6 weeks update! (Tummy Tuck with MR and Lipo on Flanks, Back, and Chin/neck - North, TX)

Hello Realself world! I'm having my surgery...

Hello Realself world! I'm having my surgery tomorrow morning (omg!!)! I will take pics tonight. I'm 5'3 1/2, weigh 144, and am 39 years old. I have an 8 and 6 yr old. My son was a big boy (9.6) and stretched me out a bit. It's not terrible, but I'm not happy with it and never have been. Even before kids I always had a flabby tummy. I'm nervous about the lipo. I keep reading how painful it is, but I'm excited and ready to get this journey started.


Happy healing and can't wait to see your pics !
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Hope all is well. Happy healing
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Happy healing.
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Geez! This pain is no joke and I even have a pain pump. The chin doesn't seem to bother me as much as the MR and lipo on flanks and back. I'm pretty drugged up right now so I'm going to keep this short. I'm scared to look at incision. I'll post pics once I get a chance. In the meantime here's a few of before tummy and chin/neck. My neck looks a little cray cray.


Please let me know how the pain pump works out for you.. I will be getting one too. When you take pics can you take a pic of the pain pump? Thanks hon!
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A couple of more pics

It's only been 3 days and I think it's gotten a little easier as each day passes. I'm staying on top of my meds, but hope to ween off them in a day or 2.


Your incision is fantastic! Best one I've seen yet :))
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Aww thanks. That makes me feel really good. I think it's too early to tell yet, but I'm def digging the belly button. It's not too small or too big.
Glad to hear that it's getting easier day by day. Your incision looks great! So is that the pain pump coming out of your incision or your drain?
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Almost shower time

My pain pump is out now so I've been cleared to shower, but I'm nervous about water touching incision.
I've been sleeping in my bed for the last 2 nights. The recliner is not comfortable to me. I'm also starting to itch around lipo areas. I'll post more pics if and when I shower. Thanks for the comments everyone! So glad I found this site.


The incision freaks me out the most and I told the PS that. He assured me that it will look awesome. I've seen hundreds. Yours is one of the very best. About your BB .... Did you put a marble in it for a spacer? I read that on here that people do that.
All I have is a piece of gauze over bb. I looked at many before after bb pics that my ps had on his website. He also did a few of my friends tt's so I knew I was in good hands. Good luck to you and feel free to ask any questions. I think my Valium is hitting me as I type. Goodnight. :)

Finally showered

It was so exhausting that I didn't even wash hair. I'm so thankful I bought a shower chair. Maybe if I stayed on top of my meds it would've been easier. The last time I took anything was at 8am. I'm hurting everywhere, but water running down incision wasn't a big deal at all. Oh, can I just say that my travel head pillow is my BFF? ;)

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I know there's going to be ups and downs, but I'm pretty happy right now. I go see my ps tomorrow. Maybe I'll get my drain out, but if not that's ok. I know he'll do what's best. Happy healing to all!


You look great for 1 wk post. You don't even look swollen and your BB is perfect.
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Thank you. I wish I felt like I wasn't swollen.
Looking good!!!!
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So I feel so swollen today

I made the mistake of trying on my jeans and there's no way I could even zip them up. Guess I'll be wearing sweats/yoga pants for a while. This cg is no joke either. I can't breathe in it. I wish I had just a binder. It's so tight I can't stand it. I'm not sure how I'm suppose to wear this for 6 weeks! I went to my sons tball game and then out to eat after. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the way home. It's now 10:15 and I'm wide awake. Guess I'll be snooping everyone's profile for the next few hours. ;). Oh went to see ps yesterday and they want me to keep drain in until next week. Fine with me. I don't want to have anything to do with seroma.


I am 9 weeks PO and there are still a couple of skinny jeans that I can't fit due to swelling. I still wear a cg at night because now I just feel better with it than without it! Patience is a virtue that I wish I had.... :) Be strong and know that you look amazing!!!!!
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thank you very much!
Wow! Lookin' fabulous!
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Drain is dead!

