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After losing 67 lbs. I can't wait to refill the...

After losing 67 lbs. I can't wait to refill the girls and lose the flap. I have had three sons all c-section. Between that and losing a lot of weight, my body is saggy. I have wanted to have a BA and TT for a long time. It will be so nice to feel feminine and sexy again. My surgery is scheduled for November 20th. I am both excited and scared to death! I am very lucky to have the support of my wonderful hubby. I hope he doesn't get too tired of taking care of me. I am a person who likes to take care of everyone else and I know that it is going to be hard to be the one being taken care of. I am now looking for a shower seat and writing down all the question that I want to ask at my pre-op appointment.

Picked up my medical clearance today. It is...

Picked up my medical clearance today. It is starting to feel real now. Thanks to everyone who posts on this site. Reading your stories helps me to feel like I'm not alone in this.

4 weeks to go. It feels like it is taking forever...

4 weeks to go. It feels like it is taking forever and quickly closing in on me all at the same time. I haven't purchased my extra compression garments yet. Will my PS tell me where to get them? I think this is what I'm most worried about right now. Oh, if you used a pain pump, how long did you have it and did it make the process better? What food did you eat after surgery? Anything else that you think I should be doing right now to get ready? Yes, I am getting really nervous!

Starting to get really nervous and excited. My...

Starting to get really nervous and excited. My hubby's birthday and my pre-op appointment is Weds., the Breaking Dawn Pt 2 premier is Thurs., our family Thanksgiving is Sat., and my surgery is the 20th. My pre-op and followup visits are 30 mins from my house, but I have to drive 3 hours to my surgery and 3 hours home. I'm going to ask if they are going to make sure I go home with plenty of meds in me. I don't want to wake up in terrible pain on the way home. I have been procrastinating on my list of things to get ready. We just went to Disneyland with the family, replaced the carpet in our entire house (except bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room). Now my hubby bought me a bedroom set that is being delivered hopefully right before my surgery. I must be crazy!

Pre-op on the 14th went very well. I feel pretty...

Pre-op on the 14th went very well. I feel pretty good about the surgery. I did find out that I will have to remove the pain pump myself. (Not thrilled about that) My husband agreed with everything I decided on so I feel pretty good about my choices. I'm paid in full (no turning back now!). All lab work is done and prescriptions are filled. I have a pretty box with all my medications and necessities ready to go beside my chair. Turkey soup is cooking on the stove. Plastic chair for shower is disinfected and ready to be used. Bedding, towels and PJs have been washed and bleached on my washers steam/sanitize cycle. Now I am putting together a stack of DVDs that I like to watch and putting a couple of books to read on my ipad. I'm taking my arnica montana and vitamins, and drinking pineapple juice. I have my instruction booklet read and handy for re-reading. Now I am just obsessing and getting really nervous. I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what time my surgery is on Tuesday. WOW! How did this day get here so quickly!

My PS didn't give me my pre-op pics so I will try...

My PS didn't give me my pre-op pics so I will try to get some up tonight. I guess I get all the pics when I'm all done. Please keep me in your prayers. I feel like I'm on the verge of tears and don't know why. I really am excited about getting this done. I must be broken.

I have a 3 1/2 hour drive home from surgery. Will...

I have a 3 1/2 hour drive home from surgery. Will I make it home before I have to use the restroom? Yes my mind and nerves are out of control. I am thinking of all the problems that could arise. Using a public restroom is NOT an option. The pain meds could wear off. The pain pump may not be enough to get me all the way home. Help!

I have to be at the surgery center at 11:30...

I have to be at the surgery center at 11:30 tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck! Bring on the Valium!

Woke up at 4 this morning. Now I'm getting really...

