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The countdown has begun for me. 10 weeks to go! My...

The countdown has begun for me. 10 weeks to go! My TT is scheduled for March 21st. WOW! Not a day goes by that I dont think about it every hour and I am on this site reading. I have been reading all the wonderful stories on this page for years. I have gone back and forth on I will not do this to I am gonna do this. My son is now 8 years old. I was left with the ugly pouch belly like everyone else. I have hated it for years! Five years ago I lost 33 pounds. I was at 149 and got down to 116. I am 5' 1" so everything shows in us short people. I am now 35 years old(turned 35 in Dec.) and I have put a few pounds back on. I kept it off and maintained it for so long and now, I don't know what happened. I currently weigh 135. I would like to be down to at least 120 before TT Day but I am struggling with that. I'm hoping if I don't lose it before hand that I will have no problem losing it after surgery. My husband is on board and being supportive of me. He will take a few days off of work to take care of me. I am doing it over Spring Break so I dont have to worry about my son being in school. He will be spending all of Spring Break with his grandparents. I will be on postop day 11 when I get him back and he has to go back to school. I hope I will be ok to do all mom duties by then. I appreciate all the tips I have got from here over the years and recently to help me make my decesion. I finally made up my mind back in October that I was gonna do this. I sure hope I get good results and its not to rough.


Hi I'm having my TT done while the kids are on spring break as well. I usually pick them up from school so I have to see how this works. I will be post op day 7 when they go back to school.
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I went in for my EKG today. That is the only...

I went in for my EKG today. That is the only requirement they are asking me to do prior to my surgery. I have to wait 2 days to get the results back. Ugh! I hope all is ok and I will have the go ahead for surgery.


Kimmers25, thanks so much for the encouraging words. I hope I can.
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Sarav59, yes, that would be great. I need all the support I can get. Now that the countdown is on for me, I am thinking about this non stop. I dream about it. I wake up in the middle of the night. Ugh, its gonna be a long couple of months for me. I just want it over with and on my way to recovery.
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I am not having any dreams...I just keep going till I am exhausted then fall asleep...mine is more when I am awake and not busy. It is so great your husband is 100% behind you...Mine would rather me not have it...This is one thing I am so determined on that no one will get in my way...but he says he will support me and be my caregiver...his thoughts why go thru the pain on purpose. I figure it can not be any worse than my c section. I had to have the mid-line incision...I have a feeling we are going to do just fine and be so prepared for this...and this site with all the stories from the other women already on the flat side is so helpful and encouraging.

I should add that back in October, I went on three...

I should add that back in October, I went on three consults. I liked all three of the PS. They all were pretty close in price. It was funny because I went on the first one and I thought she was the greatest, I wanted her to do it. My husband said we need to see at least another PS. So I made another appt. We then really liked the next PS and wanted him to do it. So then we decided to see one more to then make final decision. I ended up going with the third one. I had no idea it would play out that way. The icing on the cake for me was the nurse that was talking with me told me that the PS she worked for did her tummy tuck 8 years ago. She kept talking, I have no idea what she said. I was so excited, I just wanted to see it. I asked her if I could. She turned towards me since my hubby was with me and showed me. It looked great. I asked her a ton of questions. I thought if she had this done by him 8 years ago and she still works for him, WOW! That spoke volumes to me. Plus they made me feel very comfortable there and all the nurses and staff were so nice and helpful. I paid my deposit later that week and decided to move forward. I set my date for March 21st.


Let's see your before photos! =)
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I have to work up the courage to do that. LOL I will
It does take courage to post pic of something you just cannot stand

I am so discouraged and frustrated at this point....

I am so discouraged and frustrated at this point. I started working out again a couple months ago and I average working out 3-4 times a week for an hour. I really wanted to lose 15 pounds before my tummy tuck. My weight is staying the same, not budging. I feel like my metabolism is broken and not moving. I just wish there was something safe that I could take to get it moving and help me get a few pounds off before surgery. I really don't want to be the weight I am now on TT Day. Ugh! So fed up! Ready to throw my hands up. I am 5 years older now than I was when I lost 33 pounds before and man, Its just not moving. I dont know what to do! If anyone has any tips or any ideas I would surely welcome them.


