Oct 16 Last Year - Had Upper/lower Surgery - Always Inflamed Now - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I'm going in for revision - but not allowing...

I'm going in for revision - but not allowing them to touch my eyes. My eyes are wrecked. It's like I now have an allergy or something which makes the upper and mostly the lower lids brightly red and inflamed - especially if I exercise or when I wash my face. "water/moisture"? What's this about?? Great - and very attractive! My left eyes is always crying out in distress - what have I done. Suggestion - never, never, never have any work done on your eyes!!! Anything can happen. Actually, I was told by a couple of doctors that they'd seen worse. Comforting. Don't have extra money to pursue corrections. What they'll do now, is just tighten my facelift, which will pull the eyes up at the corners, that are pulling down, which will give me some relief. My prayer is that they don't overdo it, because I really don't want to be one of "those" that people can tell had work done. Right now, it's pretty natural, cause it's hard to tell they did anything. They we're pretty conservative. I know this doctor can do a good job - I no longer expect perfection - now I know when flesh is involved, each heals differently, and there are no guarantees. It's risky period. I want the tightening - I believe it will help my eyes - but a revision for my eyes I can't do, because that's where real problems come in from what I've learned. Also, can anyone tell me about lip augmentation "fascia"? Thanks.


Would you please share the doctors name with us? It lets those of us considering surgery be more informed, I hope you revision is more successful (canthoplasty). Thanks
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I fully agree with leaving the eyes alone. One of
mine is cut too high, with drooping and the other
has a ridge. I will probably not have them revised.
Facelifts look tighter at first due to the swelling
which leaves some loose skin when it subsides. Good
luck. Looking old is not bad, consider this, would
you offer your g'ma or mother a facelift? Wrinkles can be very interesting and full of character, but society has brain washed us into wishing for an impossible eternal youth. Good luck again.
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my left eyes is too high-eye lid turns up & gets are the air, etc. feels like I don't have a lid-must keep it typed down, but that gets miserable. The right eye was cut wrong with real bumps. It pulls down where he took a horazonal skin pulling the eye lid tight and smaller with a droppy eye lid. He cut into the sides of the noise pulling across the bridge and tightened the crease. I know I need a skin graft, bout haven't found anyone I trust to do it as they won't look at the droppy right eye. Some people inherit a droopy lid with interfers with vision and really ages some. But I have found these MD's are after the baby boomers and their money. I have friends (men & women( who had beautiful surgery, but that MD passed away some time ago. After seeing the good ones, it is so hard to accept being deceived. I can't stand the tape anymore - so sick because the don't look bad, but they do not function - big problem. I had a bad allergy after surgery-red and blew up from ointment. My 9 yr old grandson couldn't look at me w/o my sun glasses. I am so scared to have a revision and as yet can't find a surgeon. Been to Cleveland Clinic and Columbus - no luck. I thing they just don't want to be bothered or can't do it. Keep us advised of your revision surgery and your plastic surgeon.

Plugs - today I went to an ocuoplastic surgeon and...

plugs - today I went to an ocuoplastic surgeon and he told me it was common to have serious dry eye after a blepharoplasty - so he put in plugs! He said the important thing was to stablize me and that down the road permanent plugs could be inserted. Who would have thought? I was ready to rip my eyes out of my head! Now I have some relief - first time in over a year. I was already to have a 2nd surgery in desperation. Just thought I'd keep you informed - hope this info can help maybe one person.

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Serious problems with eyes - can't function - no...

Serious problems with eyes - can't function - no relief - where can I go? What can I do? Just had 3 month plugs put in 2 days ago. Won't commit suicide, but wish I was dead. Hope others are getting help out there. My heart feels for you. Got a good deal for my surgery - you definitely get what you pay for, at least I did. No bargain! And I'm still paying - got $3,300 more to go on CareCredit. What a shame. What a sham. Now, if I can get it fixed??? Where's the money going to come from??? Went for the deal, because I'm not rich. I just know I can't live like this. I can't work right now. My lids are throbbing. My eyes are excessively dry. It's been 14 months since the surgery. Any advice?


