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Very Anxious and Excited - Gainesville, GA

I had gastric bypass 11 years ago and lost over...

I had gastric bypass 11 years ago and lost over 130#. I was repeatedly denied by insurance for a TT so I regained about 35#. This year I turned 50 y/o and have now re-lost about 22#. I can't deal with the extra skin anymore. I had my consult this morning and went ahead and scheduled an extended TT with lateral thigh liposuction. I have already gone thru all of the emotions. I was scared to tell my husband it's scheduled. He's not happy (afraid I'll leave him).

OK, I quit smoking about 3 days ago and right now...

OK, I quit smoking about 3 days ago and right now it's getting to me! I don't know what to do with my hands. I also don't want to eat anything and gain weight. UGH!
I keep reading everyone else's posts and it is really helping. I do have to admit I am very concerned/worried about the PS not taking enough and my tummy ending up not the way I'm hoping. During the consultation I asked about revisions. He can't remember when he had to do one for a TT but said if needed it would be included.

Just bought root coverage hair color to do tonight...

Just bought root coverage hair color to do tonight. Also bought Palmers stretch mark lotion for post op. Yesterday stocked up on tuna fish (in water). I'm over 3 weeks away but am starting my check list for everything I need to have on hand.
Formally told my daughter and brother-in-law about my surgery. They are being supportive. I still have so many fears and worries. The greatest is that he won't take enough and I won't be happy with the outcome. Husband is accepting now and trying to be supportive.

Forgot to add. Quit smoking about 4 days ago and...

Forgot to add. Quit smoking about 4 days ago and overall doing well. Have had a couple of times when I wanted one. So hard not to eat instead of smoke. Really don't want to gain weight = still want to lose another 8-10# before the surgery.

Paid my money last Thursday and had my EKG and...

Paid my money last Thursday and had my EKG and chest x-ray last Tuesday. Quit smoking over 2 weeks ago. Only 15 days till surgery. My husband is being very supportive now. Just tonight he asked in detail about everything from details of surgery to expected recovery.
I've been busy getting details taken care of. Last week bought Palmers lotion and arnica tablets. This weekend bought a wheat husk low back/abdominal hot and cold pillow. Today I got Vitamin C and Iron supplements with Milk of magnesia. Plan on moving my recliner into the bedroom 2 days before surgery. Best news yet - they finally have coverage for me at work for 2 weeks. I have been REALLY stressing about this since last Monday. All in all, things are beginning to shape up well.

Got a phone call from my MD this morning. My...

Got a phone call from my MD this morning. My surgery, which was to be next Tuesday, is now postponed. My iron count it a little too low. We guess it is because I donated blood about 6 weeks ago and since I'm a post gastric bypass, I replenish iron at a slower rate. I am feeling very upset and frustrated but completely understand the safety involved. I still want to scream. Yesterday I filled my medications and bought my support hose. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thoughts are with you tomorrow!!!!!
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Great story and the willpower with the cigarettes. U will do just fine and prayers and blessings sent to u!
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Good luck tomorrow, will be thinking about you! So excitedd for you to uncover your new body after your successful weightloss - you very much deserve this after all your hard work :) post when you can!
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Friday is the day? will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way!
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The 4th will be here in a few short days. I am so happy that everything is working out for you! I will be waiting patiently for update.
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Good job communicating with your husband! Glad he was willing to talk it through.

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My husband and I had a good long talk yesterday. Thru tears, he stated it feels like when his first wife lost weight and left him. I was able to get him to hear that I do not want to leave him and the surgery is only about me feeling better about me. I have since told my daughter and brother-in-law (who lives with us) all about the upcoming surgery. Everyone says they will help when the time comes.
I am still going thru a variety of emotions. Mostly excited then very anxious. I feel like when I was pregnant and nesting. All I can think about the getting the house and pantry ready.
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Congradulations! I am scheduled for October 6th. I know what you are talking about my husband wants to support me but I can tell he is a little hesitant(sp?). But give him some time for it to sink in he will come around I do believe mine is trying to.
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Congrats on the weight loss! October 11th will be here before you know it. I'm sorry your husband isn't more supportive. It sounds like it comes from insecurity rather than any sort of meanness, though.

Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as the big day nears!

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