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Just had my consultation a couple days ago and now...

Just had my consultation a couple days ago and now I'm waiting on the insurance to approve my procedure!!! Just looking for someothers that have done this procedure and have any advice or suggestions. I've always been a 36 DD but after I had my son went up to a 36 DDD and at this point my back in neck has been killing me ready for it to get over and done with!

Picture before my surgery

Got approved

I GOT THE GO AHEAD ON MY SURGERY!!! now to set the date!!!

surgery this Tuesday!!!!

Called to set up my surgery yesterday and after a game of phone tag got through. Iv had a hard time trying to work out my surgery schedule and my husband's work schedule. He works at the sheriff's office and is very hard for him to get time off thank goodness they let him off to take care of are son will i recover. Well she managed to work me in next Tuesday so very excited!!!!!!

Question for you guys?

When you had your procedure done. Did you have a pre op appointment? I'm try to get a hold of the nurse but it's difficult to get a hold of her.

3 days till my surgery

Hi everyone i want to thank you for all the encouraging words and wisdom you have made this preparation up to my surgery much easier!

-Gauze pads and tape
- Tylenol or advil
-open front pj's and tops
-  bromelain/ bromeliad 
-Big bra

I have a list of things I have bought anything else you guys can think of that would make my recover easier would greatly be appreciated!

It time!

Well on are way to the hospital! Think the hardest part was leaving my son I won't see him for 6+hours never been way from him this long! Really excited but nervous too.


I'm home

I feel great really really cold but other than that I feel better already!

Day 2

Feeling pretty good I'm sore but not that bad of pain, Getting my wisdom teeth pulled was much worse! They said I could take a shower today but I'm a little scared to take everything off and see them for the first time. I did see my nipple' s and they look great !!! I'll keep updating daily for the next 7 Days for all those who are not sure about getting your BR done. I already feel a difference in my posture and back it's amazing!!!

Day 1 photos

Day 2

I sleep really good last night but was hurting this morning took a pain pill once it started working made breakfast for my son and husband. Then I got my cream in the mail that my doctor prescribed it's like a numbing swelling reliever (smells like bengay cream)but it's so super stickie it says just whip off well that's did not work. Anyone out there use these kinda cream after surgery how did you get it off?

Just had a great idea that works very well!!!

So i had to wash my bra they gave me a the hospital because of that stick gel i mentioned earlier. Well i put one of my tight tank top on and it's going to sound weird but i used maxi pads and the are perfect covering my incision and soft!

Day 3

Good day went and ran errands all day then cooked with my husband. Feeling good I'm starting to bruise.

Day 4

Brest are doing good just feel sick today not a lot of energy to do anything

Day 5

Have not taken any pain med in 2 days feel great other than having a horrible cold.

Day 6

Having a soar day I'm very swollen compared to days past. Finally feel like I'm kicking my cold but just been a long day ready to try to get comfortable in bed.

Day 7

Very busy day! Felling it now still calling around trying to find bromelein (small town problem's lol) I go and see my doctor for my first post op appointment tomorrow. Hope everyone is healing well! Good night y'all.

17 days post op.

I'm doing pretty good I'm swollen and sore. My doctor left the stairs strips from surgery on and this coming up Tuesday he said he would remove them I don't know if he well take my stitches out.

How long did y'all doctors leave your stitch in?

3 weeks

Went to the doctor all stitches are out and I don't go back to him for another 3 months! Feeling amazing best decision I've ever made!!!

more pictures 3 weeks

accidentally posted before I put the rest of the pictures on.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He's amazingly sweet during the consultation and very knowledgeable! Made me very confident he can do this procedure! He is just amazing no words to describe how talented he is I would highly recommend him!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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looking fantastic.
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Are you taking bromelein for the swelling? It is wonderful
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No we could not find it at are vitamin shop
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can buy online
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I called GNC and they said they have it in Stock so we're going in to town Sunday I'm pick some up. Can I ask you how long you're doctor keep your stitch in?
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Looks good! Only a little bruising! I love using 100% silicone breast petals (or cups if u can get them) to over my nipples. Silicone is good for reducing scars and they are super easy. I have been wearing those under a wireless Bali bra and have been doing pretty good - heal well!
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You are healing well !!!
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Well done you, pain meds are not good for you, only if you really need them. I am a bit baffled when I read about people still taking pain killers several times a day 2 or 3 weeks after surgery
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The only reason i would take it now would be my ribs I'm have a hard time with rib pain.
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That could be bruising slipping with gravity or it could be inflammation of the blood vessels which a couple of people have experienced, in which case massaging is painful but helps in the long run
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My grandmother is a retired nurse and they way she explained it was my breast have put so much strain on my ribs an sternum that it's trying to go back normal after all these years
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You are looking great and I am glad to see you moving around well - keep up the happy and healthy healing :-)
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my friend used the bra top support vests after surgery instead of bras and did fine. panty liners make great dressings or pads
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Much better than my gaze it just keeps sticking to my steri strips. is it normal not to see your doctor for a week my first post op appointment is next Wednesday?
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super cute new breasts, take it easy and heal well
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I'm trying it's so hard to do nothing!
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I surfed the internet, watched tv, i am pretty good at doing nothing!!!! After a while i would go to the mall for an hour or two for a change of scene, and went a couple of times to the cinema.
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I getting better at sitting in are chair but I have a 16 month old son that'sfull of energy lol my husband taking care of him but he's a hand full.
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Wow! You have such perfect little breasts! Congrats! :) Now it's time to rest and heal!
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Thank you! !!
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Welcome to the other side =)) Can't wait to see the "new" you =)
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I just put my favorite t- shirt on and it's all big!!! I can't get over it
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Glad to see you doing well - I look forward to hearing your great results :-)
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Consider placing one of those cheap plastic chairs in the shower, so you can sit, with your back to the spray. It's also better if someone is available if you feel light headed, even if just outside the bathroom door.
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