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Old C-Section Scar Giving Me Troubles but That Just Makes my Tummy Tuck That Much Closer - Gainesville, GA

I have been considering a tummy tuck since being...

I have been considering a tummy tuck since being pregnant the first time (21 years ago) and having my stomach stretched beyond belief. I hated those stretch marks from day one no matter the encouragement from friends telling me to be proud of those battle wounds. My goal has been to have a TT for my 40th birthday, two years away, but complications with my c-section scar have pushed that date up. I'm not happy to be in pain almost daily but I'm happy to have a better looking tummy sooner. My gynecologist has said that it is endometrial tissue attaching to the inside of the scar; the PS says it could be that or a hernia from the trauma caused when the nurses dropped me in the hospital and tore the incision. I can't imagine that the pain after the TT could possibly be any worse than the pain I've been going through for years. The c-section was for my 2nd daughter in 2002. It was really bad for a few years and then eased up. I thought that was the end of it but apparently not. Some days I can barely bend or move so I guess I've been preparing for years without even knowing it. I just hope after the TT heals this damage will be repaired fully. Photos to be posted soon. (Isn't that the worst part? Sharing the embarrassing part first. The part we've been hiding for years?)
Dropped by nurses? That would be pretty traumatic after a C section. I love what you said about not being proud of your "battle wounds". I AM NOT proud of my "tiger stripes" either. Gimme a freakin' break. Haha. I'm almost 39 and can't be proud of my ugly tummy working out in a weight room full of 20 something's (and 30 and 40 something's) whom I work out just as hard as but I feel frumpy and lumpy next to them. Why settle for an ugly gut when we don't have to? Good luck to you! I hope your surgery helps with your pain issues. Also, with endometrial tissue attaching to your scar, have you talked to anyone about endometriosis? It would suck to need a hysterectomy down the road after a c-section. You might have tissue growing on your other organs too.
Yes, those nurses were too busy gossiping instead of paying attention to me. The entire way from recovery to my room (a very long walk) they were just griping about someone, so unprofessional. I should've known when they said I was fine to stand up to get into the bed even though I'd just had an epidural and C-Section, and when I stood up my knees hit the floor. I remember laying in bed the next day w/ the pain pump still in and bawling because I was in so much pain. Since then I've always had problems w/ the scar. The funny thing is I was telling the nurse in the PS's office and she promised they wouldn't drop me. Ha, ha. About 3 years ago I started having all kinds of digestive issues. During a very long process of trying to figure out what was going on I had abdominal xrays, ct scan, ultrasound, and mri. At one point I was told I had a very rare stomach tumor b/c my tummy had blown up so big. It ends up I am allergic to dairy and gluten which was wreaking havoc on my body. My stomach was blown up to the point I had to wear maternity clothes for a year when doctors couldn't figure out what was causing it. What little elasticity was left in my stomach was gone after that ordeal. I'm pretty sure after all those tests if it was truly endometriosis it would've shown up before now. I get what you mean about the gym. I want to feel beautiful and sexy again and find myself checking out all the other ladies w/ tight tone tummies wishing for the same. At least getting rid of this spare tire will give me a huge leap in that direction.
I'm not surprised. With a couple of surgeries I had there was gossiping, complaining and joking around while moving me from place to place. I've had some really bitchy nurses as well, one that even got mad at me because I was gushing blood after my first c section and she was tired of changing me every half hour. I know their jobs are rough but sometimes they forget they are handling a helpless person who is emotionally unstable at the time (especially after birth).

YouTube Videos are Scary!

I'm an analyzer by nature. I go over things a million times before I pull the trigger in almost any aspect of my life. While reading other posts I read about the surgery videos on YouTube. At first I was so freaked out watching the video (30 mins long, the whole 9 yards). The worst part was when they cut out the belly button. Ouch, ouch, ouch! The lipo was even worse than that. Maybe I'm a little crazy but I like to know exactly what's going to happen to my body. After I got over the shock of seeing it and calmed down a bit I felt much better. I have a whole new set of questions for the PS. Like, do you put the stitches on the inside of the belly button or around it, and where do you put the drainage tubes, and does he use a pain pump? I never considered these questions until now. I'm not sure if I'll watch anymore of the videos. Maybe my curiosity is now satisfied but I'm really glad I got up the nerve. 7 weeks to go!

