Loving the new boobies!! New picture! :)

I've been considering getting a breast...

I've been considering getting a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I'm 22 years old. 120 pounds, 5'6". All the women in my family (on both sides) all are in the larger size, so for years I just waited and hoped that one day mine would show up too, but nope :/ I am a small 34B right now.

Everyone would keep telling me to either wait until afetr I have kids, or think about it longer- but I am finally just deciding to do this for me and try not to listen to everyone else. I am not just miserable with my size, but every time I see someone with nice, bigger boobs I automatically wish I would just get the surgery, so I finally just decided to do it instead of constantly thinking about it!

I went to my PS for a consultation February 18th, and paid my deposit yesterday so no turning back now! I am extremely nervous about the whole thing! It is scheduled for March 21st. Less than a month! He recommened that I go to a 400cc (small D) but I am so scared that will be too big! I might just do 375, but I don't want to do it and wish I would've gotten them bigger. Also, he recommeneded I get ultra high profile..it has only been out for about 6 months so that worries me, and I also don't want them to look too fake.

Everyone says to trust the surgeons advice, but it's so hard! Something I thought was strange was that my surgeon does not require a pre-op appointment for BA since I am a healthy person because we can discuss everything the day of surgery..but I think I might make an appointment anyway just to calm my nerves. My cousin went to this surgeon and she loved him so I'm trusting her! I try to talk myself out of it every day. I just really don't want to regret it but I know after it's all over with I will love them! This website has been extremely informative and helpful, so I thought I would share my story too and maybe help someone else! Anyone have any positive thought/advice/success stories?! I will try to keep this up to date as I go through this process!


I went ahead and decided to book my pre-op...

I went ahead and decided to book my pre-op appointment even though it's not required. I still have so many questions and I think it will help me calm down to talk to him one more time and reassure myself that this is what I want to do.

I have my pre-op in 2 days..so I am trying to get...

I have my pre-op in 2 days..so I am trying to get a list of questions together to ask my PS (i still have TONS.) I am getting more and more nervous every day so I hope talking to him can calm me down!! I just hope I don't regret doing this. I've wanted to for so long though, so I just want to get it over with and finally have some boobs to show off! ;)

I had me pre-op yesterday and I'm so glad I...

I had me pre-op yesterday and I'm so glad I decided to schedule it because I do feel somewhat better about the whole process! When I first went for my consultation I was set on 375cc, but not I think I am going to go with 430cc ultra high profile. I am choosing between that or 400cc high profile. I have said from the start that I didn't want to do this and wish they were bigger afterwards..so hopefully this size will be what I want without being TOO big. I was worried the ultra high profile would look too fake and torpedo out too much, but after seeing them, I think they will be perfect (i hope so anyways!) I am still very nervous..but I think everything will go good. Now I need to start buying things to prepare for when I get home from surgery! 2 weeks seems like forever away! So ready to get this over with and finaly have boobs! :)

I have been OBSESSING over boobs sizes! It's all I...

I have been OBSESSING over boobs sizes! It's all I think about. I'm trying to decide between 400HP or 430HP..but the more I see pictures and read reviews my mind plays tricks on me and I think that wont be big enough! I don't want to do this an wish they were bigger..but I also don't wanna get too excited an unrealistic about the size and end up with boos way too big for me! This process is very stressful (for me anyway!) I'm so ready to get it all I've with. I think the day of survey I'm going to show my surgeon my goal pics one more time and just let him decide what he thinks will get me there and go with that! Longest 11 days ever coming up! My goal I think is Jennifer stano. I'm going to add a picture.

My surgery is in 2 days! I can't believe I am...

My surgery is in 2 days! I can't believe I am finally going to do this. I've talked about it for so many years. I am happy..but extremely nervous and anxious. I just want everything to go smooth and turn out great! I am still unsure of which size/profile I am choosing. Probably either 400cc HP or 430cc UHP..I think I will just let my PS decide the day of surgery. I can't wait to get this over with becaause it's all I think about!!

My stomach is in knots! I'm so nervous! I can't...

