In Pursuit of a New Derrière

Good day ladies (and perhaps gentlemen). I've been...

Good day ladies (and perhaps gentlemen). I've been reading stories here for about a month now and decided to post. I don't know where along the lines my behind went but I've never really been too endowed back there anyways. I have a consult with Dr. J in about 2 1/2 weeks and I'm afraid he's going to tell me I don't have enought fat for transfer. It's incredibly hard for me to gain and keep on weight. I've bore 5 children and always seem to go back to my pre pregnancy weight of 129-132; i stand about 5'6 1/2- 5'7 (i think). I've painstakingly tried to put on weight for about 3 months for this and now I am 141 but I feel I'm still falling short and fear I'll soon lose what I've gained. Trying to figure out how to post a few pics (pre weight gain and now). If anyone can please offer their opinions on my size/if its adequate or if anyone was my size and had a successful bbl. Please please let me know. Thanks

Adding some pics; appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Adding some pics; appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

I'm not sure if I posted in the right area cuz...

I'm not sure if I posted in the right area cuz I've gotten no feedback; hmmm I guess. I won't let that bother me though. Just the mere fact that I write about things makes me feel a bit better.

I weigh myself daily and today I'm up to 143.8 (which is awesome because I started at 132 back in late Nov/early Dec. My consult with Dr. J is in a few days; hopefully he doesn't tell me to gain a lot more weight because its so hard for me to do so. I just started on these shakes (I do 2 a day; adding about 10,500 calories a week; hoping to pick up an additional 3lbs a week with the shakes alone) on top of my regular bad eating habits. I may bump it up to 3 shakes a day in two weeks because I don't see the weight and sometimes I feel like the shakes are compensating for the few times I don't eat after a long drawn out day. Sunday will make one week of drinking these weight gain drinks so I'm hoping to see my 3+lbs by then, lol. It's actually unhealthy to gain or lose more than 1lb a week but hey I don't want this unnecessary weight on me so I gotta get it done then get it out so I can get my karate body back (hopefully with a lot of cushion back there).

It's tiring just constantly eating; hard work really. My oldest son said "mom I don't want you to get big, you might not look the same". Smh; kids do say some ish @ times.

Whoo hoo; just received a call from Dr. J's office...

Whoo hoo; just received a call from Dr. J's office this morning confirming my consult for next week. Hopefully Im not forgotten come Mon morning. Now to organize my list of questions. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

My consult went well. Staff and Dr J were pleasant...

My consult went well. Staff and Dr J were pleasant and beyond informative. All my ???? were answered and I bugged him for close to 45 mins

Don't know why only 1/4 of my review posted; thank...

Don't know why only 1/4 of my review posted; thank goodness for the back button; so hopefully here it is again

This is my last attempt to post, lol.....My...

This is my last attempt to post, lol.....My consult went well. Staff and Dr J were pleasant and beyond informative. All my ???? were answered and I bugged him for close to 45 mins

Dr J said I have to get up to 160 if i want...

Dr J said I have to get up to 160 if i want 750cc's or more. I told him that was crazy especially since i already put on 12lbs (14now) cuz im normally 130-32. But imma do it cuz there's no way I'm going in and coming out with a lil ole 500cc booty, no 14 more lbs to go and it's killing me getting there but hey such is life. I've decided to ultimately pay cash that way I can get the month/date I desire. However since my consult I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone other than the answering service to pay. Ill attempt again next week. Other than that I'm happy to report a 2lb weight gain (posted 2 pics of my progress). I've already gone thru a bag and a half of my protein weight gainer. Until later; blessing blessings and more blessings to all. Enjoy your weekend.

Not too much to add around these parts other than...

Not too much to add around these parts other than my weight gain (which is awesome!!!) and a few pics of it. I'm now up to 150lbs flat. I've been gaining consistently but this is such a chore for me. I constantly feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Although I've put on 18lbs in a little over 3 months; I don't see a tremendous amount of fat on me (I'm thinking I may just carry it well); but I do see the changes my body has made up until now. Just 5-10 more lbs to go.........I'm excited. I'm really really dreading the scarring though; especially on the stomach region :-(.

It's been a few weeks since I've updated (although...