Woke up at 4 this morning. Now I'm getting really nervous. Thank you God for realself and my realself sisters. Hopefully the ride to and from will go smoothly. It's supposed to be foggy so we are leaving early to give us plenty of time to get there safely. I'm still freaked out about the ride home. I had my hubby buy me some depends just in case. There will be no public restrooms in my near future. I got most of my laundry done yesterday. It took forever to sanitize everything. I sanitized a plastic chair for the shower and scrubbed down the shower so it will be ready for me. My hubby and son aren't allowed to use this bathroom until further notice. Soup is made. Refrigerator is stocked. Kittens have been confined to the craft room until my wound is healed over. ( My sweet hubby is going to have to take Phoebe and Chloe outside to play. They are too small to stay outside by themselves. I live in the foothills ). Nervous rambling is ready to be posted on RealSelf. Yep, just about ready. Hope everyone is healing well. Thanks for all your support! See you on the flat side!

I'm home and didn't have to pee on the way home. ...

I'm home and didn't have to pee on the way home. Holy cow this hurts! I didn't think I was going to make it into the house. I almost threw up! Finally made it to my recliner. Right now it is bearable. How do you do this without a pain pump?

How often did you have to empty your drain? I...

How often did you have to empty your drain? I don't thnk mine is draining right. How can you tell if it is kinked?

PO Day1. Well I made it through the night. I am...

PO Day1. Well I made it through the night. I am really sore and so appreciate my pain pump. Although when I looked at how much I've used it doesn't look like anything has been used. Strange. I have only eaten crackers with a little almond butter and a pea protein shake with pineapple juice. I'm just not hungry. My mother -in-law and father-in-law came to check on me and there I was in all my glory with my sweater unzipped and the swollen girls standing at attention. Just what I wanted my dad-in-law to see. Thank goodness for my sexy bra/binder. My husband has been great. He is monitoring my meds and helping me get in and out of my recliner to use the restroom. Maybe he is slipping me meds to make me sleep so he doesn't have to deal with me! jK. I'm getting tired again so I will go for now. Happy healing everyone and for those that are patiently waiting good luck. You can do it!

I am really sore today! My boobs feel like they...

I am really sore today! My boobs feel like they weigh a ton. I am having little pains and soreness in my tummy area. My chest is so tight. I don't have any bruising from lipo. I wonder if he did any? That's something I can ask about when I see my PS. I think I worry too much about everything. I'm so afraid that I will mess something up. I tried to watch a movie but I kept falling asleep. How tight should my Compression belt be? I had to tighten mine and now it feels too tight. Enough rambling. I wish I knew how this pain pump works. If it is working would be nice too. Well its time for another nap!



My compression/ binder is driving me crazy. Under...

My compression/ binder is driving me crazy. Under my arms are sore from the band I have to wear to help my breasts drop and the binder on my stomach keeps moving up. I put pads under my arms but it still hurts. As long as I stay on top of my meds I'm ok. This is no fun!

PO Day 3 - OMG my boobs are killing me! It's 2 in...

PO Day 3 - OMG my boobs are killing me! It's 2 in the morning and I woke up to swollen painful boobs. Is this normal? Should I loosen my strap? My right side is worse than my left. My hubby just gave me my med. please kick in soon. When does this get better? I usually have a high pain tolerance. This reminds me of when I had to nurse my son because my milk dropped and I was engorged. Painfully engorged!

PO Day3 cont. - Sleeping on and off today. Took...

PO Day3 cont. - Sleeping on and off today. Took a quick shower so gauze is off. Not sure how I feel about the results. Still to swollen to tell how things are going. The girls are very swollen and high. I am starting to feel my stomach. It is really sore. I'm not eating much. I drink a lot of water though. I keep trying to write post but I get so tired. Husband has been great. Better go for now, I feel a nap coming on. Happy healing!

PO Day 4 - I woke up to sore boobs and what looks...

PO Day 4 - I woke up to sore boobs and what looks like a drain tube that isn't draining. How long does it take for the girls to drop and soften up? I'm still on my pain meds. I can hear my stomach gurgling but no BM yet. Hopefully it will happen soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It helps me to see what is normal. Sorry for the scattered thoughts.