My stomach is in knots! I'm so nervous! I can't believe this is finally happening. I went shopping last night to get everything off of my list..and of course couldn't find the 2 things i wanted most (arnica and bromelain)..I found arnice cream..does anyone know if I can use that or if it works?

Well I made it through! Not gunna talk too much...

Well I made it through! Not gunna talk too much cuz I'm kind of out of it. Everything went really smooth. I ended up with 400cc in left an 425cc in right. High profile. I'm in a lot of pain right now but nothing I can't handle. My left boob is burning really bad but they said that was normal. I was so nervous but everyone there was awesome. I'm really glad I did it..now just gotta get through the pain! I added a photo but it doesnt really show much. anyways Thanks everyone!

I don't really wanna go Into detail much right now...

I don't really wanna go Into detail much right now cuz I'm pretty loot from the meds. I'm still in some plain so just taking it easy. Ill keep updated with more when I can. I added a new picture! Nothing special tho

Ok heres some of rhe Details. ledt my house an an...

Ok heres some of rhe Details. ledt my house an an hour and a half to surgery. We gor there right on time and the nurse startes my iv, an then we talked to to the anatastesiologist. She was awesome but so was everyone. that helped so much nerves. They walked me back to the or an wrapped me in warm blanket an it started. last rhing remeber was putting the mas.. now its 2:17 AM and I can't sleep..woke up with what I think is morning boob cuz it hurts so much more than yesterday. Im so ready to finish all of this. I'm glad finally doing this instead of just talking about it..they look good from what I can see. I will upload pictures on Saturday! Thanks for everyone's kind words!!

I don't know what i would do without the pain...

I don't know what i would do without the pain pills! The pain is pretty bad..but nothing I can't handle. Trying to get up off of the recliner is the absolute WORST! so i need help to do that and just about everything else..(my friends even have to help me pull my pants down to help me! haha. They are still very high and hard..so after the pain goes away the im sure ill be impatient with the waiting game to drop. Even though this all has been very stressful and painful, I am still very glad i finally did it!

I am a very impatient person, so waiting to take...

I am a very impatient person, so waiting to take the surgical bra off and waiting for the final result is going to be rough for me. Did anyone else feel like they didn't look big enough while in the surgical bra..do they get bigger? I got 400 and 425cc which the surgeon said that was pretty much all he could fit in, so i'm sure i will love them I asked them how they looked right after and he said great and i would love them.. My friend has the same size and hers look plenty big and she was smaller than me to start out with, so I'm just hoping mine will get bigger too. Anyone else feel the same way at first?

My left boob is in a lot of pain but my right is...

My left boob is in a lot of pain but my right is fine. I hope that's normal. Anytime!¥!

So it's been 2 days since my surgery, and I am...

So it's been 2 days since my surgery, and I am still in quite a bit of pain. Not being able to reach for things or get up out of my recliner is so annoying! My left boob hurts so much more when i move then my right..that kind of worries me. Does anyone know of that is normal? I can't wait to take this bra of to get a glimpse of how they look because right now they dont look very big. I think thats just because theyre cramped down in the bra (i hope so anyway) I am extremely tired because I keep up with my pills very regularly so i wont be in any massive pain. I should probably move around some, but i just dont want to pull anything from getting up. My nurse called me last night to check up on me..but not my surgeon. I hope he does soon.. Did anyone else feel like they werent big enough at first but liked them when they dropped and fluffed?

Today has been good an bad. I'm still extremely...

Today has been good an bad. I'm still extremely sore and my boobs are very hard and tight. I took my first shower since my surgery today an had to get my friends help. My left breast hurts so much more than my right. I'm such a paranoid person so this is worrying me. Anyone else have the same problem? I uploaded a new picture of the first time I took off the surgical bra. So far so good but I have a long way to go!

I am so jealous of you girls who go through all...

I am so jealous of you girls who go through all this with little to no pain. Today has been pretty rough. Still need help getting up and sitting down,and still no bowl movement :( I tried to take MOM today but all that did was make me sick. I thought i was healed enough to ride with a friend to go get somethin to eat but my left breast started hurting so bad!! Strong burning sensation! I called my doctor and he said it was just my nerves from the muscle stretching. Does anyone know how long im supposed wear this surgical bra? it is so tight and hurts. So far this experience sucks! but it will be worth it

This has not been a very easy experience for me so...

