I have New boobies!

Hello, I just turned 45. I'm married and have two...

Hello, I just turned 45. I'm married and have two children. I'm a small 36B, I'm 5'7, and weigh 138 lbs. I'm working on that weight. I have always loved my body. But have always wished for a little more. I have made an appt with a DR in Jan. I would love to be a full C. Not sure on size, shape, or type. Many questions.

Ok, I have a question. If you go to a sauna, do...

Ok, I have a question. If you go to a sauna, do your implants also warm up? I was stretching out this morning in the sauna at the gym and thought about the implants. Boobies are always on my mind. :)

My consultation is this Friday! I'm super excited...

My consultation is this Friday! I'm super excited and a little nervous. I've done lots of research and not sure if I should do saline or silicone. I like saline because if it ruptures then I will know. However, I like the fact that you don't get so many ripples with silicone. Also, your percentage in getting cc is reduced. My hubby wants me to get saline. Not sure what I will do. Help!

I went to my 2nd appt at Dr. Mitts office. Decided...

I went to my 2nd appt at Dr. Mitts office. Decided to increase cc's from 450 to 533. Also, changed from saline to silicone. Due to breast size and thin skin, thought it would be best to try and minimize rippling. I don't think I could handle a lot of rippling. I think I will be a small D. Not sure, I will have to call on Monday to check. My surgery is scheduled for Feburary the 6th. The surgery center will call two days before with surgery time. I'm offically off all meds, including birth control. I have bought three sports bra's, a body pillow, neck pillow, constipation pills, antibacterial soap, and slippers. On Monday I will do blood test and get meds filled. Paid off my surgery bill! Can't forget to mention that. I'm super excited and scared! Ok, I'm going to try and post pictures now. Hope I do it right. :)

Well, I dropped off my prescription at SaveMart...

Well, I dropped off my prescription at SaveMart today and bought to bags of frozen peas for the swelling. A few hours later I got a call from the pharmacy saying the doctor forgot to date my prescription. Because the prescription included pain meds, they can't fill it without the doctor writing the date on it. No fax allowed. Well, now I have to wait till Thursday because that's when he has office hours in my town. So, I figured I would make another appointment to see if I can go BIGGER! Crazy huh! Surgery is on Feb the 6th and still no meds. Go figure. :)

Well, I have decided to not increase my cc's. Even...

Well, I have decided to not increase my cc's. Even though I was feeling a little peer pressure. I will stay with 533 cc's. I should end up a very full C, small D depending on bra. I want boobs, I just don't want them to walk into a room before I do. I love wearing summer dresses and bikini tops. It's important for me to continue to look as natural as possible. :)

4 more days! I think I have everything I need. I...

4 more days! I think I have everything I need. I will be using our sofa sleeper in tv room to recover. I know I will feel like an elephant is on my chest hopefully it will be more like a baby elephant than a mama elephant. Hahaha....I can't wait. I will have my hair washed and straighten the day before. I won't wash it again for a week. I don't want any additional pain. I know, yucky....but it's really a small price for boobies. I hope I don't end up with some serious frankenboobs! My doctor doesn't believe in massaging and my follow up appointment is one week later. :)

2 more days! Can't wait for my boobies. Still...

2 more days! Can't wait for my boobies. Still unsure if I should sleep on the sofa sleeper or love seat. I was stressed last night, hard to sleep. Tonight might be the same. :)

I'm super stressed out! I will eat breakfast,...

I'm super stressed out! I will eat breakfast, since I can't tomorrow. I think I have everything. I hope I do. Please let me only have light pain and no frankenboobs. I have to drink water! Gosh! Maybe I can eat a special brownie to calm my nerves! :)

I ate my last meal! For tonight......hehehe...I'm...

I ate my last meal! For tonight......hehehe...I'm drinking tons of water. Downstairs room is all ready for recovery. Very nervous. Hope my new boobies are big enough. They felt big enough when I tried the sizers. Gosh! Please let me be the one with a fast recovery! Yikes!

I'm leaving for the surgery center in 20 min. I'm...

I'm leaving for the surgery center in 20 min. I'm nervous but calm. I'm also starving. Waiting for my BFF. I love you all. Thanks for your support. Will update when I can. See you on the other side. :)

Hello everyone! I have boobs! My appointment was...

Hello everyone! I have boobs! My appointment was at 10:15, surgery was set at 11:00. Unfortunately the dr was running late. It was foggy and I believe that slowed the first person down. I didn't get in until 11:45 ish, surgery started at about 12:20. Had to answer questions with nurse, anastiliologist, and finally doctor drew on my chest. Also, had to pee in a cup. Then was walked into the surgery room. The bed was scary looking, jumped on it and got strapped down. They put monitors all over me and also some pressure socks. They put an IV in me and I was out. Didn't even see dr walk in. Then I woke up crying because my arms were killing. I have tendinitis n both arms. They gave me more pain meds and oxygen. I just keep saying my arms hurt. It was pretty sad. I was in recovery for about an hour. Longer than expected. Then the boobs started hurting. Man did they hurt. Not so much pressure but pain. Especially on sides. It was very hard to lay down without my boobs hurting. I have been rubbing arnica on them. Gosh they really hurt yesterday, today is better. I set my alarm for every 3 hours to take meds. It was a very long night. I'm exhausted! I haven't really looked at them. Thank god I found RealSelf, I really felt completely informed. I hope I end p a full D. I will post pictures as soon as my t-Rex arms allow me. Thanks for all your support. Love all of you. :)

New pictures.

New pictures.

Well, my boobs are getting a little softer. It's...

Well, my boobs are getting a little softer. It's been hard getting out of bed. I'm taking my meds and spreading Arnica on them. I don't like morning boob, that's no fun. That god for my mommy's helper. She does everything and helps me out. Finally went poop, tmi, sorry. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff. Be patience! I know. :)

Well, today I'm three days post op. My boobies are...

