I accept that, but I actually like how I photograph now. I look at pictures of me and my first thought is wow, my skin photographs so well now. I can't wait to see how over the next few months my skin continues to improve. I highly recommend this laser, but realize several treatments may be necessary for optimal results.

I've also had the Vbeam laser done on my face for the broken blood vessels on my chin area, cheeks, and around the nose. I had excellent results from that one too, and no discomfort at all, but realize I should have it done again, as with many lasers, one treatment is just not enough.

For those of you that may have scheduled this laser, I have a few helpful tips:

Take tylenol before the procedure, and if necessary the first day after.

When having the face done, put your hair back in a headband, and I even suggest to gel your hairline, as your hair can get burnt from the laser(happened to me the first time)

This 3rd time, my face was swollen and red for 2 days, and then the peeling began. I used a thick coat of Aquaphor immediately following the procedure, as it seemed to quell the pulssating sensation. The next few days, a thin coat is ample, as your face is no longer pulsating. I peel for 2 days. It's amazing when I wipe the gel off my face before I wash, and see all the skin exfoliated. By tomorrow, or possibly later today, when the peeling has stopped, I apply a moisturizer. I already know, and am looking forward to that tight feeling I will have. My skin feels great!

For anyone who reads this, you must understand that I have had so much done to my face, obviuosly. I never thought I could feel better about my skin, but at 54 years old, I'm feeling so much better about myself! Compared to all my other procedures, this was a piece of cake! I highly recomend it. I don't want to inject anything into my face, I just want to work with what my body has!

BTW, the doctor also did my eyelids with the laser this time too. I think I already notice a difference. I'll get back to you on that. One more note, my doctor was very careful with my face, especially due to the silicone I have in my face. By the 3rd laser, he knew my skin well. He was cautious with me, which is probably why it took 3 times. This certainly would not be the case for others. Also, never had any blisters or cold sores. Looking forward to moisturizing later.

Hope this helps some of you considering this laser.

I live in Central Florida and I paid $750 for a treatment. I chose a highly-respected, well-known plastic surgeon's office. One of his PAs did my procedure. I am 4 days post-procedure and have been flaking for 2 days. The areas that are uncovered feel remarkably smooth and my pores look much smaller. However, the PA missed a couple of places-- didn't get close enough under or around one of my eyes and missed three places that were 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch wide-- gaps in the patchwork grid, so to speak. I called her the day after my procedure and she said I could have it done again in two months at no charge because she wants me to be very happy. This is very important to me, because one of the areas on my face that is a concern is an area that was missed. I know everything costs more in NY, but it shouldn't cost more for a doctor to set his tool at a different, "deeper" setting for you than it would cost for him to take the time to do the procedure for someone else on a lighter setting. Everything else is equal; the price should be, too.
I guess I was at the right place, at the right time when the doctor offered me the mixto at a special price for the use of my pictures. I did have the laser 3 times, but you don't understand the severity of the scars I have on my face. Each time I had the laser done, there was a noticeable difference. (Thirty years ago when I had the dermabrasion operation on my entire face, I was also told that I may need to do it several times for optimal results, and trust me, that I would never do again!! Very painful and much more down time)If I thought it would improve my skin further, I would probably do it again. When you start doing lasers, you will see that sometimes you may need several treatments to reach the optimal results. I had the V Beam laser a few months ago for the broken blood vessels on my face, and I am scheduled to do it again in December. I too was a bit disappoitned, as I thought one treatment would be sufficient, but it wasn't I've learned. The results were definately worth repeating the laser again. Hopefully the second time will eradicate the few red lines left, especially on my chin.
I wish I could get a special price and let the doctors use my photo. I offered but they refused even though I'm a fairly attractive individual and my results would be good. Anyway, you paid $2,200 3 times?! For the same thing? Seems like the first or second time should do what you want to do if you are paying that much. I want my under eyes to look better and I don't think this service will do it, even though a doctor (who uses Mixto of course) says that it would help me out quite a bit with my eyelids and other parts of my face.
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