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I've been looking to straightened my teeth for a...

I've been looking to straightened my teeth for a while now. First I was debating between FastBraces and Invisalign. I have finally decided on Invisalign. Now I'm working on figuring out whether the provider I've been going to is the best choice or not. He's charging a lot of money, but a lot is included. Here's what's included: Whitening system, all refinements, retainers post treatment, shaping of teeth and gym post treatment, all appointments and emergency appointments, supplies needed, radiographs/photos. Also included is Acceledent. Which will help accelerate my treatment. Does anyone know if this is something worth taking on or maybe I should be shopping around? The ortho is the best one in the area with invisalign and is a very well known/respected ortho as well. SO the one time total fee is 7250, with my insurance paying 1,500 towards, leaving me with 5760 to take care of myself. When looking at the amount I'll be paying, 5760 doesn't sound too bad at all.
The cost sounds entirely reasonable for the comprehensive approach you are getting. I would suggest you review the clincheck with the provider so you are clear on what the computer projects and any options you may have. Make sure your Jaw joint health is well documented prior to beginning therapy. I have seen some mishandled invisalign cases lead to Jaw joint problems.
I actually requested I view my Clincheck before I sign/ pay for anything since it's such a huge chunk of money and important thing. They were very understanding about it and agreed to it. I won't get to view it until July 29th. Thank you for the suggestion about jaw joint health. I'll definitely make a note to ask him about it. I have noticed myself a lot of people online mentioning things about their jaw. He is a an "Elite provider" so I'm guessing he knows what he's doing. Thank you
Oh sorry gum shaping post treatment!! Typo! I'm using my chrome browser on chromebook. I was going to try uploading with my phone.

Update 7/29/15

I've finally made my decision!! After a consultation with my regular dentist for FastBraces and another orthodontist who suggested teeth being pulled out and traditional braces, I've decided to go with the first orthodontist and invisalign.
After having a complete meltdown about what to do and not to do, I called to cancel my appointment for my iTero invisalign impressions. I just didn't know what to think about the whole getting my teeth straightened out and everything that comes along with it. One of the girls at the office was able to kinda calm me down and I was able to convince them to show me my clincheck before I decided to move forward with any treatment. I told them I wanted to see what it would look like before committing to something so life changing. They understood and agreed to shoe me the clincheck before me putting a down payment.
So I saw the clincheck and of course I loved the potential results and agreed to go further with treatment. The only thing is I want to save a bit more money to give them a bigger down payment. I probably won't be able to give them my down payment until end of August/ beginning of September. I guess that means I won't start treatment until October, they said it takes four weeks for aligners to come in. Now, I will be using AcceleDent along with my treatment, so I'm hoping they let me start using that before getting my aligners. I've read online that it helps with the first aligner and when changing them.
Now I hope the pic uploaded, but I have attached a picture of my before and after clincheck. If you notice at the bottom, there seems to be an aligner counter. I hope that's what it is, because if it is, that means I'll only have approximately 8.5 months of it since I'll be changing my aligners every week with the AcceleDent. And of course, if my math is correct haha. Also in the pic you can see I'll have some attachments as well as IPR done in three spots. I did email them to ask if I'll have the attachments from tray 1 or if they'll be put on later on.
Having a video of my clincheck just makes me extremely excited about the whole thing!!! I can't wait to start!!
Twoplustwo is completely wrong. Invisalign cost about $5000. The only Invisailgn you might be able to get for $1000 is Invisalign Express for minor tooth movements. Also, what is "buying used Invisalign". That makes absolutely no sense. Make sure you go seen and an Orthodontist for your treatment. Your case is far out of the realm of a General Dentist. Ask the orthodontist what he or she can do for you if Invisalign does not achieve what you want. Will they credit you back what you payed so you can put that toward traditional braces if need be. I'm not an orthodontist, but I am an endodontist that has work with orthodontists and I myself have had Invisailgn twice and traditional braces twice. I highly recommend you get traditional braces from an Orthodontist for you case.
idk what "buying used invisalign" is either. I never mentioned anything about "used invisalign". I don't know if you really read thoroughly through my review, but I am going to an orthodontist and I will be doing invisalign. If invisalign fails, braces will be used at no extra cost to me. It's included as part of treatment. I had some teeth removed when i was about 5-6 years old which incuded one or two adult teeth, therefor I have the space in my mouth to not have to remove any teeth.
Twoplusone made a comment about "used Invisalign".
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