Best Decision So Far! 34G to 34D - Gainesville, FL

I am 1 week and 1 day post op from my BR. I am 39,...

I am 1 week and 1 day post op from my BR. I am 39, 5'9, 160, and was a 34G and I am down to a 34D/Full C. They removed 3 lbs total from both breast. The cost of my procedure was covered by insurance.

I was very apprehensive at first due to my active lifestyle and how the recovery process would hinder my job as a police officer. I just kept thinking about the back pain, neck strain, and all the not so pleasant things that happen when I put my uniform on.
I am pleasantly surprised how well the recovery process is going. I have attached photos of week one. As I progress in my journey of recovery I will post more pictures. My goal is to put on a dress I wore in Vegas in April and see the big difference on how the boobs adjust!

Some things to keep in mind prior to surgery and post:
*Make sure someone is with you to help you out ...especially during the first week. My daughters have been wonderful!
*HYDRATE! Go in well hydrated and drink plenty of water during the recovery period
*Limit your activity to nothing during the first week. Find a comfy spot...(Pre plan on lots of TV, reading, and paying bills/homework, ect.) The first few days I didn't feel like much of anything except sleep. (I run 4 miles sitting still is hard for me)
*Eat healthy. Fruits/Veggies Since your level of activity is limited to walking to the bathroom or around the room, don't over do the eating out of boredom.

That is all for now. This experience was well worth it. And the much needed rest is an added bonus!


Looks like you've got great results! When do you plan to start running again? I think I will start @ 8 weeks PO. My dr said 6 weeks...but I want to play it safe.
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I am going to wait the 8 weeks. I have a physical agility test in September and firearms and don't want to mess myself up by doing things that physical too soon. I had my post op yesterday and he was very happy with my recovery. Still searching for bras... Keep going back to the $60 ones I had before...I am going to attempt Target, or Walmart to see what they have.

Post Op#1

I had my post op yesterday and all is well. I did not have any drains following my procedure but I did get a little swelling from my axillary lymph nodes, but they are better. I took myself off the pain meds about 4 days post op. The constipation, sleepless nights and weird dreams were enough!
I took my first dose of ibuprofen yesterday and slept like a baby! The swelling has gone down significantly and I can see my breast are still changing their shape. My doctor advised I have about 30% more of changes to come.
My doctor advised not to get ahead of myself because I'm feeling a lite better...which one can easily do. I can say I do tire easily and I may need to go in half days at least for the first week.
As I get closer to week 2 I am feeling great. I am assigned a desk job when I get back to work on Monday. It's too soon to put my vest on but I did put it over my shirt and the difference is significant. I am going to wait 6mo depending on how things go to get a new one. In the meantime I can store snacks in the empty space!
I will update with week 2 pics next week.

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BR week 2 Review

I apologize for the delay in my post. I went back to work and ….of course I am pushing it. I was sore but Motrin helps with the swelling and discomfort. . . I am itching a lot also.

I was doing great… and really not putting myself on the street and trying to stay in the office to prevent me from getting caught up in something I would not be able to walk away from …. and when i least suspected it, I had to chase someone down and instead of putting hands on, I pulled out my gun and held him a gunpoint until other units got there. (I had that adrenaline rush and did not feel anything at the time.) As soon as I slowed down I realized I was way out my ability to fight or even run any further. That 1 minute of misbehavior has been with me all week. I put myself in an unmarked unit and kept most of my activity to the office and my summer events.
So to wrap it up…i have not been taking it easy. I have been hydrating and my need to take another week off after my summer programs to regroup. I took Monday off to rest.
My next follow up is next week and hopefully I have not done anything to push my recovery back. The swelling has gone down significantly and my breast are taking on a nice shape.
Week 3 pics and post when i wake up :)


It's good to hear you're healing well, but please be careful about exerting yourself. For some reason the 3 week phase is a critical one, and many of the women on this forum who've had problems healing have had the problems appear at approximately 3 weeks post op. So please, no more chasing criminals.
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Omg, you cracked me up with your comment about storing snacks! The girls look fantastic, but take care of more chasing bad guys for awhile.
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Thanks so much for all the fantastic, positive advice, I wish I had read your pointers sooner! -You seem very disciplined and your doctor sounds very informative and caring : )! I wish mine was more like yours. You also look faaaannntastic! Great job to you and your doctor!
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Week 3 Update

Well I am well into my second week at work. I will say that these extremely hot days have had me running home and switching out shirts or sitting in extremely cold areas to cool down. …or the beer locker at the liquor store. I sweat something horrible.
I did get some swelling of my lymph nodes in both of my underarms but they are better now. It freaked me out at first but all is well.
Taking things easier and not lifting and carrying like I was doing last week at my events. I am feeling like zings in my breast …. i don't know if the nerves are reconnecting or what but it is random and catches me sometimes in the most awkward moments. I am looking forward to being healed up and this process has certainly taught me tons of patience with MYSELF!!


It is true. This week seemed to have been my hardest. I was outside walking around…no running or putting the smack down on anyone…but it was really hot down here in FL and I sweat it up pretty good. I was exhausted by the end of the day and literally passed out when I got on my couch! :)
LOL! I don't know where i will store my snacks after I get my new vest. I have been behaving for the most part and plan on being a good patient for at least another month.
It has been hard going back to work and keeping the physical restrictions. While I was at home my environment was bed/bathroom/living room/kitchen…but once I get in my car, I open my world to chaos! And thank you….i think they are changing a bit and I am good with it. I am happy to be in a bra that does not cost me more than $60!

I forgot to post my 3 week pics.

I forgot to attach my week 3 pics. Next monday will be week 4… Nothing hurts, but I am still sore here and there. I did not take no Ibuprofen today and was ok. It has been hot as i don't know what down here and organizing and trying to keep 4 community events going, I failed to hydrate like I like to during the day. I have been drinking lots of water before I go to bed to try to make up for what i did not do this week and I make sure I have one in the freezer ready to go in the am.
No exercise…just regular walking around work for me and running errands. I am slowly getting my energy back. I am usually bouncing off the walls and its nice being in slow motion for a little…just miss my me time on my runs.
I apologize for the awkward picture. I woke up late and it didn't strike a pose like I usually do. :) They have gotten softer this week and I think they have changed a little since last week.


You look great!!
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You look really good. Congratulations. Keep us posted and motivated
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Dr. Puya Davoodi, MD

Dr. Davoodi specializes in cosmetic surgical procedures, breast procedures and body reconstruction. He was extremely understanding from the beginning. He is AMAZING!! He is very aware of the needs of his patients as individuals. He put me at ease from the beginning and right up until they wheeled me into the OR.

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