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This picture is with no makeup and I'm tired, but...

This picture is with no makeup and I'm tired, but I feel it's a pretty accurate representation of what I look like. As you can see, I have an adult acne problem; I've been battling this for the past five years. I believe all the topicals and oral medications that I have tried have caused premature aging. Other than my skin issue, I am interested in getting a nose job - my nose is super crooked! Now, what do you think about my eyes? I've been thinking to get an eye lift at the same time of the nose job. Not sure.

i loved the pictures!! i did, but then some things i didn't like ... a) even though i paid $100, i couldn't get a copy of the pictures b) was told no sunglasses or working out for 6 weeks after surgery ... is that routine? i'm a teacher and was hoping if i go ahead with it to do it in june, but i live in florida ... i need my sunglasses!! and, i've been dreaming about spending a good amount of my summer in the gym ... i guess i could walk?? if nothing else ... the cost is $6,782 ... seems a little high and $700 for botox (i think they said 50 something or other)
hi, sorry for not writing earlier - had computer issues. so, i met with dr. ryan green in weston and he was wonderful ... i'm going back on april 17th to get digital photos done to show what my nose could potentially look like ... i'm excited to see that : ) he said that i have 2 bumps on my nose and it will have to be broken to get the ideal results. he said botox would be great for me and restylane would be good for the hallow look under my eyes - i think i'm going to give botox a try, but skip the restylane - too many scary reviews online ... he mentioned some options for my skin, such as laser and a peel ... just wanted to give you all an update ... i'll let you know what i think after i see the pictures on april 17th
Hi! I've also struggled with acne as well. I have found that my acne was worse when I was not taking birth control pills. Also, I recently bought a clairisonic brush and it REALLY, really, helps. My breakouts have improved so much... It is supposed to exfoliate your skin really well. Mine looks so much better immediately after using it. I use the cleanser that came with it & I also use St. Ives apricot scrub.. I alternate them. Also, my dermatologist gave me Adapalene gel to put on my face. I've noticed a big difference with it also (makes my skin much smoother). It is the first gel Ive ever gotten from a dermatologist that actually works! If I put it on at night I notice the results the following morning, my skin looks so much tighter, and smooth. It is very good for drying if you are prone to oiliness. Good luck. :) I am also planning on having a rhinoplasty done in 2 months.. I can't really tell much about your nose from the front, it looks fine. How is your profile? I have a horrible hump, but you can really only tell from any side/angled views. Your eyes look fine, i wouldn't change them. I think you could do great things with makeup, I would schedule a few consultations at MAC or some other makeup locations you are close too, let them play around with some different looks. Finding cute, new makeup is always good for boosting confidence. :) Plus, foundations with good coverage are excellent for covering up scars (I have some too). If your acne is an absolutely terrible problem, I would consider accutane as a last result. Everyone I've known to have it has beautiful skin now. But it is a very serious treatment with several dangerous potential side effects.. I know they have to monitor your liver enzymes and you have to watch sun exposure carefully. Good luck with whatever you decide to pursue!
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