Internal Surgical Adhesive

Something else I forgot to ask about earlier... Has anyone had an experience with internal surgical adhesive being used during their TT? It practically eliminates the need for drains or shortens the time they are needed. The adhesive is used after the muscle has been repaired to glue your new stomach back to your body. I'm sure there is a more eloquent way to say that but that's the gist of it. It is an immediate clotting so that if there is any blood vessel, for instance, that is still bleeding it stops and greatly reduces the amount of fluid that collects in the drains. The TT procedure I watched earlier on YouTube was from a PS in Miami and he said the maximum amount of time his patients wear the drains is for 3 days. It seems that the drains are the worst part of the whole procedure. I'm wondering why more doctors aren't using this method or if there are complications created from it. It's definitely a question added to my list. The only problem is my pre-op is 1 week before my surgery in October. With all this time to think I'm going to have 100 ?'s by then.
Looks like we'll be having our surgeries close together. Mine is scheduled for Oct 17. It sure seems so close but so far away!
Call your PS office and ask their coordinator. They should be able to answer these types of questions for you so you don't have to wait until right before the surgery.

The dreaded before pics

Well, it's finally here. The day I see what everyone else does. The worst and most hated part of my body.

Dear tummy skin, Thank you for stretching and holding my precious babies. I'm sorry to get rid of you but trash you I must!

I wish 10/22 would come faster.

Sorry for the blurriness. Still working on selfies. This is not something I do often. Hopefully as I get more practice the quality will improve.
I had my second TT almost 4 weeks ago and am so, so happy I did. The first time I had a mini TT (2006) and that took away my pouch but not all the stretch marks, which were my major concern. I'm convinced I could be chubby and be happy without the stretch marks. This time they did a full TT and gave me a new bellybutton, which allowed them to pull the skin down further and get almost all the stretch marks. I had an Avelar TT where they do lipo at the same time and are able to get the most amount of skin pulled down. My scar is a little higher than I would like but it's still covered in a bathing suit. Either way, my stretch marks are minimal and much lower so I'm so much happier. I hope your procedure eliminates or reduces your pain. I was back at work in six days and was sore from having the skin so tight but not in a lot of pain. I'm still sore and numb in my belly but it's not unbearable. It's interesting...the "pain" is more like discomfort when you work out to hard and you sneeze or cough. Best of luck to you!
Thanks for sharing. Was it hard to go back to work so soon? I'm having my TT on a Wednesday and planned to go back the following Thursday. I was wondering if I should wait until that next Monday. Lots of posts I read say that people are staying home for weeks and then I got a little nervous that I was going back too soon. And you're working out already? When did you start?
Hi Gina, good luck this week! It wasn't hard to go back, except that I had to walk hunched over and everyone kept asking what's wrong. I have back problems so I was able to just blush over it without getting into the details. You should have a really tight body garment that keeps you feeling nice and tight. If you have a desk job and are mostly sitting, you should be okay. If you have to move around and lift, bend, etc you may have a hard time. I'm not working out yet but that's my choice. My PS said I could, I just haven't found the time. I also had a BL and my implants redone at the same time so that restricts my working out a little. I've been walking and that's okay. Won't try abs for a few more weeks though.

Nightmares Have Started...

Last night I was contemplating my TT (as usual lately) when one of my dachshunds jumped into my lap. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do about them. We have 3 and they are cuddlers. I can't imagine the pain that would cause if they jumped on me after surgery. Ouch!!! My mom has an adjustable hospital bed that I'm borrowing so I'm going to have to figure out where to put it that is away from them. I was thinking of the living room so I don't feel left out of family time now I'm not so sure. Minor problem, I know, but something else I need to figure out before the big day.

This translates into nightmares last night. The day I had surgery my mom brought me home. Not to my home but my childhood home. No clue what that's about. Then, when I started to look at the incision to post pics here of course frozen peas fell out of my pajama bottoms. Apparently the PS in my dreams sticks frozen peas in your pants for pain relief after the surgery. Then, I got into a random argument with a person I've never met about what I don't know and she pushed me right in the stomach. Good grief! I seriously need to stay off here and distract myself before bed. Who knows what the next dream will be.
Try not to read any negative reviews and stay positive. It's normal to have night mares and wonder if it goes wrong etc. Prayers and i hope you doggies can be taken care of away from your tummy.NO JUMPING ALLOWED! :)
Hi Gina, walked hunched over for about 3-5 days most of the time. After I went back to work I found my stomach was really tight after long periods of sitting and then I would walk around and it gradually got more flexible. Now I walk around fine but if I try to keep my body garment off for too long my stomach gets sore from tensing...it's like a security blanket now. What's CG?