PO Day 4 - Feeling better today. Got up, went to...

PO Day 4 - Feeling better today. Got up, went to the bathroom (no BM yet), and took out the pain pump cords. I'm starting to get the feeling back in my breasts. I can't wait for the girls to drop into place. They are still high and swollen. My tummy is flat but still really swollen. My wonderful hubby is really good at putting my compression binder on tight enough. He is taking really good care of me. I am so blessed to have him! Getting tired so I'll stop here for now. Happy healing!

PO Day 5 - Took another shower today. It left me...

PO Day 5 - Took another shower today. It left me exhausted. My boobs are shaped like aliens. I sure hope they drop soon. Instead of filling out they just look top heavy and my nipples point down. They didn't point down before the surgery. I sure hope that will change as they drop into place. My stomach is flat but swollen. My drain was clogged. My hubby cleaned it out and it seems to be working again. I'm feeling really sore now. I can't believe I am this tired just from taking a shower. I keep telling myself that I can do this. I just need to take one day at a time.

Eureka! I finally had a BM. I never thought I...

Eureka! I finally had a BM. I never thought I would be so happy about a BM. I feel so much better! Take it from me, take plenty of stool softners. I am still sore but nothing I can't handle. I've been up a little more and haven't slept as much today. Maybe I'm turning a corner.

Finally getting around by myself. I needed my...

Finally getting around by myself. I needed my compression belt tightened so I got a look at my flat tummy. I have zero bruising. My PS said he was going to do lipo on my hips but I don't see any signs of it. Hmm, maybe he didn't feel I needed it? I will ask when I see him on Thursday. I am really starting to feel human again. I still get tired when I walk around the house, but its a start. I hope my boobs are starting to look normal again. They were shaped like an alien head when I took a peek showering the other day. (Not good, right.). I am loving the tummy, but still nervous about the boobs. I read in my paperwork that you have to sleep in a sports bra as long as you have implants. So, will I have to wear one from now on? I also saw that other people are putting peroxide and antibiotic ointment on their incision. My PS didn't tell me to do that. Everything looks fine so I will just wait until I see my PS on Thursday. Thanks for all your encouragement and well wishes.

PO day 7 - Finally got to sleep in my bed last...

PO day 7 - Finally got to sleep in my bed last night. It was a little difficult to get in and out of bed but I could do it on my own. I think the pineapple juice and arnica really work. I have been doing both for 3 weeks now and I have no bruising. I am walking pretty straight today. So far my back hasn't been bothering me much. I hope it stays that way. I don't have a lot of padding on my bottom so it has been sore from sitting so much. I put a thick soft blanket on my recliner to pad it a little and that has helped. My hubby has been making me a pineapple pea protein shake. It helps with cravings and gets me the pineapple juice I need too. I love them! I weighed myself today. I'm at 139. Not too bad. I don't want to get over 140. I hope I will still go down another couple of pounds. I know that healing is my priority right now but I don't want to undo what I've worked so hard to do. I'm eating healthy and staying away from bad carbs and sugar. My boobs still feel strange but are a little less bothersome today. My tummy is still swollen but getting better every day. I definitely have not lost any feeling in my breasts or tummy. My incision is still numb but I have feeling everywhere else.
Right now I'm reclining in my chair watching my hubby and two of my sons decorate my yard with Christmas lights and decorations. Looks like we are going to have to replace a bunch of decorations and lights because they didn't get put away correctly and mice got into them and chewed them up. (Not real happy about that) Oh well, life goes on. Hope all my real self sisters are healing well. One day at a time!

PO Day 8 - Getting better every day. I showered...

PO Day 8 - Getting better every day. I showered and dried my hair by myself today. Now I am worn out. My tummy is swollen but still looks great. I am so happy to be rid of that ugly skin flap! My boobs still look like aliens but they are dropping a little more every day. I think the pineapple juice and arnica really work. I have very little bruising from the lipo. My PS said I didn't need much lipo so that might have something to do with it too. I have seen other peoples pics of bruising from lipo and mine is very minimal. I think I am going to be very happy with my results. My first PO is tomorrow. I can't wait to see if this lovely drain is going to be removed. I won't miss it if it is! I need a nap now. Happy healing everyone.