This has not been a very easy experience for me so far...I am still extremely sore and uncomfortable. I can't wait for my post op Friday so I can start massages. The pain killers made me extremely constipated so I finally had to take laxitives. I tried to go to work today an that was a disaster. I just cried the whole time. Little motions make me feel strange muscle twitches that scare me but I called the doctor an they said that's normal. I'm just ready for this to all be over an to feel normal again.

I am definitely on the emotional roller coaster...

I am definitely on the emotional roller coaster after my breast augmentation. I still can't do a lot by myself an I have extreme tightness an some pain. I thought I would be back to work by now but there's no way..I tried an had to leave. Luckily my boyfriend has been amazing during all of this an I've been staying at his house..but being alone all day every day an not being able to do certain things is very frustrating. I cry a lot. I've been emailing the lady that has helped me where I got my surgery an she said since I had such a small frame an the implant was in the larger size that its going to take more time to heal. Which I figured- but just didn't expect it to be this rough. I'm ready to get through this part. My post op is tomorrow so hopefully I can start massages to loosen the tight skin an get out if this tight uncomfortable surgical bra! We will see. I ive also lost 10 pounds. I know it will all be worth it in the end but its definitely tough. For me anyway.

Thank you to everyone for the kind words. It...

Thank you to everyone for the kind words. It definitely is something that you just have to take 1 day at a time. I uploaded a new picture in a bralette.

First of all I just want to say thank you to...

First of all I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the positive thoughts and kind words! It helps more than you would think. Yesterday was my first day without pain pills- an although a lil rough I made it. Woke up this morning a little sore but nothing I couldn't handle- and I had it in my mind that I was going to start feeling better today. My cousin is a hair dresser so I went an had her wash blow dry an style my hair, and went home an put makeup on for the first time in a week. It's crazy how much better I felt already just from feeling like I didn't look a lazy slob! We left for my post op around 12:30 and got there a little late because of traffic. The ride wasn't bad- mainly just pain from the surgical bra rubbing on the incisions and the occasional zingers. My post op appointment went great..although I just saw my nurse and not my ps..that kind of bothered me at first but she is great a very informative and maybe he was in surgery or something..but anyways she clipped of the edges of the stitches (the rest were inside and dissolvable) which kind of hurt but wasn't anything bad. Then she showed us (I brought by boyfriend) how to do the massages. Even after her doing them the first time they already felt much better an less tight. She told me I don't need to have any arm restrictions and need to try to move like I normally would before surgery so the muscle can heal faster..some movements still feel weird so it's a little scary but I'm going to try. She said after a couple of weeks they will drop in the pocket an feel much softer especially if I keep up with the massages- an at this point warmth is better than ice for the swelling. I can wear any regular sports bra...NO MORE SURGICAL BRA YAY!..for 3 weeks and then any bra without underwire after 6. My next post op is April 19th. My attitude has definitely changed since yesterday and things are looking up..just hope it stays this way! So for any of you that are down..it will only get better! I think I will be fine going back to work on Monday. Still going to take things a little easy but going to be massaging like crazy! :) Hope to have them looking nice by April-may. I will post incision pictures. She said they are barely noticeable an was very impressed..I haven't seen them yet but I will try to post a picture.

Hey everyone! The last 2 days have been so much...

Hey everyone! The last 2 days have been so much better. I can do pretty much everything myself..some stuff still feels weird because of the muscle pulling but that's ok. I try to do my massages a couple of times a day. I've noticed one looks a little higher than the other..but I'm sure that's normal. My incisions are hardly noticeable already and I haven't even had to put mederma or anything on them yet. They're still pretty hard and I have a ways to go until full recovery but things are looking up! I can wear any sports bra I want but it's weird I find myself still wanting to wear my surgical bra because its tighter and holds them in place and I cursed that thing when it was all I could wear! I'm very glad I did this an can't wait till this summer when I can show them off in bikinis! :) I uploaded a new picture!

