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Had cool sculpting of abdomen (two large...

Had cool sculpting of abdomen (two large applicators) on 4/3/14 and had right flank done today 4/8/14. Will have left flank done on 4/14/14. Would have loved to get them all in the same day but the office doesn’t have hours when I don't work so it's been hard to get in for each one hour treatment. So my back story... I'm 5'5'' 140 lbs 27 years old. I have a much large abdomen then every other parts of my body and it is the bain of my existence. I had smartlipo in 2010 and had ok results but still no decent waist after over 5,000 dollar surgery. I just don't have the time or downtime to do a more serious procedure. I'm continuing to lose weight and hope to be able to be about 130 with a decent stomach. The procedure itself was fine just a lot of tugging and coldness I feel like people have chronicled that well so I want do too many details. At this location I never saw a MD or PA/NP. The consultation and procedure was done by a CME. Not sure how I feel about that. I feel like this office did not treat this procedure like a plastic surgery procedure as much as it seems other do. Overall though she could answer questions and was very pleasant to work with. I had bruising on the upper abs and at day 5 now have the soreness and prickly nerve pain but nothing too bad. If this helps reduce the bulky stomach I will deal with ANYTHING. Most importantly I want to post pictures so you guys can judge on your own. I'm not sure how fair my assessment will be because I have been actively trying to lose weight for months. That being said I'll put my measurements and weight and will add them with my pictures. Even if I just lose weight that stomach better look better regardless but that's not a good measure of whether it worked well. Overall I’m doing everything to lose the belly. So sorry that it will not be a real fair assessment of Coolsculpting alone!


pictures- befores


Befores-in clothes

Coolsculpting days!!!

Carrisa Miller, CME at Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center

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any new pics?
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It's been a couple of months now.... Are you happy with the results? Love to see some after photos, as your Befores were thorough and a great example.
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Waiting on posting...I gained a few pounds the last few weeks and I don't think it would be fair to post pics until I'm back to the same weight. Eeek give me a few weeks..... No huge change as of right now tho
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U r almost two months out. How are ur results?
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what are your new measurements how do you like the results?? your before tu,my is similar (my is worse) to my current status and curious how the final is!
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How u doing? Any unexpected after effects. I am thinking of doing this so am interested in details. I had l Iipo but one flank is smaller than the other side and do not want to do lipo again. It will b several months b4 doing this but interested in ppl results. Thanks and good luck.
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Just the uncomfortable bruised feeling for a few days and twinges of pain here and there. About 3 weeks out and just how numbness and random itching. Gonna wait 4 weeks before really expecting any results.
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The. I will keep an eye out 4 update.
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