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I am 63 years old and was unhappy with how fat had...

I am 63 years old and was unhappy with how fat had transferred to unattractive places in my body. Also, over the years my formerly nice butt had lost volume. Overall I am in excellent health, no health Also Juvaderm upper and lower lip line. No health issues and my skin fairly elastic for my age, but some cellulite in fat areas. I had lipo in my inner and outer thighs, abs, back and flanks and a brazilian butt lift. I am 4 days out from surgery, and sore, black and blue. Very swollen. The hardest part of this is not being able to sit down for 2-3 weeks.

My suggestions to all who have this surgery:

1. BE PATIENT! Swelling will last for at least two weeks or more, final results will not be seen for several months.

2. Get your recovery area ready with lots of fluffy pillows (I have 5 down pillows), and a long body pillow. I found a comfortable way to lie on my stomach, straddling the body pillow with the other pillows around my head and shoulders.

3. Begin drinking prune juice the minute you feel up to taking liquids. Constipation is a side effect of the pain meds, and very uncomfortable with everything else going on with your recovery. My doctor's office recommended Colace and suppositories but they didn't work.

4. Make yourself get up and walk around as soon as possible, even if just a stroll in the back yard. It really helps with circulation and recovery. But, don't overdue.

5. Religiously wear your compression garmet. The satisfaction you have with the resuls will depend on how carefully you follow the doctor's orders. I'll check back in with an update in a week or so.

Day 6 and still swollen and sore. Bruising has...

Day 6 and still swollen and sore. Bruising has subsided somewhat. Not sure if it was helped by the SinEcch Arnica treatment, but at least I am not purple anymore.

has not a website with a photo galery. I do not know if I would trust to a plastic surgent who can not afford a website....

oh wow glad to hear that please keep me update! when you find out how many cc's please let me know also which parts of your body where the fat taken from?? and how are you doing so far? haha
Don't know how many CC's were used in BBL, but I can see a nice little bubble butt forming. Still sore, swollen and bruised 2+ weeks out, but I can definately see a difference already. Dr Pinnella said I was progressing well and need to be patient. Biggest issues I have had are constipation due to pain meds(which I stopped taking on day 3) and lack of an appetite and thus low energy, which makes it hard for me to want to start light exercise and walking, which, of course, helps you stay regular. It is difficult to go through the day avoiding sitting down, but it is definately doable.

3 months out. Fantastic results. Many compliments....

3 months out. Fantastic results. Many compliments. Wearing clothes I never would have considered before (skinny leggings) Have no complaints.

a few years later how do u look ?? have u lost ya butt any
I thought he was Good but turned out to be a waist of money really smh he don't even inject the fat from behind like its pose to be done. Wat u see on they website is wat u get sad they shouldn't do ppl like that.
How long of a time do you have to cancel and want ur money back dont they give a time limit how dose that work?
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Well run and organized office, although you need to be proactive as the process proceeds up to surgery, as I had a retest that was needed (high potassium), and didn't find out until I called 4 days before surgery to make sure all paperwork was in order. Dr. has been practicing for over 30 years, and is a well-respected PS in South florida.

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