Essure tomorrow!

My Essure procedure is tomorrow @ 2pm. I'm a little nervous, mainly about the coils staying put. I read some really scary reviews but I've also spoken to women with successful outcomes. I'm hoping I'm one of those women. My daughter has soccer games all weekend and I wonder will I miss them or be fine. Hmmm... I guess next to the tummy tuck pain that is coming up, this will be a piece of cake.
You will do great! All just one more step to the new you. My Essure wasn't painless but it certainly wasn't bad. Just remember...better living thru chemistry ( use your pain meds :) My doctor numbed the cervix which was the most painful part in my opinion. I bet you will be at the soccer games having a good time!!

Essure complications

There were complications with the procedure yesterday. I arrived an hour early to take a vicodin, 2 valium, 800 mg ibuprofen, and another painkiller injection. By the time I was ready to go back I was relaxed but not as foggy minded as I thought I'd be. I felt a little sleepy but I really thought I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open.

The nurse took me back where I got undressed and waited for the dr. and the Essure rep. The hysteroscope laying on the table made me very nervous as it should! When the dr. came in she inserted the speculum, and proceeded to clean the area and give me numbing shots which were so many I lost count. Then I waited another 5 minutes for that medicine to work.

This is where the horribleness began. I've been on the pill for a month & a half and another birth control pill called norethindrone to thin out my uterine lining so there would be good visibility. Apparently neither of these really worked for me. I watched on the screen as she maneuvered this torture device at about 100 different angles trying to get into my right Fallopian tube feeling every bit of the stabbing pain. After about 30 minutes she gave up on that side and moved to the other side which might have taken 5 minutes. Thank God because at this point I was trying to hold back the tears. What worried me the most was when the rep said that maybe I should come back after my next period. All I could think was please just make this work now because I don't think I could go through this twice. He also suggested she cut the tissue that was in the way of the camera but I don't think she wanted to do that.

She went back to the right side and minutes later she'd gotten past the floating tissue and inserted the coil (the tissue was "floating" because of the saline). Did I mention that you also feel this coil being screwed into your tube? Every agonizing twist made me want to cry out. Afterwards I just laid there shaking unable to move. After 5 minutes the nurse came back in and asked if I was ready to get dressed and I told her I couldn't move yet. My insides were spasming so bad that I was barely breathing because each breath hurt.

I finally got the courage to stand and when I did blood dripped to the floor. I put on the pad and my clothes and just leaned against the bed until I felt like I could walk without passing out. I was pretty out of it by this time but I don't think it was the drugs but the pain. This procedure was supposed to last 5 - 15 minutes and mine had taken an hour. This is the amount of time the hysteroscope was inside me. As I came into the hall the dr. asked if I thought I'd need something stronger for the pain and of course I said yes. She also said she'd never seen the lining so thick after taking the pill for so long, especially 2 of them. Honestly, I didn't care. I didn't want her apologies, I just wanted to be in my bed. The nurse took me to the car while my mom got the aftercare instructions and prescription. I must've looked awful because she asked at least a dozen times if I was okay.

I've been bleeding non-stop since and think this will probably be the case for several more days. I'm taking oxycodone and ibuprofen every 4 - 5 hours because I'm afraid if I skip a dose I'll feel all that pain again. I plan to stay on the pain meds until I go back to work Monday morning. I've barely been out of the bed since. My dog started making that gross I'm going to throw up noise earlier so I half ran into the kitchen earlier to let him outside and it made the bleeding and pain worse.

