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Ultherapy Caused Droop on Right Side of Mouth - Fresno, CA

I had Ultherapy almost 3 weeks ago and still...

I had Ultherapy almost 3 weeks ago and still suffering paralysis droop on the right side of my mouth. It has improved over the weeks but still noticeable when I talk, drink or eat. The office initially gave me antibiotics to reduce the serious swelling and after seeing my speech was greatly impaired 2 days after procedure. They said it would subside over the next week but I'm still waiting for things to return to normal. In addition I now have a very odd 1 1/2 inch vertical 'bump' on my face next to my mouth. They said it was because the nerves still need to return to normal... Hardest part is I told the office that I would be on camera as a spokesperson for a music company in less than a week after the procedure. Nothing was said, signed or shared about the possibility of paralysis of the face nor risk of abnormal appearance beyond temporary swelling. I am waiting to hear what the doctor of the facility today as the person who treated me will be consulting with her today to discuss what I can do, I may have to take antibiotics again.

4 months later...

I was just contacted by another woman who this happened to, they told her it would take a month. I want others to know that is not always the case. It does go away eventually, but mine is over 3 months.
Initially they told me it would take 2 days... then a week... then a month before they told me the truth ... it 'could' take up to 3 months. They offered to inject Botox to the other side to help with the symmetry. This did not sound like a good idea to paralyze the other side of my mouth, so finally upset about being misled I called Ultherapy headquarters and they said 'absolutely not' a good idea and also assured me that they had not heard of it lasting for more than 3 months. Then told me they could not communicate with me direct and that they would communicate with the Drs office. I found it interesting that they didnt want to stay on top of this directly with me.

Anyway.... its is now over 4 months and there are still a few words that my bottom lip does not work perfect, but its not very noticeable. It appears this will return completely to normal at some point.

I had my follow up 2 days ago at the Docs office. I made the appt with the doc, not the nurse who did the Ultherapy procedure (as I felt misled through this entire process)... initially they had the nurse see me after the photos were taken, she tried to tell me she saw improvement but I am a photographer and know about lighting. The lighting used for the photos was MUCH brighter and blows out the face to 'appear' smoother. However I could still see where my face actually looked worse and there was absolutely no improvement at all, in fact my cheeks had lost volume. After the actual Dr reviewed the photos she said 'No, this did not work for you' then used Restalyne and Juvederm to fix and fill in areas that had lost volume and distorted after treatment. It looks MUCH better now other than a bruise from the injections.

Best advice is to keep on top of taking photos, I have a few videos and photos, but wish I took more. I encourage everyone to keep track in case of needing to prove anything. Apparently it affects everyone differently and stay positive that it will return to normal.... eventually....

1 year, 5 months later DONT RISK IT

The Ultherapy paralysis still remains slightly visible when speaking and resting. One side of my mouth droops slightly and I try to hide it with lipstick compensating the droop, however, you can certainly see it when I speak in video. Really sad I went down that road and never got the results of plumping up my collagen in any area. Wish I was able to get my money back, very expensive with horrifying results.

Mouth still droopy on right side

The first photos are from about a week after the treatment, they are blurry cause my camera doesnt take close ups clearly. Regardless, you can see the distortion and the paralysis. One is with puckering, second is with sipping (it was impossible to sip any coffee, cups, water, etc without it spilling out for a few months) The last of the series of 3 close ups is at rest.
The 4th photo is from today.... still droopy, still distorted and still waiting for it to return to normal. It has been heartbreaking to go through this and see photos of what it did let alone think about what i look like when I talk. I do see myself from time to time, like today getting my hair lightened... I caught myself talking and the mouth still droops slightly. Really sad I wasnt warned about this. And when I called Ultherapy after a few weeks, nobody would discuss this result with me. They said I had to talk to the Doctors office. I wonder how many other people went through this.....

7/15/15 Seeking Attorney

Currently trying to find an attorney to represent a number of women who had similar experience with Ultherapy. They need to take this off the market or at least warn women of the risks. I found out I may have waited too long to do anything... however my heart is breaking each time I get a letter from someone who has gone through what I did. Anyone wanting more information please contact me. I want to send as many letters as I can to a single attorney.

13 women have contacted me now

My heart continues to break reading from 13 other women who have been injured due to Ultherapy. From here on out each time I am contacted I will post the new total of women suffering from Ultherapy treatement. I know this is only the tip of the iceberg here.... unbelievable :(

Ultherapy attorney update

Hello all ..... (as of now I have been contacted by over 13 ladies who have suffered some damage from Ultherapy) ... so far I have been unsuccessful in procuring an attorney and a bit frustrated. Over 2 weeks ago another attorney directed me to a Medical Malpractice attorney in Rancho Cucamonga who is supposed to be amazing... I am still waiting to hear back. I have spoken to her legal assistant 2 times asking what the status is. The information is on the attorneys desk and she assured me this will be carefully looked into and she would provide suggestions if she decides not to take this case. I have shared that it's heartbreaking to continue to get these letters from you all and even if the statue of limitations have expired for me I will give anything I can in regards to testimony, photos and videos to whomever can get this going. I am sad I cannot give a better answer to anyone today. I know many of you are looking for direction and/or information... I have not given up. This may take posting videos on YouTube to get the attention we need. If anyone has videos please private message me.

Attorney update

I just received a letter from a highly regarded attorney recommended to me through another attorney. She said 'it would be economically unfeasible to pursue this matter' but encouraged me to consult with another attorney ASAP. Product liability statue of limitations has passed for me and it also appears may have also passed on both medical liability and product liability. I am saddened by this information, however I do encourage all those women who have reached out to me suffering damage to their face from Ultherapy treatments to get representation as soon as possible. I had NO IDEA some of the 'statues of limitations' run out after 1 YEAR. I certainly could not anticipate the damage continuing for the length of time it did on my face. Throughout the early months the office who did my procedure assured me it was only temporary and would definitely resolve in a few '''months'''.... it didnt... not completely. Should anyone get an attorney to go after Ultherapy and need video, photo or statements to help their case, I will gladly help. I am so saddened and sorry I couldnt help more.
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