I use my fitness pal to help watch everything I consume. I lost a pound last week so I am sure it helps. I am 35 and my metabolism slowed waaay down two years ago so I understand. Good luck to you!
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Erin22, Someone did just tell me about that one and also "lost it" app. I have started using them. Yes, I think my metabolism is broken. lol Thanks for the tips. :) Good luck to you too.
I am having the same problem would like to lose atleast 15 lbs by my surg date which isnt unheathy but Im trying everything and my body not budging... Im eatting heathy and Im working out ... but Im stuck at this weight ... I will just keep trying though ... good luck with your losing....
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I spoke to the nurse at my PS office today. They...

I spoke to the nurse at my PS office today. They got the EKG results back and I am good to go for surgery. Not that I thought I would have a problem but I always stress over on waiting on any type of test or result. Hate waiting on stuff. Anyway I am all set now to move forward. They do not require any other testing for me. I asked the nurse about a CG. She told me that they will put me in a binder before I wake up from surgery. She said its pretty thick. She suggested I get another one to wear because I will need it to fit under my clothes and have to wear it for 6 weeks. I told her I have looked at them and there are so many, its very overwhelming. I have no idea what to get. She told me she got her's at Target. Just to get a spanx one that goes all the way up under your breasts. Can someone help me with this? I have no idea what to buy. Should I buy it biggger to accomadate the swelling I could have at first? Also posting some before pics. They make me want to cry. They are awful. I picked the best ones I could stand sharing. Thanks ladies


Thank you so much for all the info on the compression garments. I will look at those. :)
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Okay, about compression garments here's what I've learned. For me, Spanx didn't give me enough compression. It could be because I'm smaller. The smallest size in Spanx is small, no extra small is offered. I've been wearing Marena compression garments which I love. A little bit more expensive but I think it's def worth the price. I have two types -- 2nd Stage Girdle with No LegsLGA2 and 2nd Stage Mid Thigh Length Girdle. Things to consider. The crotch. Does it hook, is open or is it gusseted? The Marena LGA2 is nicely hooked. The Mid Thigh is completely open so there are no issues using the restroom. Many CGS, especially the Spanx have a gusseted crotch which means that the crotch can be spread open to use the restroom. I never figured out how to use it and ended up peeing all over myself (plus there would be no way to #2 with a gusseted crotch). Also consider the sizing. The Marenas run a bit small, so if you go with Marena pay attention to your measurements! Also know that you'll need multiple garments since you will be wearing on a daily basis, you'll have to rotate them through in a cycle. My PS said under the boobs to mid thigh and the legless are good options. During the day, I wear the legless then change into the mid-thigh at night. I know that other ladies have found options at Target, etc so you may check there for cg, too. Big thing - know that you'll need options, the sizing which should be very snug but not uncomfortable and the crotch (crotch is #1 in my book). Good luck!
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Thanks Sarav59. Best of luck to you also. :)
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I am getting my supplies I need in advance a...

I am getting my supplies I need in advance a little at a time so I am not bombarded all at once in the end come my pre-op appt. with a ton of stuff. Yes, I am a planner. :)

Today I was running errands and its the little things I cant wait for. When you sit down and you have to adjust your pants over your fat roll to cover it up. Oh the day I will never have to do that again, cant wait! Looking in the mirror and adjusting your pants, shirt, the best you can to cover up whats underneath. To not have to change pants or a top because it just sticks out to much that day in what you selected to wear. Oh 51 days, hurry up!!!!


Oh & I still automatically adjust my pants cause I am so used to doing it! I dont even know why, I have a compression garmet on and I am at home alone, lol...but it is habit now!
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LOL, that will probably be me too. When you have done something for so many years you cant just turn it off. I'm sure I will catch myself doing it and wonder what am I doing. I dont need to do that anymore. LOL
Can't wait to follow your journey!! I am so excited for you girl!
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WOW! I am now at the 45 day mark! I can not...

WOW! I am now at the 45 day mark! I can not believe it! In a month and a half it will be my turn! I still can't believe I am going through with this. I have been following a lot of people on here but a couple very closely, (you probably know who you are) LOL and they have pushed me from nervous to so excited! Watching there results unfold and there day by day actions has been so helpful to me. I see that they are doing it and it doesn't look that bad. I think, I can do this. I'm gonna make it through. This can't be the worst pain I will ever endure in my life, right? LOL I sure hope not. But I guess if it is, it will be to late to turn back and I will have to push forward.