After all this I don't really regret it. I still feel like getting my tubes tied would've been worse. I didn't want to go through 2 surgeries in 2 months. At least with the upcoming TT I will be blissfully unaware of what is happening. I made a comment earlier that this would probably be nothing compared to the TT pain, now I wish I'd kept my mouth shut!
Really sorry you had such a bad experience. I never took meds to thin out the lining, they just waited until a right after my period. Glad it is all over and behind you now. I hope things are feeling better today. I think I would have hurt someone if they would have made me come back to do the other tube! Only a month wait until the next step!!
I had my period about a week and a half ago but it was very light. I just figured it was weird b/c of these 2 birth control pills I hadn't taken before. Today is actually worse than yesterday. Pain was about a 6 when I woke up this morning and I'm bleeding more so I'm sticking to the pain med schedule. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to go to work tomorrow. Obviously, I can't go anywhere on pain meds. I think I might just take another day for rest. This has also made me really behind in my homework. I'm working towards my accounting degree and it's a little hard to concentrate with the effects of percocet making my brain so foggy. Ugh! 1 month from tomorrow is when the real healing process will begin. I'm just ready for this hiccup to be behind me.
Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get you rest.

This must be a little taste of what's to come

I'm still stuck on my couch. Every time I move the cramps start and I bleed a little more. The doctor called today and said the spasms should've subsided by now. Well, lady, they haven't. She said if it becomes unbearable to call her. I only took 2 percocet today so I know I'm improving, I just didn't expect this at all. It's completely different from any other review I've read. Even the bad reviews. I'm beginning to wonder if this just might be the worst period of my entire life and since my cervix was opened my internal girly parts are going haywire, not to mention the introduction of a foreign object in there. If that's the case, it has to get better, right??? I've learned the downside of taking painkillers, the constipation has kicked in. No bathroom trip since Friday and then it wasn't much either. I figured it was nerves. Drinking lots of water, taking fiber and a stool softener and waiting... I hope my boss isn't too upset with me. I'm taking off the end of October and then there's this unexpected mess. Maybe the saving grace will be that she's coming back from Mexico today so hopefully she will be happy and well-rested and not annoyed.
Your going to to look fabulous!!!
Hang in there! Been thinking about your sucky experience!! Maybe it means your TT will go fabulously. I did bleed for a while like a period after my procedure as well. Lasted about a week I think. Periods after were weird, I could feel cramps in the fallopian area( at least that's what I thought) If for some reason the Essure comes out, tell your hubby it's his turn LOL :)
Oh, definitely. No more girly parts surgeries for me. Ha, ha. I do feel weird cramps or spasms on the side that was the most difficult to get in. Nothing on the other side though. I feel better today. A lot of cramps this morning from the constipation which is a huge warning of what serious pain meds will do to your digestive system. I think I might start drinking prune juice and taking stool softeners a week before the TT just to be safe. Those painkillers will be much stronger than what I've taken the past few days. No percocet today so I'm thinking I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow.

IBS will be the death of me!

The pain from the Essure finally resolved itself Saturday. I went back to work Friday but was in so much pain I didn't think I'd make it. When I got home, I went straight to bed. Boy, was it a rough week! Then, Saturday there was just homework to do with an occasional pain here and there. I figure it's my body adjusting to the foreign object. By the way, I'm working on finishing my accounting degree. I found it pretty difficult to concentrate while on the percocet so expect to get a little behind after surgery. This term is over next week and then a week off, and then I start again. Luckily, I'll be at the beginning of the semester on surgery day.

Taking percocet has kicked my IBS w/ constipation into overdrive. I look like a pregnant lady! Ugh! How am I going to get through surgery and not bust my stitches if this happens then? I haven't been able to resolve the issue myself so I went to see my family doctor. First, he took xrays to rule out obstruction. Thank goodness there were none. I'm now taking Miralax 6 times a day tomorrow, and then decrease as symptoms improve. I hope things improve soon. I'm miserable and none of my clothes fit. Stupid digestive system. ;)
oops.... read my review at the end about constipation. It really works. Metamucil is also good. But with the magnesium you can adjust it too.
Good luck! I wish you the best. There are two kinds of BB's. Ones that are stitched on the outside and have a scar. The others are done from the back side of skin and don't have scars. I have the back side BB and love the way it looks. Also, I have a cat that loves to jump up and lay on my lap. I knew this would be a problem especially at night. So I had a polyester bed pillow on my lap all the time. She did it a few times and no problems. In fact, I loved having it there to rest my laptop on during the day and it felt secure at night. The pillow absorbed the shock and all was good. Well, except for the disaster that I posted in my review! No pillow that time!
Polyester fiber fill bed pillow.

