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I've been reading this site since Nov. 2013. This...

I've been reading this site since Nov. 2013. This is something I've wanted done for about 12 years or so. I have a receding chin, practically non-existent. Since I had a wife, I stopped worrying about it but after she left, I decided this is something I wanted to do for me. This site is a mixed bag of good and bad stories, I hope I can add another good one. I wanted Dr. Mabrie cause he is considered one of the best but he is out of my price range. I chose Dr. Truong after seeing another member of this site have a good experience. Truong had also followed up with him on this site and I liked the care I witnessed in that exchange.


Before pics?
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pre op picture


Good luck! I've been following posts here for a long time too. I have my surgery scheduled the day after you. Hope everything goes smoothly for the both of us! Please keep posting!
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just curious how long are you planning on taking off work?
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Surgery on June 16th, first day I go back to work is June 24th. Might be a little early but its the most time off I can take right now.

Getting close to surgery...

Its almost time. Surgery is this Monday. Ill be taking the week off work. The implant that was suggested is a large Implantech mittelman pre jowl.


good luck!
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Day of surgery

Yesterday was the day. I had the procedure done at 10am. The whole thing was over by 11am. I only had local anesthesia so I was awake and aware during the surgery.

It took about 2.5 to 3 hours for the local to wear off and I am glad I took a vicodin at noon or it might have been painful.

The area is really tight and seems huge from being swollen. My pain never exceeded a 5/10 and that is only if I talked or tried to chew. If I just sat with my mouth shut it was more like 2/10.

It is odd cause the chin area looks cartoonish cause it doesn't have the movement that it use to. This will return soon.


keep up with the updates...I appreciate your details.
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I will and thank you for reading. If you want to know anything specific let me know and I'll share it.

1 day post surgery


How are you feeling? Still very swollen?
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Not too swollen. Ive been growing my facial hair out so it hides things pretty well. Still a tiny bit of pain but it is very minor. I hung out with my brother yesterday and he didn't notice a thing.
That's good! You guys are lucky you can hide swelling with facial hair. Yeah most people don't really notice since we are really the ones obsessed with our chins. I'm glad because I don't want people looking at me and then asking if I had plastic surgery Lol

Day 7

Welp, it has been a week. I feel really good. I have had a very easy recovery so far. I never had any numbness or severe pain.

At this point, I still have some tightness and every so often I can't talk exactly right. I also can't quite smile my original smile. However, this has improved day by day and I don't expect to last too much longer.

I've grown my facial hair all week so I have a slight beard which most likely hides any swelling that might still be left (which I can't tell if any actually is left). My incision is healing nicely and I keep moist with polysporin.

So far I really like the look and am happy I went through with this. I'll most likely wait another week and then Ill shave. After that I'll update the pictures and most likely change the status from "not sure" to "worth it".

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Forgot to mention...

I have only had one person ask anything. Its a coworker I am extremely close with and she gave me the "something seems different" line. I had purposely let my hair get a little longer than usual before the surgery and then cut it a little shorter than usual before returning to work. I also never grow a beard so I had those to things to use as excuses and that seemed to satisfy her. I think she still thought something else had changed but she couldn't place it.

My brother saw me and hasn't noticed a thing.


Out of curiosity, how much did mabrie quoted you? I wanted to do him too but he sounds a bit out of my budget. Have you heard anything about Dr. Chase Lay in San Francisco? I am also considering him at the moment.
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I am sorry, I meant Dr. Chase Lay from San Jose, California.
Mabrie was about $5,800. I looked into Dr. Lay as well. His qualifications are good as well and he seems to know what he is doing. I think his specialty is doing Asian eyelid surgery. He was also expensive for me though. I had saved about 4k and I didn't want to finance it at all. Hope you find someone you feel comfortable with.

The other reason that no one talks about....

I am going to be personal and real here.

Make no question about it, I did this surgery for me, myself and no one else. I hated my profile and thought it ruined an otherwise attractive face. However, here is some personal info and a bit of a life story about the other side of this...will I be more attractive?

Up until about 6 months ago, I had been with the same person for 6 years. We met when we both worked together at a restaurant. They hired her as a manager and I was then her subordinate despite the fact that she was 21 at the time and I was 24. After about 4 months, we started talking and then dating. Eventually we had a kid, got married and had a second. Then 6 months ago, she decided she was done. So I now share custody of our babies and am single.

I am all about self improvement, I stay in shape, I work hard, and I tried to be the best husband I could be. I have always hated my profile and weak chin but since I had found my partner (or so I thought), I stopped worrying about it cause obviously she found me attractive: right?!

Anyway, fast forward to today. I have been on at least a dozen first dates (I forgot how bad and tedious dating is). I think that by the "normal" standard I would be a catch; Check the boxes for attentive, caring, honest, reliable, in shape, tall, educated, personality, good job. However, because of my profile, me facial aesthetics had a serious flaw that I believe was holding me back. In a man's case I think we can get away with being slightly less attractive if we have a great personality, this has carried me most of my life and I have done well with it.

The point of this is, yes I did this for me and only me but I think it has benefited me in the dating/attractiveness department. I had been talking to a girl for about a month and wanted to try that first date but had my procedure coming up. I was able to stall long enough to get the procedure done, wait a week and then do the date. I am happy I did cause this one can't stop raving about how "handsome" I am. She is extremely attractive and our date was a ton of fun cause she speaks well and is very engaged. I can't say what might have been if I did the date before the procedure but if It was like 75% of the other dates I had gone on, I would have heard, "you were great and you're smart and fun but something is missing".

