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I just had my surgery on April 9th. I have wanted...

I just had my surgery on April 9th. I have wanted a breast reduction since high school, but insurance wouldn't cover it. Finally when I went to a new insurance provider I got accepted. I had to endure the Back aches, muscle spasms, deep shoulder grooves, and the physical therapy that never helped the situation. My pre surgery size was a 38HH. Post surgery size is supposed to be around High D low DD.

I've gone through a lot of different emotions and wanted to cancel my surgery. I mean although I wanted them gone they would be missed!
I've always had the support of my mom who is taking care of me now as I recover.

The day of my surgery I was so nervousness. I was scared the Dr. Was going to take to much and bring me down to an A Cupid B which would be too small for my body. I was nervous about going under the anesthesia. When they wheeled me into the operating room I just started to cry. My nerves where on high, but before I knew it the 5 hours of surgery was over.

My chest was tight, and heavy, and still groggy. I know I was a lil embarrassed to have my mom dressing me at 40 years old, but hey what could I do. Soon as I made it home I took my pain pills and went to sleep. The next morning April 10th I woke to a sharp pain in my chest (I guess the meds had wore of) I popped more pills and went back to sleep. They had sent me home with drains which had to be emptied and measured. Later Wednesday I went and got the drains removed. The pain had subsided, but of course the tightness hasn't. I do however have a burning sensation on my right side and of course I'm swollen.

I get to remove the bandages Thursday April 11th. Excited to see. I'll post pictures later. I didn't think of taking before pics.

I stumbled upon this website and it has been very informative/helpful to see what many woman have gone thru and read there progress with pictures.

2nd day Post-op. Removed the bandages today , and...

2nd day Post-op.
Removed the bandages today , and could take a full shower. Yeah! I heard some say they lost feeling in their nipples, but I'm happy that I didn't. I feel them. Another Yeah! Now to worry about the scars. New boobs are coming along I just have to be patient.
You look fantastic!!! I am 34HH and hoping to get to D, but may be small DD......keep us posted on your recovery!
Congratulations ! I'm very happy for you!
Yay... I was. HHH myself. You are going to be sooo happy! Looks great... Girl... Just wait til you can but bras off the clearance rack at Kmart ! 2 bras for 3.99. Yay!

April 12th 3rd day Post-op. was suffering from...

April 12th 3rd day Post-op. was suffering from constipation nothing was working until my mom bought me some Cod Liver Pills. Ahhh, sweet relief!
I notice that my stomach is more prominent now than before. I think I'll look into lipo. Wonder how long I'll have to wait before I can get it done. As for my breast there fill like they are about to pop. Of course they're still swollen and tinkly.
How u feeling
I feel okay overall, but again chest is tight and very swollen. Under my breast stings and I'm concerned with the little bit of draining from the right breast. I'm waiting for the nurse to call me back. Hoping its normal and not the start of infection.
Can't wait to buy new bras. no more 80.00 bras. I'll finally be able to get a strapless bra, Woo-hoo!

I was feeling blah today. Didn't want to get out...

I was feeling blah today. Didn't want to get out of the bed, and it was such a nice sunny day. Still swollen of course! My chest gets so hard and swollen it feels like its about to bust open - seriously! Is this normal? I look at myself in the mirror and worry that too much has been taken away....I'm missing my old Tatas. And the itching! Omg, the stitches are itchy. Basically my chest all over is itchy. Is this normal?

Oh yes this is all normal!!  Itching, the blahs, regret and swelling. This will get easier, and you will be back to yourself again son. 

Be patient and everything will turn around.  Judging by the pictures you posted they are going to look great!  I am sure they do feel really small right now.  But when you are so large to start this is a normal feeling.  Trust me you do not want the big old girls back.  Remember how they hurt...


You look great. I know I thought I was small also. It is such a huge adjustment. Now I love my new boobs. I cannot believe they are mine. I feel so much better the way I look now and you will too.
You look great girl! I had my surgery on April 8th and I've had a lot of the same symptoms as you. The girls have been so swollen and that has been making them super itchy. I didn't get any bruising until 3 days post-op and it really isn't that bad. I have a little bit of drainage coming out of the incisions, but I change the dressings about 2-3 times a day depending on how much drainage I have. I haven't been given a surgical bra yet, just an ACE bandage, but I've been keeping them wrapped tight which I think has helped minimize the swelling and bruising. Everything you are going through seems to be pretty normal! :) Hang in there and congrats!

April 16, 2013 Okay, today marks 1 week since my...

April 16, 2013
Okay, today marks 1 week since my surgery. Still swollen, but I can move around better now, and do more everyday activities. Follow up appt with my Dr. next week, and I hope he tells me everything is healing normally.
HEYYYYY!!!! I live in Gaithersburg and just got approved thru Cigna!! What size are you now??
You look amazing!!
If the itching is really bad you could take some Benadryl, the antihistamine should help but it makes you really sleepy. You've done the hardest part getting through the surgery and the girls will feel the right size as you get used to them and continue to heal.
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