Worst Pics Yet

This is what I look like now. :( Started Miralax today. 2 doses so far. Hopefully the 6 tomorrow will do the trick and a gallon of water.
How are things ummm...coming out? I hope your bloating has subsided. Being constipated after surgery is one of my biggest fears. I had a horrible time after the last c-section. Does this happen often to you? I also get a bloated/gassy intestines that causes a lot of pain every few months and I look a lot like your pic. I hope after having the muscles tightened that my guts aren't unhappy with their smaller apartment lol. Best wishes to you! It's getting close :)
Still nothing consistent. So frustrating. It goes down a little but every time I eat it blows back up. I think b/c my intestines are so backed up it's just pushing everything back out. I had some diarrhea yesterday but the doctor said there's a lot of hard stuff to get out so I think the Miralax is making the new diarrhea and the old is still in there. I have a lot of digestive issues. I'm allergic to gluten and dairy and about a dozen other things so eating is always an issue. I also have leaky gut syndrome on top of the IBS. My gut rules my life. I'm very nervous about surgery now. How am I going to get thru this with my stomach acting up like this? Part of it has to be nerves. My holistic dr is a long drive in heavy Atlanta traffic so I won't be able to get there before surgery; not with work & school. Instead, I've made an appointment with an acupuncturist for next Wednesday. After all I've been thru I am willing to try anything. My boss swears by it and has been going for years. How are you feeling?
How are things going for you? Hopefully the acupuncturist helps!! I have been getting ready and have most of my supplies and meds. I have been dieting for the last 2 months and my gall bladder has been giving me off and on fits. All I can think of is if it could just stop and leave me alone so nothing gets in the way of surgery lol. I bet you are thinking the same thing, it's so close but not quite here yet! I am scheduled first at 8 AM so I won't have to sit and wait. I hope your gut gets itself back in order and follows the program...no screwing you up!

Acupuncture is my savior!

Wednesday was my first acupuncture visit. I didn't know what to expect as I know so little about Chinese medicine. Disappointingly, she told me Essure is blocking my energy since it is a literal blockage. There's nothing I can do about that so we moved on. She told me I have a weak digestive system with a cold stomach. The weak digestive system is obvious but the cold stomach not so much but all the symptoms don't lie. Mostly, I have to warm my stomach to strengthen the digestion, so no cold foods and no raw veggies. I didn't think to ask about fruits but I'm sure it's the same. The no raw foods make since b/c there is literally undigested food in the toilet when I do go. Sorry if that's TMI. She said the handful of supplements I'm taking daily are all good for the IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and adrenal fatigue so that's a positive. She added another supplement, too, but I haven't had the chance to really research it yet. The most important of all this is that I'm feeling so much better. I started going to the bathroom that night and have been going regularly since. I'm a believer! I've ordered a book, Voices of Qi, recommended by her to learn a little more. I have to admit I was skeptical but I can't argue with results. I have another appt next Tuesday for the same thing and the following Tuesday before the surgery for a special appointment that is just to help with healing. Anything to speed up healing, right? Wednesday night I even had a dream that I had surgery and went back to work the next day. Funny, right? How fabulous if only we could heal so fast. Twelve days to go! I can't believe it!

Pre-op is finally here

I have my list of lingering questions, then I'm all set. I need to get a granny gown and granny panties and I think I'm good. I'm not even nervous anymore just waiting for next Wednesday. I never thought I'd be so calm about it all.
What time are you scheduled for? Are they keeping you overnight or do you go home the same day? I can't believe it is almost here. Best of luck to you and I can't wait to see your awesome results!
I got the 7am time slot. Oh, thank goodness. I'd hate to hang around starving and nauseated waiting for surgery. Pre op went well. I think I have all my ?'s answered. He puts the drains in my inner thigh area where legs meet body, I guess to get the fluid from tummy and lipo'd legs. Weird spot. I haven't seen any pics that weren't in the pubic area or in the incision. Maybe I misunderstood. Not a big deal really. He said they'd be there for 1 - 3 weeks. I so hope it's not 3 weeks, I might go mad dealing with them that long. I'm going to have to go on blood thinners, too after surgery b/c I'm taking the pill. I only started the pill after Essure. I'll be glad when I don't have to take it anymore. I guess the pill increases the risk of blood clots. I'm going to have to walk once every hour that I'm not sleeping. Oh, what a recovery this is going to be. How do you feel today? I'm excited after my appt, still waiting for the nerves. Hope they stay away.
One more thing. I go home after recovery. If I'm nervous about anything, that's it.

