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Ultherapy Caused Droop on Right Side of Mouth - Fresno, CA

I had Ultherapy almost 3 weeks ago and still...

I had Ultherapy almost 3 weeks ago and still suffering paralysis droop on the right side of my mouth. It has improved over the weeks but still noticeable when I talk, drink or eat. The office initially gave me antibiotics to reduce the serious swelling and after seeing my speech was greatly impaired 2 days after procedure. They said it would subside over the next week but I'm still waiting for things to return to normal. In addition I now have a very odd 1 1/2 inch vertical 'bump' on my face next to my mouth. They said it was because the nerves still need to return to normal... Hardest part is I told the office that I would be on camera as a spokesperson for a music company in less than a week after the procedure. Nothing was said, signed or shared about the possibility of paralysis of the face nor risk of abnormal appearance beyond temporary swelling. I am waiting to hear what the doctor of the facility today as the person who treated me will be consulting with her today to discuss what I can do, I may have to take antibiotics again.
The droop on the right side is still subsiding, but still evident upon pronouncing words with m's, p's, b's, etc. After sending a video of the current status of my mouth last week (I live 3 hours away), the doctors office offered to inject botox to help relax the nerve, but I am too scared considering they had not seen this happen before, thus, in my opinion, not knowing 'exactly' how it would work. Not worth the risk of further inability for my mouth to function properly. I'm just waiting it out. They say it could be 3 months for the mouth to return to normal, as that is the longest (according to Ultherapy) of a nerve being damaged during the procedure.

I'm glad you decided to share your experience with us so we can support you. Out of curiosity did you consider going to your regular doctor to rule out other possible medical causes? 

The docs office where I got the treatment assured me my mouth/face would eventually return to normal. The main doctor reviewed photos over the past two plus weeks and did not recommend ruling out other causes. They said because it has improved that its temporary damage to the nerves that should return back to normal over the next weeks.

4 months later...

I was just contacted by another woman who this happened to, they told her it would take a month. I want others to know that is not always the case. It does go away eventually, but mine is over 3 months.
Initially they told me it would take 2 days... then a week... then a month before they told me the truth ... it 'could' take up to 3 months. They offered to inject Botox to the other side to help with the symmetry. This did not sound like a good idea to paralyze the other side of my mouth, so finally upset about being misled I called Ultherapy headquarters and they said 'absolutely not' a good idea and also assured me that they had not heard of it lasting for more than 3 months. Then told me they could not communicate with me direct and that they would communicate with the Drs office. I found it interesting that they didnt want to stay on top of this directly with me.

Anyway.... its is now over 4 months and there are still a few words that my bottom lip does not work perfect, but its not very noticeable. It appears this will return completely to normal at some point.

I had my follow up 2 days ago at the Docs office. I made the appt with the doc, not the nurse who did the Ultherapy procedure (as I felt misled through this entire process)... initially they had the nurse see me after the photos were taken, she tried to tell me she saw improvement but I am a photographer and know about lighting. The lighting used for the photos was MUCH brighter and blows out the face to 'appear' smoother. However I could still see where my face actually looked worse and there was absolutely no improvement at all, in fact my cheeks had lost volume. After the actual Dr reviewed the photos she said 'No, this did not work for you' then used Restalyne and Juvederm to fix and fill in areas that had lost volume and distorted after treatment. It looks MUCH better now other than a bruise from the injections.

Best advice is to keep on top of taking photos, I have a few videos and photos, but wish I took more. I encourage everyone to keep track in case of needing to prove anything. Apparently it affects everyone differently and stay positive that it will return to normal.... eventually....
I, also, had the same problem with my face drooping and the edge of my mouth curling upward. I am still numb after almost 3 months and my lisping and pain in my face has subsided 90%. I, also had plateaus in the healing process. What is most shameful is that ULTHERA is NOT telling doctors and nurses who are performing this procedure that this is a possible adverse side effect. (I have checked with several Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons and they all confirm the lack of info.) While I am pleased many are happy with the results, ULTHERA must warn doctors, nurses and patients about these type of side effects and should INVESTIGATE THE CAUSES. I will be contacting the FDA and urge everyone else who had problems to do so as well. People should be warned!!!
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