I am getting things ready and prepared. I have a lot of my supplies already that I will need after the surgery. I am getting all the clothes I plan on wearing all washed up and ready to go. Washing sheets, blankets, pillow cases that I will need to camp out on the couch as long as my body needs it. I plan on being as fully prepared as I possibly can be. I have a list of foods I will buy to have for when I get home. Getting meal ideas set in place for my hubby to eat while I'm recovering. Our son will not be here for the first 10 days so just have to worry about hubby's food. I don't want him getting take out every night. I'm sure I will not have a full appetite the first few days so I have a list of easy things for me to eat while taking meds.

Not much longer now. I plan on this month going fast. One, its a short month and two, we have family in town so we will do a few things with them. That will help pass the time. Thanks to all that have helped me so far and answered my questions and I can't wait to be on the Flat Side with you! WOOT! :)


I'm right behind you on March 22, I am so excited. Best wishes to you!!!
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and to you! :)

40 More Days and it will be my turn. This waiting...

40 More Days and it will be my turn. This waiting game is so hard. Its all I think about day in and day out. I am tired of dreaming about it. I had another one last night. It has consumed me so. I just want to be on the other side and on the road to recovery. At some moments I feel like its coming up so fast and I'm running out of time and other moments I feel like time is standing still and its never going to be March 21st.

I am continuing to purchase supplies and check things off my list as I get them. I am wondering from you vets out there. Did you buy Gauze pads? If so what size, kind? I see there is all different sizes and sticky ones and non stick ones. What do I need to purchase? Do I need to buy some type of tape for them too? Also going to post a pic of a garment I bought to wear post-op. Has anyone used this kind? If so what are your thoughts on it? I tried on the spanx high rise panty style ones and they are so hard to get on that I felt it would not work for me. Thanks for any feedback ladies.


It Will be here before you know it.
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Thanks! :) I hope so! :)
I know this is the worst part, to patiently wait. I absolutely hated it so I feel for you.

My pre-op is next Tuesday the 5th. My TT is not...

My pre-op is next Tuesday the 5th. My TT is not till the 21st. Counting down every day, hour, minute. Ugh! Hurry up already! I just want it over with! There is a lot of us coming up in March so I am looking forward to following all there journey's as we have been waiting and going nuts together! LOL Its almost all our turn girls! Here's to us all having a successful and smooth TT journey. Cheers! :)


Its coming up so fast! Let the days pass quickly!! : )
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I hope so! :)
Cheers, Its almost time....:)
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WOW! I never thought this day would come and now...

WOW! I never thought this day would come and now it has arrived! My pre-op is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. My hubby is going with me. I have my list of about 30 questions to ask and have my CG I purchased to get approval on if its ok to change to it from the binder they provide me with. This has been a constant on my mind since October 2012. I have been on this site daily taking in knowledge and learning more and more everyday. Well my hubby on the other hand is a different story. Thank goodness I have had this site to talk to people that know exactly what Iam thinking and feeling. He has not been ready to deal with it or speak about it. Well....... now that I am almost at the two weeks to go mark guess what???? Reality has set in and oh holy crap my wife is having major surgery in two weeks! That was him yesterday. lol He came to me with that! So its now just hitting him and becoming real. Well, welcome to my world. It has been "real" to me for months. lol So anywho, I am ready for tomorrow and I will update after my appt. :)


Oh bring on the paper thong and the pictures you will loathe yet make you so happy your doing this. How nice that our husband is taking an active role in all this. Mine didn't want to hear a word about it. But in the end was great support. Good luck tomorrow. Reality will most likely set in. Don't let nerves get to ya :)
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Funny how they operate isnt it. lol I will be able to wear my own underwear and bra for horrible before pics, thank goodness. lol I will update tomorrow. Thanks for the support. :)
@ Pooh, at least u get to wear your own :] I had to wear the paper ones and the darn bra thingies kept sliding up; eventually i said the hell with it and just let it all hang out, LOL... My PS is going to see it all anyways! Best of luck again, girlie!

I had my pre-op appt. today. It ran long because...