HI everyone! Just wanted to update. I am back to...

HI everyone! Just wanted to update. I am back to work! Came back yesterday. I work at a bank..which doesn't seem like there would be a lot of movement involved I guess, but there is. I think it helps moving around a lot though. I can pretty much do everything perfectly fine. Some stuff like reaching high or stamping things can pull but for the most part there isn't anything I can't do at work at this point. I definitely know what "morning boob" is! Every morning I wake up and they hurt so bad and are so tight and sore. It doesnt take much moving around to relieve that though. My nurse said a hot shower in the morning would also help so I've been doing that..which means I have to wake up earlier for work because I usually shower at night! ( I am NOT a morning person) but that's ok..anything for the boobs! haha..My nipples are extremely sensitive still! Feels like a burning sensation. Does anyone know how long this might last? It's very annoying. Other than that I don't really have any complaints other them still being hard and tight..but that will go away with time! I am still wearing my compression surgical bra for the most part. I need to go buy some full support sports bras. I have one I bought but it doesnt have enough support and I'm not ready to set them free just yet! ;) I tried on a couple of my old swim suits (I say old, but I reallu just bought them a couple months before my surgery before I decided to go through with it..still have the tags and all) pretty sad! Needless to say they didn't fit! Happy and sad at the same time! What a waste of money! O well I am happy with my decision. They are looking better every day! :) I will upload pictures later!

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks! Things are going...

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks! Things are going good. They are still pretty sensitive. Especialy my nipples! I've been doing massages and I noticed when I massage my right one i can feel some kind of bubbling or fluid, or it may be just the implant itself i'm not sure..I'm sure it's normal so I'm just trying not to worry about it since I go for my second post op next week. I tried on sports bras yesterday and size Large was pretty snug! Never thought I'd say that. Hope everyone else is doing great! :)

Hey everyone! Haven't updated in a while. Today is...

Hey everyone! Haven't updated in a while. Today is 19 days post op. I am feeling fine. They are still pretty tight..but are looking great! My right is hurting in the upper area. Mainly when I reach up or anything like that. I think it is because I am right handed and I am using that muscle more maybe? I hope so..Also..when I do my massages, I have to lift them up from the bottom and push up..well when I do that I can feel somthing near my incision..I don't know if it's the implant or what, or if that is normal so it kind of freaked me out..didn't hurt or anything but was just weird to only feel on one side. I still have the occasional nipple sensitivity..but that is getting much better. Yesterday I decided to wear my compression bra again instead of a regular sports bra. Those don't give much support and I feel more comfortable when they are supported! I never thought i'd WANT to put that thing back on though! I a ready for them to soften up. Other than that and those few concerns I have no complaints. I have my 1 month appointment next week, so hopefully everything will look good! I uploaded a new picture. Hope everyone is feeling great!

My new boobies are 1 month old today! ;) sorry I...

My new boobies are 1 month old today! ;) sorry I haven't updated in a while..I was trying to wait until my 4 week post of which was this Friday. Everything went great. My surgeon said they are looking and dropping perfect! He also said I can start wearing whatever kind of bras I want to..even with underwire! I was so excited to be able to get out of sports bras! It's very hard to hide sensitive nipples in a shirt with just a sports bra haha! I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized. At this point I am a 34D! Pretty happy with that. I bought 2 bras with no underwire and 1 with. I uploaded a picture in the one with. The bra has no padding and they still look great in the bra. Very exciting. At this point I am very happy with my decision to do the surgery. Things keep getting better. It was rough in the beginning but very worth it! Hope everyone else is doing great! :):)

I know I updated not too long ago but just wanted...

