9 Months post op!!!! Loving my results way different from beginning middle and now it is well worth every penny that I spent ;)

I have always struggled with my weight my entire...

i have always struggled with my weight my entire life even before i had 3 gorgeous kids i had a fat belly. this time last year i weighed around 10 or so and in a size 12 i am down to 140 and down to a size 8 at times that is tight i have always gone up and down like a yoyo but can never seem to lose the belly no matter how hard i work out so i have waited for my children to grow up and decided it is time for me to do something that i have always wanted to do i worked hard for this and i can't wait for the big day to get here.

OMG I only have 12 days left it is flying by I am...

OMG I only have 12 days left it is flying by I am trying to keep myself busy so I don't go stir crazy thinking about it. LOL. I think I have everything that I need for afterwards I have extra gauze pads and dressing I bought the product scarprin to help my scar heal faster. I filled my pain meds already and I am going this week to stock up on some good things to eat for afterwards to make it easier on everyone in my house. If there is anything else that anyone can think of that I may need please feel free to comment I am just so excited that it is finally almost here.

Okay so it is now the final countdown 10 days left...

okay so it is now the final countdown 10 days left and counting Wow it is really flying by getting more anxious and excited by the day. I am so ready bring it on.

Only nine days left oh my goodness I just want it...

Only nine days left oh my goodness I just want it to be here already. Went shopping at Victoria's secret today bought some new panties I sooo love that store. Can't wait for my tt so everything will look so much better on me. Well nothing new to update for now. Unless someone can move the calendar ahead 9 days. Lol.

So only 1 more hour and i have 5 days left before...

So only 1 more hour and i have 5 days left before my surgery date is here. Getting a little nervous and anxious I guess not really sure how to explain it I am feeling a little bit of everything right now. I do know I simply can not wait for the new me to get here just hope my husband survives taking care of me and these two spoiled dogs of ours LOL.

Only 3 more days left my mind is going a million...

Only 3 more days left my mind is going a million miles a minute can't sleep can't think when I'm at work starting to get a little nervous.

Ok ladies my big day is tomorrow my stomach has...

Ok ladies my big day is tomorrow my stomach has been doing cartwheels all morning I am so ecstatic and can't wait to do this and see my results this has been a long time coming and I am so glad I have my husband by my side he is more nervous then I am but he is so sweet and I know he will do his very best to take care of me over the next week or so. I will definitely keep everyone updated and I will post post-op pics after my surgery feeling anxious about how my results will turn out but I have seen some really amazing results on this site and I am hoping I have the same results.

Sorry I haven't posted before now my surgery was...

Sorry I haven't posted before now my surgery was Thursday and I'm not gonna lie the first day after surgery was very painful it is def a lot better todayy belly is totally flat and the boobies are looking good I will post pics as soon as I can feels better to leave compression garment on right now thanks for everyone's kind words on Thursday

Sorry for not updating sooner i am officially one...

Sorry for not updating sooner i am officially one week post-op today and feel pretty darn good I just hate the swelling I wish it was gone where I had lipo done on my bra roll is super swollen it looks fatter then it did before. I had my drains taken out on day 6 Yaayyy. if anyone can give me any insight to let me know how long it takes for the tummy tuck swelling to go down that would be great I am very happy they took a liter of fat out of me gross and 6 inches across my stomach out. Would love comments on the pics please.

Well I am finally 3 weeks post op and I am loving...

well I am finally 3 weeks post op and I am loving it my measurements are getting smaller everyday i just ordered another garment in a size smaller loving life and my new body :) was worth every penny.

Well i am 4 weeks post op tomorrow It has been...

Well i am 4 weeks post op tomorrow It has been amazing putting on clothes that i look good in now i love it :) In my latest pics I am wearing a new two piece from vs I need to start working out so I can start defining my stomach even more and lose this excess weight i have a have lost about 5 pounds since my surgery but ready to lose more. still have major swelling right above my scar a little pouch almost can't wait till that is totally gone it drives me bananas. Overall if anyone is having doubts about doing this don't it was worth every single penny.

I have been doing really good I am going back...

I have been doing really good I am going back Friday to have some additional lipo on my abdomen hips and thighs he couldn't do it last time because of the length of time that I was in surgery I am looking forward to it he also has to do a capsulectomy on my left boob it is still rock hard so :( boo on that subject but at least my other areas will be taken care of I will post my six month post op pics soon have to hook up my camera first so wish me luck and hopefully this will be my last visit to my ps for awhile he also has to inject some steroids into a few of my scars as some of them are not healing as they should be

Just got home from having touc up lipo on my hips...