PO 9 Days - Went to my first PO appt today. PS...

PO 9 Days - Went to my first PO appt today. PS said there was a lot of skin but not a lot of fat. That was nice to hear. The pineapple juice and arnica worked great for me. I had such a small amount of bruising from the lipo that I thought that maybe they didn't do any. I was told today that they did do lipo and the yellow bruising on the sides of my lower back is from that. I don't have to wear my strap on my boobs anymore. I do have to wear a good sports bra. I still wear my compression binder and have my drain. I'm supposed to call when I only have 24cc of drainage in 24 hours for 2 consecutive days. My next appt is next Thursday. I got a good look at myself today. My boobs still look like alien heads but my TT scar is amazing, thin, low and straight. I'm very happy. I'm tired from my adventure to the doctor and Costco, but happy. Good luck to those of you waiting for your surgery and cont. happy healing to those on the flat side.

I did pretty well today. Right now, I am in bed...

I did pretty well today. Right now, I am in bed exhausted. I only got up to go to the bathroom and eat. I crashed at about 5pm. What the heck? Now I see why people get depressed. This is a very long and unpredictable recovery. You think wow I'm getting better and the next moment you flat on your back. Hope tomorrow is better. Too tired to write anymore. Happy healing! Pray for me please.

PO Day 12 - Last few days have not been good. My...

PO Day 12 - Last few days have not been good. My nerves are healing and I am very uncomfortable. I can't wait for my boobs to drop and to get rid of his drain. I have a bad attitude. I am so grumpy. I want to feel good again. What happened to my waist? When are my boobs going to look and feel good again? I know it takes time. I am just so tired of sitting in this recliner. I walk around the house but that's about it. My trip to Costco after my doctor appt. wore me out. I paid for it for the next couple of days. I am so frustrated. I still glad that I had this done. I just have to be tough and get through this. Sorry for being such a downer.

PO Day 13 - I felt better today. I still get...

PO Day 13 - I felt better today. I still get exhausted really easy. I spend my time in my recliner and walking around the house. I should be getting the drain out this week. My drain was 25 cc in a 24 hour period for the past two days. I go to the PS on Thursday so I should be getting it out then. It's a long drive so I don't want to make two separate trips. I have swell hell today. My husband tells me I look great but I don't think so. I have high boobs that still look like aliens, even though they do look like they are starting to drop, and a fat swollen belly. My strips they put on after surgery haven't fallen off. Only the one under my left boob came off when I took the gauze off. I sure hope I start feeling better soon. I feel like a prisoner stuck in my recliner. At least the pain was better today. I have been taking Tylenol and a muscle relaxer in the morning and a pain pill and muscle relaxer at about 5 or 6 in the evening so I can sleep. I know, one day at a time. ;-)

PO Day 16 - Feeling better so far today. I...

PO Day 16 - Feeling better so far today. I decided to wear my strap at night while sleeping. It seems to help my boobs drop and feel better. They are still really sensitive. I ate trail mix yesterday and gained 2 pounds. I'm not happy about that but drinking a lot of water, watching what I eat today, and walking slowly on the treadmill (with PS's ok) should help me get it back off. That coupled with the lovely swelling in my tummy (right above my incision) can be depressing, but I'm not going there. I have an appt. with my PS today. My drain should be coming out. Yay! That alone will help me feel more human. I don't like to go out of the house with this drain. I'm afraid it will fall and people will see it. It also leaves this curious bump in your clothes that you can't cover up. My hubby is going to take me to lunch and Christmas shopping today. We are going to play it by ear. We will do as much as I can without wearing myself out. I'm excited to wear regular clothes again, but I'm afraid that my clothes won't fit me anymore. They were too big before surgery but with this swelling I'm afraid that won't be the case anymore. Oh well, one day at a time. I'll post again after my appt. to let you know how it goes. Happy healing friends! Hope you are having a good day!

