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My procedure is at 11:45 today and I couldn't...

My procedure is at 11:45 today and I couldn't sleep last night. I hope I'm happy with my choice of doing this. I've wanted to do this since I was 14 years old and I'm finally getting it done. I will add photos of before and after soon. Thanks to all the people that have shared their stories on RealSelf.com. It's been very educational and my doctor was impressed with my knowledge of this procedure, much of which I learned on this sight. Wish me luck and I will update soon!

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The Day After...

My surgery was yesterday and so far, I am very, very happy with my results! No more weak chin. The procedure took about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the time they started to numb my face the local anesthetic. Basically getting over 3 dozen shots on and around my chin. Not a fun experience! I should have taken a valium to relax me because it was a very intense 15 minutes. When they finished with the injections I got flush and dizzy and needed a few minutes before heading to the O.R. It was a bizarre feeling.
I choose to have local instead of being put under to keep the price down and recover quicker right after surgery. If you choose that option, ask the doctor for something like a valium to relax you and take the edge off! I wish I had. Although I felt no pain during the operation, I was aware of everything going on around me. I could feel the pressure as the doctor created the pocket for the implant. Especially when he was on the bone of my chin. I don't think I unclenched my body the entire time of the surgery, lol. I tried to relax as best I could but I was cursing myself for not getting the valium. Dr. Truong was very good at informing me when he was halfway done and was doing very well. He was very professional and did a great job.
When the surgery was over I was very numb from under my chin to the top of my lower lip. When the nurse handed me a mirror I was shocked, in a good way. I finally had a chin and I think it turned out great! I was very excited by the results. I will be posting photos when the swelling has gone down. Now my chin looks a lot larger than right after surgery because of that swelling, which I was told to expect.

I have taken Vicodin for pain every 4 hours but as of 4pm today I don't feel like it's necessary anymore. The only thing that bugs me now is the pen marks the doctor had to make prior to the surgery. They are still there! They've been really hard to clean off. I've used rubbing alcohol and even lemon juice but they've only faded a bit. I'll keep trying. It won't be an issue since I'm off work all next week but I hope they are gone by then.
If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask.


I'm thinking about this surgery. Did you have neck lipo done at the same time? How are things going now?
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I'm doing ok now. No pain to speak of but still swollen but looking a little less Jay Leno but still noticeable. I didn't have neck lipo, it wasn't necessary for me since I stay in pretty good shape and work out daily. I expected this so smiling and my speech have been affected but I have read and been told this is normal for awhile after surgery. I get me stitches out on Thursday and will get an update from my doctor then. I will ask about the swelling and what to expect in the near future.
thanks for your update! glad ur happy. I have been plannin on a mandible angle implant cuz I have an asymmetric jaw on both sides but I haven't been able to find many reviews on that! which material did you use for implant? I would really want to know how long does it take for the swelling to go. All the best!
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Before and a few hours after surgery

Before and a few hours of surgery


Looking great, griff311! I'm curious how people have reacted. Did people notice? How has it been so far?
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Thanks you! Well, I haven't been back to work yet so not a lot of people have seen the new me. The swelling has gone done a lot this week so it's less noticeable that I had something done but I think people will notice. I'm very happy how it looks now so I think I'll get positive feed back. I know my friends and co-workers will give me the "you looked good before you didn't need to do it", but I did it for me! We will see what happens when I'm back to work Monday.
Wow, it looks great! Im hoping to get my chin done in a couple of months
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8th Day Pics


hey griff311 ! can you add another before picture of yourself ?then we here can tell the difference!
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A couple of before as requested


Congrats! I think you have a great result. I'm sure by now you're all healed and HAPPY!
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Thank you Bella! Yes, I'm all healed and more than happy about the results!
WOOHOOOOO!! I love my chin too. Even after 18 years :) and i never had to replace it. Enjoy and have a HAPPY Monday!

8 months later

Thought I would up date with a new pic. I love my new chin and it has really improved my confidence and the way I feel about myself. So glad I did it,


Can you update us on your recovery? Do you have any numbness? Thanks for the info.
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Yay!! Glad you're lovin' your chin. I hear so many not so happy patients with it,but i can speak from experience and i love mine. It definitely gives you or enhances your confidence. Enjoy your labor Day Weekend!
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Thanks Bella!

10 months later

It's been almost 10 months since my chin implant and I'm thrilled with the results. The scar under my chin is barely visible and my chin feels normal and I really can't tell I have an implant. I'm much more confident in myself and no longer self-conscious about my profile. Dr. Truong did such an amazing job and I know others on this site have used him for their chin implant surgery also. Thanks to everyone who has given me positive feed back and good luck to you all.


results are amazing congrats :)
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Thank you! I appreciate the comment.
Glad everything is looking good&you are happy with your results.
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