Just got home from having touc up lipo on my hips abs and thighs and having a capsulectomy on my left boob everything went great just wish the bleeding would stop my garment is already covered in blood and I have a drain coming out of my left boob area hoping I stop bleeding by tomorrow so I can take some pictures and post them right now everything is way to messy. Well it's off to lala land I go just took my pain meds

So let me say the touch up lipo was def worth it I...

So let me say the touch up lipo was def worth it I have lost 6 1/2 inches and 3 pounds I am so excited about that I have been eating pineapples to help with the swelling and I guess it is working I feel much better today no pain meds today and I have been a cleaning fool Lol. So if anyone has any doubt about getting it done don't it is sooooo worth it my stomach is extremely tight and super flat I will be posting more pics soon t my one week mark so hopefully I can inspire someone who isn't feeng that great and to ,eat you know there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

I am at 9 1/2 mos post op and loving life I have...

I am at 9 1/2 mos post op and loving life I have lost 10 1/2 pounds and I am down to a size 4 waiting for summer to hurry and get here tired of this cold weather I love bikini shopping now it is so much fun def worth everything that was spent to get the results I was looking for . I will post more pics again at my one year mark to hopefully see an even bigger change from now to then hope everyone is healing well and loving their results

One year post op from my mommy makeover and I am so totally happy with my results!!!

Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nesmith and his whole team are very professional and courteous I felt like I was being treated by family members

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing!!! I'm almost 6 months and i'm also noticing i'm looking square. I don't get it because i looked better at 3 months. My docter did tell me that at 8 months he will also do touch up lipo if i'm not happy. I'm want to see if working out will help before i go through with the lipo. I can't wait to see what i will look like at 1 year. I hope i'm as happy as you!
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Love the sun that's just your body going thru the phases of healing it is so weird how it all works though I don't regret getting the touch up lipo my stomach is solid now and I love walking around with just a bikini top on now I feel so confident
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Terry looking good!!!! I can't wait to hang touch up lipo!! Wow ur tummy looks awesome!!
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Thanks blonde def a big difference after the touch up lipo I finally love my body now. I can feel my ab muscles everytime I work out makes it all worth it for me anyways Lol
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Wow! You are so flat, and your results are truly fabulous! I can see a big diff in the pics pre and post lipo. I'm glad you feel it was worth it! Can't wait to see your one year pics :)
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Thanks MamaRuns I love hearing that :) I have been working out religiously also it definitely is paying off
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You look terrific!! :)
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Thank you island love I have updated my pictures this afternoon let me know if you can see a difference I can in my backside although my but still needs toning up but what a difference!!!
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Please tell me how you feel with getting the additional lipo and down time. I have 5 months po and considering lip to hips and thighs in the spring. But with such a long haul with TT I am concerned. You look great, let us know how you are....
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I am doing ok mouse2012 not gonna lie the lipo to my hips hurts afterwards like crazy it hurts to sit down and pee but i am still able to get myself up and down without any help just a different kind of pain walking is okay though
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Terry mom. How are you doing??? I still can't decide if I can handle more lipo???
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Uncanny handle it mouse it is so worth it I am feeling great and didn't take any pain meds at all today I have been a cleaning fool today still a little tender to sit down on the toilet but other then that I am doing amazing i am so happy with the results
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Congrats missy. First off you look amazing and secondly it's nice to b able to get those touch ups done, I could not afford the lipo after I purchased my ticket to France. Lets see France ..... Lipo..... I would have rather got the Lipo!!! :-(. What is the down time for the lipo? I'm trying to figure out how to get it down before the summer. I will b In France 2 weeks so I don't have much time to take off
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Gooooood luck today post when you can:-)
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Back home and have my son here helping me I can get up and down by myself this time but I'm bleeding so much that I can't take the garment off to look at everything hoping to do that tomorrow and take pics
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Wow Friday!!! I just ask on my review wheb u were going. Goooood luck! Keep me updated:-)
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certainly will blonde yeah the doctor wanted to do it a month ago but i was way to busy at work to do it then so I scheduled a vacation to get it done i'm excited all over again I need my back to match my front now :)
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I am excited for you:-)
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Wow, you look fantastic! Good luck on your lipo and breast work!!
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thank you Soon2be
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How are you doing?
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You look amazing!
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Thanks blonde in blufton it's getting better and better each week not gonna lie though I hate the afternoon swelling. But my pant size is smaller but haven't bought any yet waiting until I don't have to wear this garment anymore before I buy new pants.
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I think you look great. When did you start using the scar treatment? I was told I could start using it after two weeks, but I still have glue on my incision.
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Thanks hotrodgirl I feel amazing. My doc wouldn't let me start using it until I was past my 3 weeks I had to wait for the tape to come off but I think my doctor did an awesome job on my incision. :)
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