I had my pre-op appt. today. It ran long because they were very busy but overall it went great. I got all my questions answered and I feel good about things. Hubby also feels good about it. He feels confident in the PS and likes that he is very down to earth and is honest and true. He tells you like it is no sugar coating, we like that. I showed them my CG I bought at Kohl's (pic above) and they said that would be perfect for after my drain comes out I can switch from the binder they provide me with into the one I bought. So my surgery is on the 21st. I have to be there at 7:30 a.m. and surgery starts at 8:00 a.m. Should take 2 1/2 - 3 hours. Recovery is 30 - 45 minutes depending on how long I need and then they send you on your way. They are getting ready to move to new facility and did tell me that the new place will have where patients can stay overnight. How nice, I missed it by a week. LOL Anywho, I got my scripts. 3 total. Percocet, zofran, and one other forgot the name and I already dropped them off at pharmacy. Gonna run me about 130.00. Yikes but I was expecting at least $100.00. They say drain should stay in for 3-5 days approx. Hope its not longer. I will only have one. They used to use pain pumps but no longer do so. They provide binder and scar treatment strips that they will put on scar and redue and clean, change etc. for 3 months they will stay on. I dont have to purchase any of it. Yay! I bought my dial antibacterial soap to start using now. I had to buy a special soap to use the night before and morning of called hibiciens. Went over diet before and after. I must drink a ton of water day before and eat a lot of protein. Nurse told me to eat dinner later than I normally would to get my metabolism going and help with anesthetic during surgery. For after surgery my diet will consist of toast, jello, applesauce, fruit smoothies, protein bars, protein shakes, dry cereal, crackers, water. Well, I think that is the bulk of it. What to do from here. Clean, Clean, Clean, laundry, get son ready to spend 10 days at Grandma's house, get house prepped for when I come home, meals for hubby, bills paid, and all in order. 2 weeks! Can't wait! I will be on the flat side soon, real soon. :)


Your day is coming soon!!!!!
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yes very soon! Not much longer now! I'm ready! Hope you are doing well. :)
Getting so close to your day and you have a bunch of ladies tracking your progress so keep us up to date :-)
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I can not believe it, its finally here! Its my...

I can not believe it, its finally here! Its my turn! In 22 hours, 18 minutes I will be getting my TT on! WOOT! I have been very busy prepping and getting everything ready. My son is going to Grandma's for 10 days so he is packed and ready to go. My house is clean and all laundry done. My bin of goodies is ready and all my bedding for camping on the couch till who knows when. I am so ready for this! I am excited today! I have a extra special TT sister, you know who you are. I could not have done this without you. You have helped me so much you don't even know. Because of you, I am ok to do this. Thank you for all your support and help through this. I know we will continue this journey together and be two totally hot TT sisters a year from now! I will see you all on the flat side sisters! :)


Poohdora!!! How are you doing?
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Can't wait for an update. Pray all is well with you....
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Hope you are doing good?
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PO Day 16 now. I'm sorry I have been MIA. I am...

PO Day 16 now.
I'm sorry I have been MIA. I am on the flat side. The first few days were hell for me. I was very sick. Every time I ate, moved, got up, I puked. It was awful. I had to get my meds changed from Percocet to Vicoden. That seemed to help. I also was prescribed nausea pills. Those made me so tired, I couldn't hold my head up. I didn't eat much in the beginning. I had to force myself to eat to take meds. It was not fun. I was taking meds around the clock every 3-4 hours. On PO Day 5. I woke up and was fine. I got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and bam, I hit a wall! I was down for the whole day. I was getting hot and cold flashes all day. I thought maybe it had something to do with the meds. It was a very bad day. I cried, why did I do this! I couldn't stand the way I felt. I started backing down the pain meds. I figured it had something to do with it. When I started out I was taking 2 pills every 3-4 hours. Backed it down to 1 pill. Then starting taking just a half of a pill. Day 5 and 6 I took a half every 12 hours. Day 7, I was done taking meds altogether. I now just take Tylenol. I slept out on my couch for the first 9 days. I have been back in my own bed now since day 10. I have a pillow between my legs and can sleep fine. Luckily through all of this, I have never had a problem sleeping. I have broke down a couple times and cried and just wanted to be normal again. Since about day 9, I have really turned a corner. I have had good days since then. I can tell I'm getting stronger everyday. I can get around very well. I was never hunched over. I was never in any pain. If I wasn't so sick in the beginning this would have gone beautifully. I'm doing very well now. The swelling has gone way down since day 1. I have lost 4.5 pounds since TT Day. I am very pleased with my results to this point. I know it will continue to get better. I will post some pics. Again, I'm very sorry I did not post sooner. I have not been on here and just taking care of me.


So glad to hear from you .. So sorry you have felt so bad .. Love your new tummy.. Looking great.. Still take it easy
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Thank you :)
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