PO Day 16 - Went to see PS today. I really like...

PO Day 16 - Went to see PS today. I really like my PS. He is the best! He is always smiling and very nice. He makes you feel like your recovery is the most important thing to him. He took my drain out today and removed all the tape from surgery. That's right, that sticky stuff wasn't budging. He put the brown tape on me. He answered all my questions and we were on our way. We went to Walmart, Kohl's, and Costco. By the time we got to Costco, I was pretty much done. I can't believe how great it is to have the drain out! My boobs are still high but dropping. He said everything looks great. I asked about capsular contracture and if I showed any sign of it. He said everything looks great and there are no signs of it. Woo Hoo! I'm so glad! I never thought I would be happy to be back in my recliner, but I sure am! If I can, I'll post some pics tomorrow. Hope you are all healing well!

Feeling better today. I'm very happy to have the...

Feeling better today. I'm very happy to have the drain out. The only thing that I don't like is the swelling. I am swollen above the incision. It looks like a little roll almost. My husband got so mad at me for complaining. He says I should be happy with what I got. Did you experience this type of swelling? Some people are seeing the muscles from the muscle repair starting to show. I don't see it. Just swelling? I guess everyone is different. I am happy and I know it takes time. I'm just glad to be feeling better. Hope your healing is going well!

Hi everyone. I have been reading some of your...

Hi everyone. I have been reading some of your posts and boy does that swell hell do a number on us. Today I went out by myself. ( For the first time) I drove to church and attended a women's brunch. I started getting really tired after about an hour and a half. I had to run to the store before going home so I left early went to the store and then home. By the time I got home I thought my boobs were going to muscle spasm right out of my chest. All I can say is "WOW"! I slept for about two hours in my recliner. I am starting to feel better. I'll have to take it easy tomorrow. And yes, I now have swell hell.

I have let myself gain about 7 lbs! I can't...

I have let myself gain about 7 lbs! I can't believe it. My hubby bought a bunch of junk the last time we went to see the PS and I ate some of it. I think the boredom, depression from being stuck in my chair a lot, and soreness of my boobs and tummy just wore me down. That is probably part of the reason for my swell hell too. Any ideas to help me get this off would be appreciated. Normally I would exercise, watch what I eat, and drink tons of water. Maybe I'll walk to the gate and back, drink lemon water and do a steak and apple day. I need to nip this in the bud!

PO Day 20 - I'm feeling better every day. I went...

PO Day 20 - I'm feeling better every day. I went to a Dr. Appt. with my hubby today. Then we went to the store. I'm tired but not like I was Sat. My boobs are still sore. I was worried about getting CC but when I asked my PS about it at my last appt. he said I don't have It. I can tell that they are dropping. When I first get up they seem lower then I start moving around and they seem to tighten up. My PS said that is normal. They are still soft and that is a good sign that I don't have CC. I will be spending some time relaxing in my recliner this afternoon. I hope I turn another corner soon. I want to go to my grandson's first Christmas program and enjoy time with my famly on Christmas day. I can't wait to be all healed! Enough rambling for now. Happy healing everyone and good luck to all that are waiting to come over to the flat side.

Three weeks (21 days) PO - I can't believe it's...

Three weeks (21 days) PO - I can't believe it's been 21 days. I am still having muscle spasms in both breasts. When I use my arms or stand up, the muscles in both breasts tighten. It is pretty un comfortable. It makes me worry about capsule contracture. Did anyone else go through this? My tummy is sore because the numbness is going away. Other then that its fine. I'm off pain meds and only taking tylenol and my muscle relaxer. I'm going to my grandson's first Christmas program tomorrow night. I hope I make it through the whole thing. I am moody because I want to get back to feeling normal. My husband said he is glad that we are going to see my PS on Thursday because he always puts my mind at ease and gets me excited about my new body. He is really nice and encouraging. I am getting better little by little. My boobs are dropping and my tummy looks good. Swollen on my hips and just under my bellybutton but better. I just keep reminding myself what I looked like before. I'll post some pics tomorrow morning. Happy healing everyone!