Pre-op worries

After getting Essure I went back on the pill which is a very bad thing before surgery since the pill causes blood clots. My first reaction when the PS asked me to stop taking it was "No!", I've just gotten my period back on track but as I thought about it more I stopped taking it. I'd much rather have my period than a blood clot. My hubby has to give me injections in my tummy for 5 consecutive days after -- at least I won't feel the prick. It's funny, hubby says he has no problem sticking me but he's very worried about dealing with the drains. I think they gross him out a little. I don't blame him, they are pretty gross. I guess while we're in surgery they are training our caregivers.

The nurse told me most of my pain will be from lipo which I hadn't really considered before. I was too focused on TT pain. I have all my prescriptions except the blood thinners and Emend. The Emend pill is $90 and I'm wondering should I do that. They also gave me a prescription for Phenergan, isn't that enough? Any thoughts?

I remembered to ask about seeing his TT before and after pics. They were great. I asked him about my belly button b/c I've seen way too many weird looking belly buttons on this site. He says he does a diamond shape and after seeing what he meant I think I will be very happy with my belly button.

The nurse told me not to worry if my pubic area turns purple. What??? Apparently the blood tends to settle there. I can't think of anything else right now. I'm starting the house cleaning tomorrow and then tomorrow night we're going to a corn maze. I want to get out this weekend while the weather is perfect, a sunny 70 degrees here in North Georgia. I still have grocery shopping to do and get caught up on my homework. Intermediate Accounting 3 & Organizational Behavior. Hmmm.... I wonder how I will retain the info on Percocet. Ha, ha. Maybe my accounting textbook will distract me from pain. Hope all you lovely ladies have a wonderful weekend.
You poor thing! Your tummy tuck recovery will not be anything near what you have suffered through with your previous procedures! Going home after is no joke but just take your meds round the clock! As you read in my journey I slept through a few doses and it was no fun playing catch up. The drains are a nuisance after a while but they aren't too bad as far as emptying. Just know the first week is the hardest. But the second week I felt much better. It will be worth it 100%! I promise! I'm looking forward to following your journey!
No, I haven't heard of lymph massage. I'm going to check into that. My lower back is bothering me today b/c coming off the pill is bringing on my period. Ugh! It just sucks to be a girl sometimes. I've read that other ladies have massages about a week after. Let me know what your PS says.

Almost there!

Work is completely stressing me out. I'm so worried I'm not going to finish all that needs to be done. My boss really screwed up my schedule last week adding some things and then saying, "Oh, is your surgery next week?" Really? Ugh! So I'm scrambling around trying to get it all done. I went and bought a granny gown today and granny panties but when I took them out of the package they were way too big so back to the store I go tomorrow. I bought some new comfy slippers. Needed those anyway. I have to make a trip to the pharmacy tomorrow. They had to order Emend, go to the nail salon to get my manicure removed on my left index finger (not sacrificing the whole thing!), an appt with the acupuncturist at lunch, and back to the store to change out the granny panties. Hubby is going to put the hospital bed together tomorrow while I'm at work. Oh, I also need to go to the grocery store. Oh, I'm so out of time.
OK girl, here we go!! I can't believe our surgeries are tomorrow already. At least maybe you are busy enough not to stress out about the surgery!! Best of luck and I will see you on the flat side!
Yes, I'm swamped. Had acupuncture today. She put these tiny little bandaids in my ears that have needles on them. They are supposed to stay there for 3 days. They hurt but are supposed to help with healing and pain. We'll see tomorrow. Ha, ha. I really haven't had a chance to be nervous. Maybe the nerves will come in the morning. I'm off to work on my accounting homework. Good luck to you tomorrow! I can't wait to see pics.
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

I had the consultation with Dr. Campbell last week. Gosh, I was so nervous. My gynecologist referred him so that made me feel a little better. He was so nice, put me right at ease. The best part is when he left the room so the nurse could take before pics she said how much she loved her TT and lipo that he performed. I guess I can relax a little knowing she trusted him enough to let him perform the surgery and she continued to work for him.

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