7 Days Post-op TT - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I finally did it. I'm happy with the scar but...

I finally did it. I'm happy with the scar but scared because I'm so swollen. I was fine until day 6 during check up I took off girdle for a few hrs, till I got home. I regret that. I know swelling is normal but it feels scary. Had lipo on arms too. Otherwise I feel good and can't wait for recovery to be over. Drinking lots of water, and following docs order. Any suggestions? reassurances?

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I apologize for the improper intro. I'm 45,...

I apologize for the improper intro. I'm 45, married 25 yrs w/ 4 grown children. I've been exercising & watching what I eat for yrs. Lost several inches on waist & thighs, was happy until I realize my middle jiggled & moved (yuck!)Had a trainer at the gym & all which made me stronger. I'm fit & solid but didn't like the jiggle in the middle and so I decided to do something for me. Swelling is down a bit & I'm looking ahead. (big smile)

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Just to add, the staff & nurse of Dr.L is awesome....

Just to add, the staff & nurse of Dr.L is awesome. Like family. All smiles, and most important shows the most patience regarding phone calls, questions and playing phone tag. My nurse is awesome; Ms. K. So looking forward to the end results.


Hi there! I'm in Miami, FL and I'm having a TT, MR and Lipo to flanks w/Fat grafting to Butt on Mar 30. I'm soooo nervous about waking up with pain. I've tried to imagine what the pain will feel like and can't. So scared it won't be tolerable. I'm very sensitive to pills and I'm afraid the pain meds will make me puke.
So glad you're happy with your results. I'm 50, very active, and thin everywhere but my belly after 2 c-sections. I've been holding my tummy in for at last 21 years (my youngest son) and I'm tired of it. And after 40, even a 5lb weight gain goes straight to my belly. I hate it and I've excited to get rid of it. I know that everyone's pain tolerance is different and I'm hoping mine will be okay with the meds (and that they dont get me sick).

Enjoy your new bod :)
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Hi! I wondered about the pain too. I had 3 C-sections so the day of & the day after felt like that to me. You just reminded me; I forgot I used to hold in my belly too. Not anymore. As for the pain meds; check with the nurse to see if you should sip water or have crackers. I sipped water, nibbled on dry toast & kept the bucket nearby, but after the 1st day the nausea left. I never got sick. Think positive thoughts only. I wish you success & a speedy recovery. =)
Hey! Jiggle in the middle he he I like that! Howz your swelling now? Ummm. . I dont really have much advice cuz I am due for my TT on Apr 4 but what about sodium intake? Are you avoiding it cuz that'll make ya swell up for sure. I understand that eating "whole" foods after surgery can help you to heal quicker (meaning unprocessed foods) Hope your well and happy healing :-)
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I read somewhere that after healing from TT, you...

I read somewhere that after healing from TT, you can put a small marble in the belly button to open it up. Does anyone remember reading this? Replies appreciated.
It's 12 days Post-op; feeling better. I drove to the store. I can't wait to be able to pick up things off the floor. I can't wait to get back to my normal rountines. I realize every one's results vary. I'm happy but I won't be doing this again. Ready to grow old gracefully


Glad to hear you are doing well.  Hang in there and be a good patient :)
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You probably feel miserable because you are so fatigued by the end of the day too. Hopefully the swelling will get better each day :)
My recovery is going as well as can be expected. Not too much swelling but get fatigued quickly and am short of breath. I think my tummy is so tight my diaphragm is still getting used to trying to expand!!! I also struggle with any turning movements because where the muscle has been repaired is quite tender. I usually would be exercising hard daily and at the moment a walk to the end of my street is exhausting! Everything is temporary though so I know it will get easier day by day- baby steps !
Keep your chin up and I bet that swelling will get better really soon :)
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Ok checked out the site- {edited} then click on "road to recovery " the "marble trick" is listed here.

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It's been 6 wks. I feel very good. Walking,...

It's been 6 wks. I feel very good. Walking, drinking lots of water and resting when my body tells me to. I look in the mirror every time and can't believe that's me. My hubby has become my stalker; he's amazed. I feel good; still swollen at the end of the day though. Can't wait to hit the gym, but for now I'm content with walking. I'm finally freee of the garment/girdle, sleeping on sides now (feels wierd) :)

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Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso

Board certified plastic surgeon. Many yrs. experience in various plastic surgeries. No complaints regarding his practicing. Very patient with my questions & concerns. I felt he really cared about me. Awesome staff. wonderful nurse; Ms. K!

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