Got that dang drain out today. What a relief not to have to carry that bulb of grossness around anymore. Of course I still have to wear the cg 24/7 for the next 2 weeks and then for 12 hrs after that for 4 weeks. This is doable. Showering is still the most exhausting thing I have to do. Thank God I purchased a shower chair and we have the detachable hose. I'm occasionally still taking meds. Valium before bed and mainly Advil during the day. Don't take the hydrocodone (sp?) very much since it backs me up. Anywho, that's all I got. Goodnight.

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Here's a current pic I took today. I'm thrilled and can't wait to see the final result. :-)


Wow, amazing! Love your BB!!
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Thank you! Loving it too!

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op tomorrow. I still tell everyone it gets better each day, but still very tiring. I went to target alone today and that completely wore me out. Had to leave most of the groceries in trunk for the hubs to put away. I'm still loving belly. Thought I'd post a pick of scar that I took last night. Of course there's still swelling and I just had a bean burrito. My diet has been terrible!!! And Halloween didn't help. I passed out candy with the hubs and hired a sitter to take kids trick or treating. We all had a great time except that I ate way too much candy and had 2 beers. Bad idea!!! I was so uncomfortable. I tried having some drinks again Sat night and again I was in pain. So very bloated. No alcohol for a while, I hope.

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I keep forgetting to mention the Chin/neck, flanks, and back lipo. I'm def happy with it all. What a difference. There's one area on back that really hurts at times if I stretch arm up to high. It's all still sore but not like that one place. Under chin still feels strange. Oh and stupid chin strap is messing with my tmj. So I'm waking up with jaw pain. Anyway, that's all. :)


You look really great! Looking forward to see how my belly continues to transform into that flat belly!!
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thank you so much!
You look fabulous! Especially for being only 3 weeks PO...wow! Just take it easy and don't push too hard:)
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I'm so over the swelling and it's only been about a month. I know I have a long way to go, but I really hope it gets better each week. I remember before surgery reading everyone talking about this swell hell and I'm so there. I'm also surprised how I'm still walking like a granny at times. Going to see my ps tomorrow so I'm sure I'll post about that tomorrow. Perhaps some new pics too.


You look awesome!!
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6 weeks today!

Things are up and down with me. This week was better than last week. It seems to be better when I don't over do it, imagine that?! ;-). I've been using silicone tape since week 4. I'm only suppose to use them for 8 weeks. My PS told me I don't need to use anything after that. I suppose I'll use the bio oil since I have an unused bottle. My scar is very flat, but still a little dark and red. I think the silicone sheets are making it red. My hips, bb, and incision area still numb, but that doesn't really bother me. Sneezing still sucks! Apparently I can start working out again as of today. I may start some walking next week. I'm going to take baby steps. I still haven't stepped on the scale. I'm just too swollen and don't want to be disappointed. I guess that's all for now.


Thank you!!

Some brighter pics

Brighter pics :). Please excuse messiness.


Looking fabulous!! I hope mine turns out as awesome as yours. How's your neck/ chin doing ? Mine feels more sore today than the first dauv
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Your 6 week pictures look amazing!!
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thanks, amy! :)

Seriously, what is going on?

What is this pooch that I have? I'm going to ps office in an hour to find out why I have this fat hanging over my panties. :-(


Yours looks like swelling in the last pic! I have extra skin below my incision, due to poor elasticity! Yours looks like it will get better over time! Your looking great!
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Thank you! You're right just swelling. By the time I got to ps it was already looking better. Just shocked me to see that.
Thank you. Chin is still a little numb and swollen, but I'm happy with it. I too said what the heck I'm going to be under so they might as well do it. Wish I could have had my inner thighs and arms done also. :). I'm freaking out about this tummy tho. The last few photos I've taken I think I look at little thicker than the other photos I've posted. Grrrrrr!!
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