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I am a 20something year old LPN going back to...

I am a 20something year old LPN going back to school for my BSN.. I am a mommy to 1 and don't plan on having any more!! I am happy with my body overall but I have always wanted a rounder fuller butt and I can't wait for Dr. Jimerson to hook me up!! I am hoping to have my procedure done in May and I am hoping to find some ladies on here so we can support each other!!

Hello ladies!! I posted some of my before pics.....

Hello ladies!! I posted some of my before pics.. technically these are my BEFORE before pics since I think I am going to need to gain about 10 or 15 pounds.. with the holidays going on I am off to a good start lol!! Well, I have a phone consultation scheduled with Dr. Jimerson for March, and I am HOPING to get my sx done in May.. It is not looking like it is very likely since I have creeped around this site and seen ladies who are ALREADY scheduling for May :( but with my school and work schedule it is what I really really need!! I have sent them an email asking about weight gain and also about hopefully getting a May sx date.. so we'll see how that goes!! As y'all can see from my wish pics I don't want a HUGE butt.. just a nice round one!! I am so excited and would love any tips/advice/anything!! Happy Holidays everyone!! :)
Good luck on your journey!! I am too 20something years old and in nursing school for my BSN :) I'm scheduled for Dr. J May 17, 2013 :)
Thanks lady good luck to you as well!! I am thinking May will be perfect because it will be right after the semester ends and we'll heal up in time to enjoy our new bodies poolside before the end of the summer!! Is that what you were thinking??!!
Lol that's EXACTLY what I was thinking!! I can't wait!! This will be great!!

So it has been about 2 months since I decided that...

So it has been about 2 months since I decided that I am FOR SURE having this sx done.. and I have ALREADY gained 10 pounds :/ (my before pic is at 135 and I am already at 145--I'll post pics of me at my current weight soon) Gaining weight is DEFINITELY NOT a problem for me!! I just hate it because all of my weight goes right to my belly and I am really self-conscious about it.. Even at my goal weight (130-135) you can see a lil pooch in my belly even though the rest of me is super skinny!! I think I only need to gain about 5 or 10 more pounds to make sure he has enough fat to work with.. I'm definitely waiting until I am closer to my sx date to try to gain more weight.. especially since my phone consultation isn't until March!! I need to get that moved up BAD if I want my sx done in May!! How long was everybody else's wait for a phone consultation with Dr. Jimerson?? I made my appointment 11.27.12 and they told me the earliest date for a phone consultation is 3.14.13 :/
i just got my phone consultation today its for jan 4th but i want my surgery in feb so maybe thats why they gave u a far date
That sounds about right except the girl I talked to when I made my appt never even asked when I wanted my sx done!! But I called today and asked if it would be possible for me to have sx in May and they said there's a good chance!! That's awesome that you got everything set up so quickly!! Congrats and good luck!!!! :)
Welcome ExceptSheGotALilMore. Congrats on nursing school. There are a few professional ladies on the blog like yourself. As for the consultation dates I believe they have a cancelation list that you can get on. Good luck to you with college & surgery.
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