I know I updated not too long ago but just wanted to share a little more. Lately I've been feeling like I wish I would've gone bigger (like I've read so many girls do) and I've been thinking they aren't big enough or noticeable..but they are! In clothes I can hide them easily which is fine..but today I went shopping an decided to try in bikinis just to reassure myself that they WERE big enough. I had to get an extra large top :) that definitely made me feel better. I guess it's normal to feel like they aren't big enough after going through it all..don't get me wrong I am loving the way they are looking! I tried on some old swimsuits too and I uploaded a picture in one of my old tops. It looks like it fits in the picture but it way too small in person! They are looking like I want tem to in it through! V
Still very pleased with my choice to do this :)
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Thanks for sharing your experience! I am actually scheduled with Dr. Smart for breast explantation at the end of this month. I am so nervous! Glad you had a positive experience!
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You look great! We share the same size and type too! Can't wait for mine to get fluffy and softer like yours.
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This look is exactly what I'm going for too! Congrats they look amazing! I chose 425hp silicone but was worried it would be too large. I'm 5'3 125lbs. My surgery is in 15 days
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You look simply amazing, so natural and perky! Where did you get your incisions?
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I just got mine done today. Had two of your pictures on my wish board. :) how are you healing?
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WOW! your BA looks so natural and amazing !!!
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You implants look AMAZING!!!!
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I am a lil smaller then what you look before, now without my PS telling me the cc while trying the sizer I like how the 600cc look. Now i don't want the fake look i want them natural small D..do you think 600 is to much. Im 5'5 and weigh 136.
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What type of massaging did you do and for how long. I'm 4 weeks PO today and I'm still a bit tight and want mine to drop and fluff already! Thanks! ❤
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Your boobs are looking great! Just how I want mine... I have booked in for 17th may to have breast enlargement. Did you have the implant under or over the muscle?! X
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congrats! you will love them! and thank you :) I did mine under the muscle!
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Think I will go with under the muscle! Oh I'm so excited!! Eeeek :D x
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did you do anything to help them d & f so quickly? did your PS suggest a bra vs no bra? did you use a strap? thanks.
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I'm not really sure. I took it extremely easy for over a week..after that I did my massages daily and wore a sports bra nonstop (that's what I was told to do)..especially to bed! I even wore my surgical bra to bed sometimes because I liked how tight it was. I was just very careful and made sure to do my massages. I didn't have to wear any kind of strap..honestly.. i really think the reason they are already looking so much better just 1 month post op is because of my surgeon. that can make a world of difference i have noticed and he does an amazing job! :)
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I agree, I think the expertise of the surgeon has a lot to do with it!!
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I hope that's the case! My PS, Dr. Pousti, comes highly recommended esp here on Real Self. It's one month and one day til my surgery date....super excited and impatient now. You are my boobie idol, stk333! Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly! :]
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Aw thank you so much! That makes me feel so great about my choice to finally go through with this! I was in the same place as you about a month ago! It is so worth it though! You will love them :)
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Just thought of a question! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my questions, I really appreciate it. :] I was wondering if you're noticing that some clothes or style of clothes don't flatter you any more/make you look bigger/top heavy? I'm so used to having this little girls, I'm wondering if my clothes shopping experience will drastically change.
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No problem! People on here helped me before my surgery so I am glad to help!! Everyone is different, but for me I can still wear ALL of my old clothes and they look fine! In some of them you can't even really notice I had the surgery which is nice because I can still hide them! The only dramatic difference I've noticed is in bras an swim suits..which is awesome! But other than that everything still fits great and I don't feel or look top heavy at all! I was worried about that too!
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dang girl you are looking hella good! you d & f-ed so nicely already!!!! they look so good im so happy for you : ) between you, jenna and serena you ladies be makin me so jealous!!!! xoxo
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thank you!! that is nice to hear!! I am very surprised too that they are already looking much better than before..but i really think its because my surgeon really does great work! i'm very happy with them! how are you doing?!
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I'm doing good! Tomorrow is 4 weeks til my surgery so I'm beyond psyched! Just ordered all my vitamins, arnica etc yesterday so ill be hoarding all that over the next week. I just can't believe how quick the time is flying by. Keep us posted on what your PS says on Friday.
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Holy cow I'm jealous haha they look amazing and so natural!! Did u get moderate? I got mod + and I'm thinking I should have gotten mod I don't feel as if mine look natural :/
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I actually got high profile...I just checked your profile out and I think yours look great!
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You look awesome!!
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