i am sorry to hear of all your problems and very angry about all MD's being allowed to perform plastic surgery w/o any responsibility regarding the outcome. My eye lids turn up- not sure why, but too much skin was taken. 2-1/2 yrs now and I know the feeling of wanting to end it all. So tired of all this. I am tired of hearing that I have dry eye-it is a cop-out for what is really wrong. Has anyone tried the eye institutes or universities. We need to complain to the right people and call attention to this very extensive problem.
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I'm very sorry for your condition. I'm suicidal - I can't live like this. I feel like my eyes are being destroyed. Thank you for the info. Tried restasis for about 4 weeks - didn't help at all - then I heard it takes months to work - in the interim I didn't have the patience with my eyes and lids being inflamed, I just stopped it. I guess it's common to have results like mine after a blethpharoplasty - however, not enough doctors who can really fix it surgically, if at all. It's very risky - so they get you into this mess, and then there's really very little after your in the mess that can be done to help you, if God forbid you should be one of those people it happened to. Is this a right thing? Should they continue to do this kind of surgery knowing this could be the outcome on anyone. Is it worth the risk, knowing that they could devestate the life of just one person? And this a "common result" from this type of procedure. Anyone, I hope you will continue to find the right solutions for your problem. I haven't heart about Kote. I'll check it out. My problems is that nothing works. I'm now putting in nighttime ointment every hour. Take care.
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Yes, my doctor informed me that Restasis can take up to one year for some to see results. The Fresh Kote does seem to work better than Systane which is what I was using prior to and then with Restasis. Has your doctor prescribed anti inflammatory Rx by mouth in conjuction with eye drops and ointments? I know your are stronger than suicide. Hang in there. It is sad that some doctors are performing surgery without the proper skills, its about the dollar. The turly skilled is one who knows his/her limitation or skill set and acts accordingly. I hope and pray that you will find some success with your revision. Best Wishes.

First off, I want to mention that I had gone to...

First off, I want to mention that I had gone to Strax in Lauderhill, and had a face lift Oct 2010 with Dr.Jeffrey Keim. I am putting this info out so that people can be forewarned that some doctors have a high standard, and some don't. Some aren't as good as others. My facelift with him was a tremendous disappointment. My eyes were in terrible pain and looked bad up until last week, some 17 months later when I chose to go with a different plastic surgeon. What a difference!!! I could have gone back to Strax for a revision, but my results were so terrible, and my eyes so agonizing I just couldn't risk it. Thank God I found Dr. Timothy Alexander at the South Florida Center next to the Galleria on Oakland. My surgery was on the 16th of this month (May) He's an artist and knows his stuff. I already look pretty, and I still have my staples in, and my face is still somewhat swollen. Strax was unwilling to give me a refund of any sort - only offered to "fix" the problem areas. Couldn't see putting myself through another seriously inadequate and potentially damaging job. The fact that when I tried to dispute my charges with Strax, and they were unwilling to yield at all, makes me want to notify others of my experience with them, so you won't have to go through what I have. Their review board went over my pictures and said that my facelift was about a 6, and acceptable in their books. Okay, perhaps not the best one, but within their standards of acceptability. What an amazingly low standard they have. So my warning is - stay away from Strax. I still owe my credit card $3,000. to pay off the remainder of my balance to them. No one could pay me for all my unhappiness, discomfort, pain and depression I've gone through, just by going to Strax. They promise satisfaction guaranteed. Try to call them on it. They're untouchable. They will win.

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He's a nice man - has good credentials. I believe no one should ever touch your eyes, no matter that they're board certified, unless they are occuplastic surgeons. Even then, there's no guarantee. It's risky. My eyes aren't okay. They have scars at each end and are pulling down on the corners. I know he did his best. I guess you get what you pay for mostly. The chief surgeon has taken over my case and will be doing the revision. I have confidence in him. I'm still scared - the pain really hurts for a long time. Emotionally it's devestating while you agonize whether you've made a mistake or not. However, people that see me now, think I look pretty good. We're always more critical of ourselves than others. But, there is room for improvement in my opinion, which is why I want the revision of the facelift - because it could have been better - I just pray it's not overdone - then I'll have to live with that decision. That's the hard part. When we do it to ourselves - and why? For vanity's sake. Old is old. Why fight it? Why do we hate old? Cause it's not pretty. Is phony pretty? Have a good day and be very careful!!! Eyes - don't mess with them!!!

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