Fractional CO2: my Trip, Age 59 (Lip Lines, Marionette Lines & Old Age Spots) - Fort Myers, FL

I am a 59 year old women and wanted to get rid of...

I am a 59 year old women and wanted to get rid of lip lines, marionete lines and some old age spots. Went in yesterday and had it done.

Did it hurt? Yes sir it sure did---felt like red hot needles--but the pain (as long as you could squeeze your hands together) was bearable.

Today is my first day of recovery. I look like a monster~ even my dogs are looking at me strangely! I know I will be better as time goes on---and looking at others that have done it is proof to me. Am I happy I had it done? So far yes---let you know in a week!!!

By the way, regarding above post, I am 69 yrs old, and had a face lift and laser resurfacing 6 yrs. ago so I know the drill. I've spent money over the years on Botox and other fillers, so decided to spend one last time on the CO2. I am hopeful - and confident - that it is going to turn out even better than the last time.
Well? how did it turn out for you? Would love to hear!
Thanks Liskeeven and everyone for being an inspiration. I had the Matrix CO2 laser 2 days ago. I look like I've been in a train wreck, but am hopeful that within a week or two the swelling and red blotcheness will go down and I'll look SOMEWHAT NORMAL, ha ha! I'm using hydrocortison twice a day and Acquafor 4 times a day. Haven't washed my hair yet, but was told I can start washing my face with Cetaphil tomorrow - so maybe I can shampoo my hair then too. Good luck to you all.

After 6 months I still have wrinkles, but maybe a...

After 6 months I still have wrinkles, but maybe a little more "blurred". But the age spots are gone which is good.

43 yo with mild outer eye crinkles, few fine lines on upper lip and small dimpling of upper chin but significant chest wrinkling. Had CO2 laser on face, neck and chest Thursday with iv versed and fentanyl, felt significant discomfort around jaw line but otherwise ok. Had been using retin A and hyroquinone until a few days prior which probably contributed but post procedure looked like I was the victim of a shotgun blast. The next day swelling was extreme to entire face, nose and eyes with beet red color over entire treated area. Today is day five- face has mostly peeled. Wrinkle free (due to swelling...hmmm?) Face is till a bit swollen and pinkish-red. Chest with significant patches of beefy red mid-process of peeling. Losing monstrous appearance but still would not be seen in public. Breaking out with tiny white-head pimples all mid-to-lower face (which did not have any pimples before). Using Aquaphor, ceptaphil washes 2-3 times a day. Started on 10mg of predisone daily for 3 days to speed up the healing process (in sales and need to return to work).
Hello gypsygirl...I checked with the doctor and considered two things: [1] being Rx'd an antibiotic which possibly was not necessary and dont want to over-use antibiotics. [2] necrotic skin does have an odor and after 2 days, the necrotic skin was gone and so was the smell. I have a follow-up appt with both the treating doctor and a dermatologist just to be sure! Things are looking good though...and later on, I'll post my healing and recovery photos along with symptoms and complications. I appreciate your response, thank you!
I didn't notice any odor. I would call your Dr. just to be sure there is no infection.
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Very caring Doctor. Even gives out his cell and home number to all patients having procedures in case they need him! How many other Doctors do that?

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