It's been a few weeks since I've updated (although I know no ones noticed) but still just touching bases. Surgery has been payed in full for almost two weeks now. I was offered four different dates and turned them down. After feeling like i wouldn't get or be offered another date in April/May I was proved wrong and I accepted a date for the 8th; whoo hoo. Just a little worried cuz although I sent in recent pics (from last week) and Dr J said I was good/ready I feel like I need more fat on me.......I'm only 151/152. Well I have 2 weeks to put on any additional weight(hopefully 3-4lbs).

Now I must organize my flight, necessary supplies and sort out my medical clearance. I made an appointment last week for Thursday but it was recommended to me to to only get the clearance once I had a date so I called my doctor's office and canceled. When I called them today they were booked until next month, smh. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting a clearance from somewhere other than your primary care physician?

The countdown officially begins today........

Got squeezed in for my medical clearance on...

Got squeezed in for my medical clearance on Wednesday and things were peachy; thought I'd get my labs back by next week sometime. To my surprise I received a call this am from one of their nurses stating they'd received my clearance Including my labs. I was given the green light for sx; labs A1......Big ups to my doctors office for sorting me out in ONE day.

Now just to organize my flight, accommodations, garments, massages and supplies. Most importantly I'm hoping to put on any extra weight within the next 7 days; leaving the last 5 days for normalcy for sx not stuffing/forcing myself. I'm currently 153lbs; I know ill get up to 155.......hoping for @ least 158 but we will see

Got my booty!!!!!!

Pic posted; yeeeaaaaahhh and wouldn't it be just so lovely if my derrière stayed this size FOREVER lol; woe is me but I love it thus far.

My pain is minimal and my large size garment is so slack on my upper back/arm area. I left the office with the first row hooked on my garment and I just now hooked them onto the 2 row.

Have a beautiful evening/morning ladies. Blessings.

Pic posted

1 day post op; walking like a stiff bird, lol. Pain much worse today (probably cuz I took the devil garment off). I know tomorrow can only get better though.

Blessings to all

5 days post op-pics

Its day five and my legs/feet are beyond swollen; I have no ankles! My terrible edema is my only major complaint. Hopefully this diuretic will do its job. Got my first lymphatic massage earlier. It was ok. Can't wait for the fluid to breakup/disappear so I can move onto deep tissue massage. I'd like more pressure.

I look much better than I did to start because now I have a little round bum; just wish it was bigger and to think ill only lose more; smh. Hopefully Ill super super fluff in the upcoming weeks :-). Ciao ciao ladies
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who did u use for ur massages? I'm looking for a girl named tatiana??
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Hey babe once again I lovvvee your results!!! Wow!! I want to make sure I am gaining enough weight for july...I know u gained weight preop and Im wondering if your figure is similar to you mind emailing me some of your before and after pics? I would really appreciate it :)
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You look amazing!!
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Love ur results!!!!that's an ass!
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Congrats sweetie! ur batt and overall figure looks awesome!! Dr J did his thing on u!!! happy healing!!
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Lady you look absolutely amazing! Even if it went down a little you still will be on point! I will take that body anyday!
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Ahhhhh thanks that's sweet of you. I'm not making any decisions about my outcome until I heal more.
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By the way what shakes did u drink to gain weight? Any weight gain tips for me? I started boost plus I love the chocolate flavor....
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A protein gainer; the base alone was 650 calories. I added whole milk (100cal) half n half (200cal). Sometimes I would blend in peanut butter/bananas and other yummy things to add to the calorie count. But with the base and milks my shakes were 950 calories. In the end I was drinking 6-7 ensures a day plus my 2-3 protein shakes plus my regular food. My daily caloric intake was between 6500-7000. But it worked I gained 31lbs in all. Try eating at off hours. I set alarms to wake me up throughout the night to eat PB and Js and pasta etc.
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Oops I didnt even see this comment thanks hun so good to know!! Im going to try that!!! I have a lot more weight to gain! Thanks! R u going to post any before pics?
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How much more weight? I had some up but I took them down. I will; just haven't had the chance.
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Ok hun thanks 10 more lbs by july to be on the safe side....I want a big ol booty!
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Wowww just now seeing your pic!!! U look amazing! Cant wait to see more pics ;) xoxo
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Did u get hips done too??
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Yes hips too; I believe 200cc's each side.
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O ok nice!!!
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How did you gain your weight? what shakes?
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A protein gainer; the base alone was 650 calories
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You look amazing
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Thanks doll you look damn good yourself; "wit all dat ass"!
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LoL thank you boo!!
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U look incredible!! Dr j had done it again!! Congrats babe :)
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