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Had my surgery 4-4-12 I turn 50 this summer and...

Had my surgery 4-4-12 I turn 50 this summer and like the way I look(ed) but felt I looked a bit tired. My Dr suggested he could make me look better than I already did with fat grafting . The days after my surgery my face was like a pumpkin a and my lips were enormous . I had lots of bruising under my eyes and around mouth . A week later, I still looked like a character drawling at an amusement park with some bruises. I'm almost at my second week, my cheeks are very chubby and even though i did not have injections in my my lips, they still feel huge . I put makeup on and went to grocery. I felt subconscious in this small town and of course had someone ask me why my face was swollen. I blamed it on another surgery I also had at the same time that did not "sound cosmetic" . I hope the swelling and puffiness subsides soon, I don't want to look like I had surgery done , I just want to look a bit better than I did. I will update after my two week period.

Crazy but the day after my two week period i woke...

Crazy but the day after my two week period i woke up and felt like there was a huge difference. My bruising was gone except one small spot under eye that was easily covered up with concealer . My cheeks were still a bit like you wanted to pinch them but I felt like I was healing much faster now . Yesterday was my post 3 week mark , it looks better everyday . I do have to say its different having fuller cute cheekbones and am now "owning it" with confidence . I have not compared before and after pics yet but plan to at the four week mark , I also may consider to email or post pics , Update again at 4 weeks .
Did you have it done in office? Were you coherent for it at all? How was pain level during procedure? Where was fat harvested from and how was pain/discomfort then? And afterwards during recovery from the fat harvesting site(s)? Also FYI for everyone - if you use ARNICA before/after surgery, you will have little to no bruising as well as less swelling and faster healing. I had a face lift last year and doc told me I looked like I was a week and a half into recovery when I came in 20 hours after the surgery for my first check up. You can get the medical brand, Sinnech, at along with surgical vitamins I also recommend to aid in healing faster. 100% recommendation - they work miracles!
Wow, I just had rhynoplasty with facial fat grafting one week ago tmrw, also by Dr. Preston in Gahanna. My face is huge and round, very swollen...but the quality of the skin looks great. I started having anxiety yesterday thinking that it was too much fat transferred, but I do trust Dr. Preston as he seems to be a perfectionist. Reading about your experience has helped me to relax and give my puffy face more time to settle. I will say I am very impressed with his small and carefully crafted incisions. I found his careful incisions communicated personal thoughtfulness to me as a patient. The incision he made in order to do the lipo of my belly was carefully and neatly done in my bikini line near the inside of my leg, a very teeny incision. I didnt even know where it was bc it was so small. For my fat graft of my face he made two very small plus sign incisions under my jawline, very precise and neat. Also, he made two tiny incisions on the back of my wrists bc I had fat injected into my hands to cover very noticeable veins. I really appreciate his attention to neatness and detail. Even in my nose, the stitches are very carefully placed on the inside. I will check back in a week.

So much for my two week update . updating It now...

So much for my two week update . updating It now has been 8 months since the surgery . I have never been happier with the way that I look. Thank Goodness at 50, I can say that I am very happy with my inner self and just as happy with my outer self . Thanks to genes and Dr. Preston . I do not think my face kept "all" the plumpness or maybe I have got used to it but I'm very pleased with the way it looks. I did not mention in my first post that I also had fat put in my buttocks . Every bit of that plumpness has stayed and is AMAZING!!!!!!
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Dr. Preston has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable while undressed and discussing options on elective surgery. He listens and suggests . He is an artist and has an eye for detail to help you look your best . I would definitely recommend him and be willing to go to his office to show his potential patients my results of his work . When complimented on the way I look, I would love to tell them its because of Dr. Preston's work but I choose for people to think it's all genetics. LOL

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