Anyway, that is a peak at the other side that doesn't get discussed much. Sorry for the novel lol.


oh and we need more recent picture :)
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Thanks for sharing your personal story. The story certainly makes me wanting to go through the procedure even more. Wish you everything in life that you put your mind to!
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Thanks for sharing your personal story. Feeling more confident will definatley help in every aspect of life. I just graduated from college last week and then had my chin implant procedure a few days later (my graduation gift to myself haha) and I am so glad I did it. I wish I did it when I turned 18! I remember many days in college thinking how much I hated my chin.Iit consumed my thoughts. I'm excited to start looking for a job soon and with my new defined chin. I feel so much more confident. Before I wasn't thrilled about working and people starring at it. Insecurities are the worst! Especially being out in public. I am so glad to look in the mirror and feel happy with my face now. Some people say plastic surgery is stupid and unnecessary, well I think doctors are their for a reason and we should fix what we want because life it to short to be sad and insecure everyday when it is a simple fix. :) Glad to hear that the date went well. Good luck and hope it works out between you two :)
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13 days post op.

Its been almost 2 weeks. My smile, speech and all my facial expressions are 100% back to normal. That tight feeling is still there if I do certain things but I explained my thoughts on that before and expect it to gradually subside and be completely gone by week 4.

This thing has been seamless for me. No one seems to have a clue that I did it but it has made a great difference. My incision is healed but still slightly raised and a bit red. I know this will go away in time as well. Just keep putting ointment on it. I cut my beard down to stubble and might rock that look for a week or so.


Love the new pic! Profile looks great. Did your surgeon put liquid bandage on it at all? I got my stitches out on Saturday and he put a liquid bandage till the 14th. I have family coming to town in a few days and a party on the 12th and I'm worried it will look the same.. still noticable.... I can't cover it with any makeup. And a normal bandage is obvious. I'm hoping it looks different in a few days or I'm going to have to go to different stores and search for small medical tape to cover it. I don't want people seeing it. Your lucky you can grow a beard!:(
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No liquid bandage but I didn't make it back to my surgion to get my stitches out. It is a 4 hour drive and after taking a week off work, I couldn't get another day. So I had them taken out by someone local to me. Which cost me some but it might be equivalent to the gas money to drive to Fresno. Im sure I could shave completely and no one would notice the scar.

front at 13 days


It looks good, did they knock you out or was it performed under local anesthesia? I kind of went the cheap route and had mine performed under local anesthesia, i felt and heard everything that was going on. I still remember him using the cauterizing tool and smelling my burnt hair when he did, the vibrations from the tool he used would travel to the nerves in my teeth...it was....excruciating. That and the grinding of the bone, cause apparently he had to create a groove along my jawline to place the implant in. I remember opening my eyes and seeing my blood all over his gloves...I was glad it was over when it finally was...but i think it was worth not having to pay the anesthesia, i dont believe in paying to be knocked out for a surgery.
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Diamond- Wow I don't know how people can do it under local anesthesia. That seems to intense. I had Twilight anesthesia and didn't know a thing that was going on.
Hey Diamond, hope we didn't get on the wrong foot with that other conversation. I did local as well. The bone scraping is intense, you can feel it and hear it, I don't think it hurt but it mind rapes you pretty good while your in it. I'd do it again though.

Almost 1 month

Sooooo, It's been a little while. Except for a few facial movements, the implant is all but undetectable. My facial hair doesn't really grow where the incision is and it's still a slight bit raised but not bad. I feel so good about doing this. I'm going to give this blog the personal twist again just cause I think it shows a different side of this story that no one else is sharing. I don't plan on keeping this part up for long since it is a bit personal. I mentioned most things before so go up and read that to get an idea of what is going on. The date I went on went very well and we have been on a few others since. I always knew I was a catch except for this darn receding chin. Well, this girl is really into me for all my other qualities and this time the receding chin isn't ruining it for me. So her are some very personal pictures that won't be up long but I think tell the other side of the story that no one talks about much but deserves to be mentioned. Much thanks to the surgeon and the new chin.


Bravo, thanks for the details of your procedure and frank discussion. You look fabulous. I need a chin too. How long is the incision / scar? How was the implant fixed in place?
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Wow! I bet your ex-wife will be kicking herself.
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Hahaha Thank you, that is very kind. You look great, I wouldn't fix your nose but I understand wanting something. I hope everything goes smooth and you get the result you are looking for.

Scar at 1 month

For those who have asked. Here is the incision point 1 month post op.


so how long would you say you have to wait before you can run? work out?
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The doctors will say 2 weeks or so but I felt fine running after about 5 days. I wouldn't swing any weights for at least 2 weeks though just to be safe.
just got my chin and man you were so right when you said i wont worry bout my nose when i get the implant damn....but i need a bit more projection...my dr. went with a large instead of an extra large...he is very conservative and thinks the chin will look to big on me...i have to go back and ask for the extra large and hopefully he will do another procedure...i want to get this done early as possible
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Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Truong is nice, friendly and to the point. I didn't have a lot of questions cause I had spent a long time reading up on the procedure. A 4 out of 5 on time spent with me is not a knock on Dr. Truong, I didn't need a lot of time cause I did lots of research and knew what to expect.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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