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3 weeks until I go in for my Tummy Tuck and breast augmentation. I am beyond excited. :) - Gainesville, FL

I have always struggled with a disproportionate...

i have always struggled with a disproportionate body little boobs and a fat stomach. i have always been very self conscious about these areas and this was before having 3 kids which i wouldn't change for the world. i never really had the funds to get it done but i have worked hard my whole life and i can finally afford to treat myself to something that i have always wanted to do for me. my fiance is very supportive of me he just wants me to be happy all though he tells me he loves me just the way i am. i am not happy with the way i look i just want to have the self confidence to walk on the beach in a bikini and feel great about myself. don't get me wrong i have come along way from where i used to be as far as weight but this is just something that i have always wanted since i turned 18 i am now 38. i am really nervous and don't know what to expect i am off from work for about two weeks i just want a flat belly i am having breast augmentation and liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen inner and outer thighs lateral chest lipo and gonna ask about my arms when i go for my preop not sure yet if i want to do my arms yet need to talk to my doctor. i am posting a few preop pictures here the first one has my daughter in it i will have my man take some before pictures tonight in a bathing suit so you guys can all get a bteer idea of the before canvas compared to the after. it seems so far away before my surgery date will get here i am counting down the days. any advice that you guys can give me would be great i have never done anything like this before is there anything i should be doing to prepare my body for the lipo and breast augmentation.

I had before pictures taken last night It's taking...

I had before pictures taken last night It's taking me some real courage to post these but I just have to look forward to the after pictures that will look simply amazing. as you can see from the profile picture i hide my fat well in clothes I don't want to have to hide my fat anymore I can not wait I go for my preop appt on may 22nd. :)

So I went in for my pre-op appointment yesterday...

So I went in for my pre-op appointment yesterday and I was originally going in for lipo and a breast aug after thinking about it and thinking about it I decided to go for the tummy tuck I just figured if I was going to spend this much money that I want to make sure I am totally happy with my results I don't want to have loose skin after lipo. I can not even explain to you how happy I am and nervous and excited all at once if there are ladies out there that have already had this done any advice would be great anything that I should be doing before the procedure that can help me would be great.
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Woo hoo 12 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us updated!
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Thankyou for sharing your pics n your fears, I came into alittle money after my father passed in Feb. and my best friend had it done n now MY surgery is scheduled for August 1st.I am having abdomen upper n lower lipo n tummy tuck, and neck lipo n lift. I have lost a total of 60# now n the Dr. said 1000 situps a day won't take what's left away, because its hereditary as well. I am scared, but exited as well. I just want a better quality of life the rest of the way. Good luck to you, keep us posted!!!xoxoxoxo

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I will definitely keep every one up to date I only have a little over 2 weeks until my surgery date is here. Thank you for the kind words. I am sure you look amazing.
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I am 46 and had laser lipo to my inner & outer thights on the 18th May. I too was so excited about having it done after at least 30 years af hating my legs. A week in I can see my outer thighs are slimmer but no change yet to inner thighs. I guess i am still very swollen (I hope anyway!) but I had a bit of a low moment yesterday as i felt so hot, itchy and uncomfortable with my compression garment in this heat.that I wondered if it was worth it. They do say it can take up to a year to get full results so I am hanging in there! I'd be really interested to see how you get on and your experience of the recovery. Good luck!
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Thank you so much on sharing your experience with us! 18 months ago I had a breast augmentation as I had one breast bigger than the other. I know by now you will already have had your surgery but I can tell you that you will feel amazing (maybe not right now but you will!)! I am looking forward to seeing your after pics! Hope you are doing OK :) xxx
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Hey, thank you for sharing ur story and ur pics. I felt the same about putting them up but imagine the after pics :) u will feel amazing. I am going in for mine a week today, so not even 7 full days. Ur time will fly by and it will be the day of surgery before you know it. I am getting a breast uplift without any implants - well unless Dr. Says they will be a B then she can put some in lol and I am also getting lipo to my whole abdomen.
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I know I am so beyond excited and anxious. :) i will def keep up with your progress I hope everything goes well and you are happy with all of your results.
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey and your pics with us. Are you getting excited now? Not long until the big day!

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