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Full Tummy Tuck Beyond Beleif

I had my surgery 18 months ago.  It was had...

I had my surgery 18 months ago.  It was had for me to spend this kind of money on myself.  I have two kids and they are my number 1 priority.  I found a way to pay with out it impacting my family and I found the BEST plastic surgen in Arizona.  I had very little pain mostly I was just real swollen for a long time (it took about 6 months before all the swelling was gone).  My stomach is amazing now!  I have a line down the middle of my stomach,defined ab muscles and a cute little belly button.  Dr. Corey really specalizes in shaping a person to fit their body not just to look like every other TT out there.  Anyway, my husband can't get enough of me and I see men staring at me now.  After two kids I never thought I would get that back. 


you look great i am so wanting to be able to wear a normal bathing suit again one day and not a grammother style one!
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U look fantastic
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I think you look fabulous! I have a TTMR scheduled in Sept. with {edited - provider information is located above the original review} and I am excited and a bit nervous as well. Any further details of your surgery would be very much appreciated. Did he do any lipo along with the TT? I am concerned about the swelling, since I seem to be prone towards it anyway. When were you able to resume normal daily activities (ie. light housework, shopping, etc.)? Thanks for your encouraging post!
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Dr. Corey

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