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Bye Bye Muffin Top! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ok here goes.....I'm 32 a mother of 3 girls. I've...

Ok here goes.....I'm 32 a mother of 3 girls. I've pretty much achieved most of my goals expect for the tummy tuck!!!! I knew after my first child I wanted one done!!! ..... stretch mark hell from then on but was able to regain back to my normal size . Baby #2 and 3 was not kind to my body!! I decided that if my last wasn't gonna be a boy then I was done having more children. I'm so nervous I'm sch one week from today to have my surgery. I know that somewhere under the rolls and bulging fat that there's a
beautiful body just waiting to make a come back!!! Lol ....wish
me luck!!

Ok going in today for my blood work I'm a out of...

Ok going in today for my blood work I'm a out of town patient so I had to get my labs done in Jacksonville....I go for my pre OP on the 23 I hope all goes well.......I'm so nervous...

I was told by my doctor that I needed an extended...

I was told by my doctor that I needed an extended tt...with lipo and upper flanks has anyone had the extended tt done , I can't tell the difference besides the incision being longer????.....

Well it's travel day!!!! I'm five hours away from...

Well it's travel day!!!! I'm five hours away from the doctors office so I will be vacationing in fort Lauderdale for awhile. My pre OP is first thing tomorrow morning after that me and my family plan on having a blast before I go down on Monday. My mother who is full of life my three girls and boyfriend will be here for support I so appreciate them being here it's spring break for the kids so instead of keeping them out of school I felt like this would be a great time. It's gonna be slow season soon I'm a hair stylist and I didn't want to spend the summer recovering as I need to be there for my clients and business....I hope this recovering doesn't take to long....I've never taken this much time off but glad I have an understanding staff. Well it's been a busy week and I haven't even packed the first pair of socks lol..I gots to do better !!! I'll talk about my pre OP tomorrow...prey for me as I journey my way to a new me!!!!

We had a safe travel the weather is perfect the...

We had a safe travel the weather is perfect the hotel has been great and comfortable my pre op went very well yesterday my nurse explained all the dos and donts and i had to point out the fact that my bra rolls and lower flanks were included because for some reason it wasnt on the print out.......um say what now"!!!!! So i told her to make sure she review the dr notes because there was no way i was gonna do the surgery without it...otherwise there needs to be an anjustment in price....then all of a sudden the dr.notes appeared ......and then i exhaled!!!!! my backside is so rollie and having the lipo combined with the tt would only complete my look so it was extremely important that we were all on the same page. All and all yesterday was great i spent time with my family we had a blast at the beach its spring break here so it was kind of wild ,i only wish that i was able to sport my two piece like the other chics.....watch out spring break 2014!!!!!!

Not sure what happen to my post right before I...

Not sure what happen to my post right before I went under but I wasn't pleased with how long it took them they called me in early round 11 when I was set to be there at 1 but surgery didn't start until after 5 on.....ugh....it was freezing in there they gave me my meds and I was out...it felt like I was only sleep for 20 min I had no idea I had have surgery not to mention the pain ...u was pissed and still cold....they had a on site pharmacists there and my scripts were not filled I was the last patient so I guess they were ready to go all I remember was waking up in the hotel room hollering and screaming for meds....omg how dare they dismiss me without them my boyfriend and Mom had no clue that there was a 24 hours Walgreen down the street.....poor guy ....he looked on line and went and got them filled it was 4 am or so.....after the meds kick in I've been ok ....to my surprise the lipo hurts the worst...even with all the meds it still hurts but damn I look good!!!!!! Dr. Omulepu did his thing ...when I went in the next day for my follow up I was in tears when I saw my tummy for the first time I couldn't believe it was me .....it was so surreal!!!..... I'm just at the point to where I felt ok to blog....the first 4 to 5 days is no joke....ladies if u can please don't forget to try to walk at least 2 to 3 times a day down the hallway or back and forth round the house...the meds will cripple u ...u need that circulation to prevent blood clotting no matter how bad it hurts u can do it....also I don't know what I would've done without the support of my Mom kids and boyfriend they are all awesome....I've been moody and they have been so good to me the valume has really helped with that.....well tomorrow I go for my third visit and hopefully the Doc will remove my drains and release me to travel back to Jacksonville.....crossing my fingers this damn hotel has me a 1000 in the hole ...time to get the hell out of broward county!!!! I will post pics soon everyone please stay encouraged!!!!!

Ok today I was released from the doctor to go back...

Ok today I was released from the doctor to go back home.....DUVAL!!!!! I must admit I love it down south but nothing is like being in the comfort of your own home.....taking those drains out kind of hurts but thank goodness my tummy is still numb...getting better day by day....but mentally im a mess not sure why I go into depression mood.....now that im back home I still have to depend on others for help my mom has to go back to work I still can't walk too great ,back hurts all the time and the indigestion is a nightmare....has any one had shortness of breath I find it better when I just don't talk....and I gotta figure out another pain method cuz I find myself relying on them to much....im just trying to stay focus so I can get back to beautifying my clients.....this trip has left me 4.20 in the bank lol....but I know God will make a way he always does.....well back to reality!!!! Here's a pic I've posted it's the best I can do for now until I get my strength back.....and to all the ladies whose healing have a safe recovery!!!!

Damn does the indigestion ever end ugh!!!!!! I...

Damn does the indigestion ever end ugh!!!!!! I sound like a animal....no matter what I take I still have it

Wow.....this recovery has been hell on wheels ...

