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Full Tummy Tuck Beyond Beleif

I had my surgery 18 months ago.  It was had...

I had my surgery 18 months ago.  It was had for me to spend this kind of money on myself.  I have two kids and they are my number 1 priority.  I found a way to pay with out it impacting my family and I found the BEST plastic surgen in Arizona.  I had very little pain mostly I was just real swollen for a long time (it took about 6 months before all the swelling was gone).  My stomach is amazing now!  I have a line down the middle of my stomach,defined ab muscles and a cute little belly button.  Dr. Corey really specalizes in shaping a person to fit their body not just to look like every other TT out there.  Anyway, my husband can't get enough of me and I see men staring at me now.  After two kids I never thought I would get that back. 

Dr. Corey

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you look great i am so wanting to be able to wear a normal bathing suit again one day and not a grammother style one!
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U look fantastic
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I think you look fabulous! I have a TTMR scheduled in Sept. with {edited - provider information is located above the original review} and I am excited and a bit nervous as well. Any further details of your surgery would be very much appreciated. Did he do any lipo along with the TT? I am concerned about the swelling, since I seem to be prone towards it anyway. When were you able to resume normal daily activities (ie. light housework, shopping, etc.)? Thanks for your encouraging post!
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Yes I had lipo done on my hips as well as a breast lift and augmentation. I wanted do everything at once. The two worst things about the surgery 1. Swelling 2. bad reaction to the medication. I won't lie the swelling just plain sucks becuse you have this flat stomach but you look like a stuffed sauage. I was able to resume the normal stuff after I stopped takeing the pain meds which I didn't need and made me zone out all day. I was on those for about three days. They also would not let me work out or do any strenious activity for 1 month and I didn't listen so I think that kept my swelling up. Good luck and enjoy it!
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How's your swelling now? I'm 3 1/2 weeks post-op and still kinda have the water wave effect. I'm concerned about it since my doc said the nerves couldn't connect and pull my tummy flat until the swelling was gone. My family is prone to swelling too and the doc and staff act like I'm doing too much. I'm hardly doing anything! I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
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