They've Created Gaps That Won't Close! Frisco, TX

My treatment isn't finished yet but the process...

My treatment isn't finished yet but the process has been nothing but frustrating! Clear Correct and my orthodontist are never on the same page. My trays don't always show up when they're supposed to and there have been gaps that have been created between my front 3 teeth to "make more room" but the gaps haven't closed and it's been at least 6-7 months later. Now Clear Correct has it in the system that we are just waiting for my final retainers but my ortho has sent in recent molds showing that there are still gaps that need to be fixed. I wish had stopped my treatment early before the spaces were shaved in.
I sure hope this all gets sorted out for you .:( Just started my Clear Correct journey . When my dr put aligners 1A in he commented on how well they fit my teeth compared with how others have gone , so hopefully it means they are improving their process ? I hope and pray ! My dentist chooses Clear Correct over Invisalign. Guess I'll see how it goes . Keep us posted !
I'm sure you will be fine. I just wished I had asked more questions and not trusted my doctor so much. I also wish I found this forum with the Clear Correct rep sooner to bounce off my concerns and having an outlet to keep a sort of checks and balances system throughout the treatment rather than issues at the end. Good luck!! I'm sure you won't need it.
Thank you . I'd like to think the negative reviews are easier to find online . I at least know there could be potential issues . I also will ask my dentist some more direct questions that I didn't know to ask !

Almost through another 2 sets of trays

I've gone through the last set of trays they had sent. There were 2 sets as always. But this time, the first set didn't fit at all. They were too big and I couldn't "lock" them into place. If I wasn't biting down, the trays just fell out of my mouth. So I had to shove the second set in. They were very snug and I was very sore for a couple days but it worked none the less. I noticed the plastic on these last sets were very different from the rest of the treatment. Seemed thinner and not as of good quality. There was a weird fold in the plastic over one of my front teeth, as if they plastic had dried with a fold (sorry it's difficult to explain).

I am currently waiting for more sets of trays to continue treatment. Some gaps are slightly better, while others have not budged.

My physician is still being difficult and continues to exhibit poor communication. She tells me to call her at the beginning of a week to follow up with her. But when I do, I end up calling and leaving messages for an entire week before I can get a hold of her; not because she actually ever calls me back but because I've managed to call enough times that she probably feels the need to actually take my call. She always apologizes and says she's been so busy. But if any clinic is too busy, my thought is maybe they should stop taking on new patients if they can't even stay on top of things with the patients they already have. It is also this poor communication that could have prevented these gaps from being around for so long. IF she noticed that some gaps had been there for 4-6 months already and reported it to Clear Correct, adjustments could have been made along the way rather than trying to close the 6 current gaps I have at the end.
I'm sorry you seem to have such a rough time with your provider . That is not right .:( I think someone mentioned about maybe transferring your care elsewhere -- is that even a possibility ? My dentist is available by email and phone and will work me in on a day if I have any concerns . And not charge for silly little things .
Could you post a picture of that weird tray?
I've posted a photo.

Photo of strange tray

Please excuse discoloration. I've had to wear these for 5-6 weeks now.
Dr. Azinge

She is nice and gentle but never seems to know anything about where I am in my treatment and their offices don't ever follow up with Clear Correct, if you can get them to call you back in the first place. Once they kept telling me that they we're waiting on Clear Correct but they really needed to send in new molds. New stages in my treatment have been stalled so many times.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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