Well, today I'm three days post op. My boobies are not as hard, they seem to be dropping a little. I got 533 silicone under the muscle and boy did I feel every cc after surgery. Sleeping sucks. Can't move to either side and scooting up is difficult. Every time I sit up or stand up I stretch out my arms. They do get stiff because of surgery. I'm glad I did abs workout before surgery. Makes it easier to move with out using my hands. I posted some pictures. Any thoughts. :)

I'm 4 days post op. I'm moving very slowly, have...

I'm 4 days post op. I'm moving very slowly, have to remember to stand up straight. I have pain here and there around the boobs. It's hard to be positive when you just want to lay down! How many more days do I have before I get my energy back? I'm feeling bummed out!

I have a question. Hope it's not a dumb one. Can...

I have a question. Hope it's not a dumb one. Can anyone else feel their implants dropping? I feel like they are, it really aches underneath boobs. Maybe the weight of them. Help!

Hi booby buddies, tomorrow I will be 6 weeks! ...

Hi booby buddies, tomorrow I will be 6 weeks! Can't believe it. Still have some tightness and tenderness at bottom of both boobs. Nipples aren't so sensitive. Thank goodness. They have dropped, not sure if they have more to drop. Sleeping only on my back and sides. No more morning boobs! That a big Yay! Still adjusting to how they feel. I will post an updated photo of my girls. :)

Updated photo. I am 10 weeks. My right Boobie is...

Updated photo. I am 10 weeks. My right Boobie is still a little higher than left one. Called dr's office and they don't seem to care to much. I ordered a breast strap to see if I can get it a little lower. I've been doing massages on my own. Again no help from dr. Please check out photo and tell me if I'm just being paranoid. They look like this even when I wear a sports bra. My right has upper fullness and a crease. None on left. Thanks.
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what profile did you go with?I guessed moderate plus?
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Hi Sally, yup you got it. They are huge. Went for fun today for the first time. Wore two sports bras. Kept them nice and tight. :)
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Beautiful results
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Thank you Violet. I love them more each day. :)
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Awesome: I feel the same way about mine.
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The right does look a little higher, I am 6 weeks and my left is still higher. My dr said that I can wrap an ace bandage if I wanted to instead of a strap. It works the same way. She also said it would be 3-6 months for final results. Try and be patient. Are yours over or under?
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Hi Boston, mine are unders. I'm very frustrated with my dr. He doesn't believe in massaging or straps. When I say him last month he said maybe it was my breast bone or ribs. Didn't offer any advice about massage or strap. He didn't even touch them to see if they where firm. Also they don't take pictures after surgery. There is nothing on file to compare my progress to. Very exhausted. Trying to get advice where I can. Thanks.
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I think the healing process is more the scary part and when you read about different doctors you're right ones believe in massage others the band some don't who is to say is the right way. They are supposed to be the professionals. Since you have your own before and after pics have you posted your comments and concerns where the doctors get to respond. Maybe you can get some free professional advise. I see a lot of doctors actually do respond. Good Luck and take it easy because in all reality they really do look good.
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I think they look amazing!!!! But its your opinion that counts, if they dont feel right to you keep bugging the doctor. But I do think from what I have read everyone is different and can take any where from 6 mth-1yr to see full results. But for 10 weeks i think they look quite good!!!! Good Luck
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Thank you maybaby. It's hard because you only have a small window to try and help with the dropping. Once you hit 3 - 4 months, it's no longer possible. I hate stressing about this. Hate it! :)
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You look amazing!!! Congrats!! :):):)
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Omg yours look perfect! Our stats ate about the same except I have more breast tissue. I hope mine turn out like yours !
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Congrats girl. Time flies once you reach that 6 week mark. They look great. And yes they will continue to change. You will probably notice it daily. I'm already past the 3 month mark and feeling back to normal with my workouts. I gained a little bit due to a little stress and limitation on my running because of a collapsed arch. But within a month I should be right back where I started. Keep posting. So happy for you. Yes update us with some pics soon!!!
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Thanks GoBig! :)
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They have definately dropped, dare I say I think they actually look bigger now! I am 2 weeks 4 day post op and am waiting for the girls to drop more, it seems like such a long process. When did you notice them to have dropped? Looking good!
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Thanks Boston, it's such a long strange process. You feel them drop before you even notice. Mine, maybe 6 days out that I noticed they weren't so high up. That feeling like a monkey is pulling them down but they aren't moving, is the strangest. I still get that dropping feeling. Not sure if they will drop more or maybe just fluffing. They have a life of there own. :)
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Need some new pics lady!!! =)
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Im massaging mine every day and i think i can feel them dropping like u say u feel. it could be just from the massaging making them feel kind of sore though. Im not sure. Ur boobies look natural already. post a side view!
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Maybe I'm just not there yet but I can't feel them dropping.
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Hi Sarah, it might be a little early. It's a strange feeling, like they are slowly sliding down but they aren't moving. Crazy.
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Such a weird thing we've put our bodies through! So glad to have this real self family to share it all with.
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I'm post op day 3 and am beginning to feel the weight of the implants. Doc does not want me to wear a bra, so they seem extra heavy. I have to resist cupping them with my hands; after all I want them to drop ASAP. Hope all is well
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Hey Highwaist, how are you doing? The weight, lets not get started on the weight......and how that feels.
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Highwaist .. Are you massaging? Cali .. You got some big boobies girl!! By 2-3 months you will be back to your old and a friend of mine told me "I will love them in a year" thinking of you!!! xo
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I had mine done on feb 6 and i feel pain under mine too. Im not sure why but thats the only pain/discomfort i have had.
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