PO Day 23 - Its 4 am and I'm awake. My BB is sore...

PO Day 23 - Its 4 am and I'm awake. My BB is sore and where my drain was is bleeding a bit. So, I am up fixing my binder and putting a bandaide over the drain spot in my incision. My skin is so dry on my tummy. I'm going to ask my PS about putting lotion or something on my dry tummy. The Christmas program was great. My little grandson is adorable. He is growing up so fast. We went shopping before the Christmas program. I really enjoyed being out of the house. I think I am done with my shopping. I got 3 pairs of boots that were not on my Christmas shopping list. They were for me of course. I couldn't pass up the great sale prices. I'm a girl that loves her shoes. The swelling is better right now. I think walking around actually helped. My boobs are dropping and a little less sore. I need to monitor my food better. Christmas goodies are a big No No. I can't wait to start exercising! I would like to lose about 5-7 lbs. Right now I'm still where I was pre-op. I know I'm still swollen but I am really happy I did this. When all is said and done, I will be very happy with my results. My husband is happy with my results already. He always grins and says "wow" every time I show him my results so far. Thanks to all my RS sisters for all of your support. You have helped me more than I will ever be able to tell you. Happy healing!

Tomorrow will be 4 wks PO. I watched my grandson...

Tomorrow will be 4 wks PO. I watched my grandson over night last night and probably did too much, but I missed him so much and really enjoyed being with him. Of course that means that I'm swollen today. I put a pic from today. I hope my waist gets smaller. It is bigger than it was before surgery. I know there is a lot of swelling still. I'm going to drink lots of water and eat healthy so I can get the couple pounds I've gained off. My husband and I are going to walk today too. My PS won't let me on my treadmill yet so we are going to walk outside. There is a trail that is about 1 1/2 miles and half of it is uphill. I know I will be fine. I just have to go slow and work up to a faster pace. My boobs are dropping nicely. The right is higher and bigger than the left. Maybe it is taking longer because I am right handed and use that side more. It is also more swollen than the left. Enough about me for now. I hope you on the flat side are all healing well and those just getting to the flat side or waiting to get there to you I say Good Luck and a speedy recovery with excellent results!

Hi everyone! I haven't posted because the...

Hi everyone! I haven't posted because the swelling and weight gain I have been dealing with after starting to exercise is making me crazy! I feel like I am going backwards. I know it takes time but I have loose skin and a pooch. Before I couldn't stick my stomach out but now I look pregnant. When I lean over the skin hangs like it did before. Ok, not as much skin sags but I thought it would be tighter. When I sit down I feel like I am going to have an apron again. I so desperately wanted to wear a swimsuit this summer and not feel like I have to hide my stomach and hip area. At this point, that isn't going to happen. I know that swelling happens but I thought it was supposed to be a lot better by now. I feel like I got better and now I'm getting worse. Sorry for the gripe session. I'm just very disappointed right now and wondering what I did wrong. : (
Fresno Plastic Surgeon