Wow.....this recovery has been hell on wheels just got admitted into the hospital.....I kept feeling shortness of breath and chess pain....everyone just ignored me...I know my body......yesterday I notice my incision was bleeding and pussing.....so I try to clean it off.....after all the pain I just couldn't take it any more I drove myself to the hospital check myself in come to find out I have a blood clot on my lungs and an infection Awww really......I knew something was wrong but my family kept saying I was being a drama queen.....now I'm stuck in the hospital for the next few days.....damn I know there complications and risk in any surgery but why me.....I just wish I felt as good as I look....no boob job for me I'm done with it......after all it's already done....I just don't think my body handled this too well I've never had surgery before and this is the first time I've ever been hospitalized......I'm sad....I just can't wait to feel normal again.....calling my PS now!

Yayyyyyy just got the ok from the doctor that I...

Yayyyyyy just got the ok from the doctor that I can get the heck out of here now don't get me wrong they put me in a great room with ocean views hell I even seen the dolphins today (must have been a sign) but I'm ready to get home to my family.....gotta meet with my pcp wed than my PS Fri...oh boy hope all goes well...I don't need no more bad news!!! I'm just glad I saved myself .... levels are good enough to leave so I'm just gonna take it easy....I view life so different now....can't take it for granted......do your research asks questions if it don't feel right it probably isn't.....I still look good but the price of life wasn't worth it......maybe a year from now I will feel different but right now I just wanna enjoy life not risk it!!!.....

Just came back from ft Lauderdale everything went...

Just came back from ft Lauderdale everything went well they had to get all the remaining fluid from wear my drains were......other than that they explain how lucky I am to be alive and how great I look....even show me some of my old before pics lol I wanted to gag....can't believe I use to look like that !!! Sch to go back in a month healing nicely and taking my blood thinners.....prey for me ladies as I continue to heal....thanks for listening!!

Going back to work Thurs I hope I can get through...

Going back to work Thurs I hope I can get through the day....swell hell right now can't wait to feel normal again

Feeling like a hot air ballon

Feeling like a hot air ballon

This swelling has got to go!!!!

This swelling has got to go!!!!

Work has been kicking my ass!!! I swear my...

Work has been kicking my ass!!! I swear my favorite time of the day is when work is over, in the morning im flat when i get home swollen, jeezzz!! its been day three since ive started walking yesterday not sure what i was thinking ,but i forgot to put on my binder and could barely do a mile.......lol i literally was walking in slow motion !! Although im beat in the evenings i sleep better after i walk plus i feel like i still have to circulate my blood so i wont clot up again......i cant wait till this weird feeling go away, its been six weeks so far go back to my ps on the 25.... yes mam memorial day weekend!!!! I will be hitting the beach but im gonna take it easy. Well its off to work again so glad my asst is coming in today to help see all u flat queens later!!!,,,,,,,,

bye bye muffin top

Week 9 has been much kinder to me.... It's been hard but I must say I've overcome alot mentally and physically....I now can see what everyone been talking bout...when u go from having a big belly then wake up the next day it's gone it seems to good to be true! I cry now but it's tears of joy , although I've been through alot with this surgery I certainly don't regret it!! I'm posting some pics today to show off my progression!!! Happy healing everyone and thanks for reading my story!!!

just felt like showing off!!!!!!

Just felt like posting pics!!!!!

6 month reveiw and going strong

Hello ladies just stopping by for a brief update so far so good been keeping my PE intact eating well and I walk 4 to 5 times a week ,walks on the beach feels great these days !!! Ha ha!!!! Hope everyone is doing well
dr ozak omulepu


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You look good chile, I love the bb its perfect
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You look awesome!
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@vee thank u
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You looking good girlll!!! I hear ya who cares for a few stretch marks right!!! Rock it hunny!
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@girl2....lol exactly.....thank u so much
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hello! i am so happy i found your review! i also had a bbl from dr. omulepu last June 26th 2012, exactly a year ago. i am now scheduled for a round 2 with Dr. Salama! Please let me know how you feel with your overall results?
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I heard he wasn't to great with bbl....but one of my home girl who lives here in jax had it done and she had to get hers redone as well, I feel that's a surgery that's a specialty....omg so inbox me with your experience there. ...smh...btw sorry bout the late reply I haven't been on here as much
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Great progress so far. I'm only 2 month post op and my lower tummy is swollen:(. Enjoy your progress.
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you look great, in your side pic you look flat as a board, show off those pic and ab girl!!!
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Thank you hun
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Wow, you look amazing!!! :-)
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You look fab girl!! Happy healing!!
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Thanks ,!!!!cant wait to feel normal
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So have u went back to work. How is your pain and swelling
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You look fabulous!!!!
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You look amazing in your bikini pic, you were right there certainly was a beautiful body waiting to get out!! :)
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Awww thanks nennie!!!!
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You look great! I feel so puffy too but don't look it, it's a really weird feeling.
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I know right I feel weird if I take off my binder.....it's like carrying tons especially in my back where I had lipo.......ugh!!!!!
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So how soon were you able to drive?
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Lol I just started like last week my mom been driving me but normally in two weeks u should fine!!!
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@finallydoingme 2013 yes I'm feeling much better somedays good somedays bad I just keep pushing....thank u so much!!
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Hi, I'm glad you are feeling better; good thing you know your body and did not ignore the symptoms.... and you look amazing! Congratulations and continued happy healing.
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You look great!
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You look amazing but most importantly I'm pleased your well. Hope it goes well with work :)
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