I found my doctor online. He is very qualified and I really liked him when I went for my consultation. After I told him what I wanted done, he examined me and didn't feel that I needed a BL and suggested that I just go with the BA and TT. I was impressed that he didn't just try to make more $. I looked through pics of his work, which were great, and was shown what my results would be similar too. He really listened to what results I am hoping for. He is very nice and didn't get upset when, because of my nerves, I kept asking questions before he could finish telling me everything. He made me feel excited about getting this done. I have recommended him to my friends.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Any updates nomoreflap? I have the same PS as you and having the same procedures so I am VERY interested in your progress :)
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You look awesome!!! I hate swelling too, it's terrible. I look about 4-5 mos prego by the end of the day. I hope you enjoy your walk today. Nice to be up and around isn't it? Take care!
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Thanks Nettie! I've seen your pics and you look great! Thanks for always being so supportive. It's been great having you and a few other RS sisters helping me through this. It's not something you can understand until you go through it.
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Ah....finally a picture and worth the wait ;-). Swelling or not you are looking fabulous. My waist was and some days is still bigger- don't worry. It's the shape that changes.
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Thanks 49! I appreciate your support! Your 6 wk pics are fabulous! You look amazing!
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My skin all peeled off on my entire front, even with lotion. It's still dry, but I put lotion every day before I put on my CG.
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Thanks TwoPlusOne! My PS told me to massage lotion into my tummy and give it time.
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Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the Christmas program went well! :) Hey, what girl can pass up a good deal on shoes? ;) can't say i blame ya. Lol.
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I do love my shoes!
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Hey girl, I am sure your fine and its not CC. Are you taking muscle relaxers? Try to lay off the arms more than you have been- maybe you are overdoing it?
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Hi scrappy! How are you? I have to say, you look great! If you didn't tell me there was CC in one of your breasts, I never would have been able to tell. I hope it isn't too painful for you. I think moving around more, shopping, hanging up clothes, and going to the Christmas program actually helped me. I'm being careful not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk per my PS. Hope you are better. I am praying that your CC will go away. Hang in there my friend.
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Hey, No- the CC is not painful at all. For the most part, I cant hardly even tell except for looking at it and the way it feels in certain positions. Its good for now.  I am glad you are doing better and are feeling good! Good idea to lay off all the christmas goodies! I am having a hard time just getting my christmas cards out! lol. Well Merry Chrstmas to you Nomoreflap! I cant wait to see your pics! =)
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Nomoreflap, glad to read you are healing well. I'm still super swollen under my belly button too. Day by day, getting stronger through. Have a great time at your grandson's Christmas program. Hope ou get a old report on Thurs. from your PS.
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Hi Nettie! I saw your pics. You look amazing! Thanks, I did enjoy the Christmas program. I will et you know hat happens with my PS later today. I hear ya with the getting stronger day by day. I'm glad that you are doing o well. Like I said, I saw our pics and you look great!
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Thanks nomoreflap, hope your appt. went well today.
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I had a lot of muscle work done in my abdomen, and I can say that even now, after five weeks, I still have muscle spasms whenever I use those muscles. So I'm sure what you're going through is within the realm of normal. As of the last week, it is no longer painful for me. So you have that to look forward to, at least :). Someone who's done the implants can say how long it took them before it was no longer painful!
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I've seen your pics. All I can say is WOW! I don't see any swelling just amazing results. Of course you were thin and looked great before surgery. You're getting better every day. Thanks for all your encouragement!
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I don't swell much anymore--don't knoe if it's the CG or just time. Waking up this morning was the least swelling I've had so far. Hoping it's a pattern!
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You'll be fine for Christmas. I'm five weeks now and I can do most daily routine things. You'll be swelling but otherwise fine. I don't know if your boobs will have dropped yet by then, though, since I didn't get implants....we should ask Blonde. Her boobs look great already.
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Swelling stinks that could be the some of the weight. I ate biscuits with dinner(which was heathy- chicken and broccoli) I feel like shamu today! I am sure cleaning the whole house didn't help:-) 
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Hey, how long did it take for your boobs to drop? I don't remember seeing them high ever, actually. Did you get yours under the muscle?
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Over the muscle they were never super high. @2-3 weeks 
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Yes, it happened and happens to me as well. I'm too swollen to see muscles much, I think. By bedtime it lookslike a shelf, though it's better if I wear a compression garment all day. I don't swell a loooot, but it's enough to obscure my results :)
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Soon after get my last drain out the swelling begun. It's not fun! I am still super swollen almost 6 week post op- oy vey
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Yay! I too have lost nearly 70# and have my TT and BL/A scheduled. What is this strap you are talking about though? That helps your boobs drop?
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