Tummy tuck- Jul 17, 2014

I've been posting but on a wrong board to a...

I've been posting but on a wrong board to a revision tummy tuck. I have a question. Does anyone have a numbness in the outer thigh after tummy tuck? I have numbness to my left outer thigh and it's bothering me. Does it go away in time? I'm still enjoying my sedentary lifestyle due to my drains hoping it will be taken out soon

2nd post op appointment

I'm 18 days post op and had a visit today with the MD and left drain is taken out but kept the rt one. He'll check it on thursday. I doubt it will come off because I'm still draining >25 cc/day on this drain. Pain is gone and it's easier to move but I'm still very sedentary. I get tired easily. My post op covering like a steri-strip type dressing came off today. I was told by my MD to put at least cethaphil on the area. The BB sutures were taken out today and it's looking good so far. my numbness to the left thigh remains and unchanged.

18 day pic

didnt have the chance to post the pic

hunched back

I'm still hunched at the end of the day and for an active woman before the surgery...i do only slow walkin at this time

Moves better

I woke up today feeling better than the past few days. I've been going out with friends but I sat down most of the time. I still have my 1 drain and draining about 30 cc a day. I'm going to lie on my output to be 25 cc/day tomorrow to pull this out. I don't care anymore if I have to do the aspiration later. I'm still walikng sloww but faster than few days ago so it's a plus. My woud still looks the same. No more muscle pain just the swelling and numbness discomfort plus mild soreness to my abdominal incision. I'm just using lotion at this time to the wound.

drain taken out

Finally my drain was taken out this morning, I feel like a normal individuAL AGAIN, SUDDENLY MY ENERGY LEVEL WENT UP. Ill post pic on my 4th week. For now my Dr allows me to put moiturizer on my scar

4 weeks

I'm still sedentary and get so swollen after an hour of standing or sitting. I lay on the bed most of the time due to abdominal tightness from swelling. Waiting for the night anticipating for a better next day

Swell hell

I decided not to wear my CG. And woke up 4 hours after with significant swelling. Wear the CG hing the swelling goes down after few hours, now I do believe in wearing CG while asleep


Today I decided to try spanx all day and at sleep. I've been lifting weights with 4lbs only. Never tried to run only walking with pace lower than my normal walking . I'm going back to work by the end of next week. I do a strenous job. So I need to start doing more exercises.

5th week mark

last night I decided not to wear CG even spanyx and I didnt see any difference from the other day. I can do lounge and squat without out pain. I do minimal walking cuz I get up late and it's too hot to walk outside. I'll plan to wear my sneaker tomorrow and try to do fast paced walking. My incision looks the same

almost 6 weeks

I have occasional tightness and always tight, swollen in the afternoon. Feel gassy every night. I can do squat, lounge and 6lbs dumbell on each hand but I do minimal walikg. I only use spanyx the whole day and massage my abdomen at noght using the opsidian stone I bought in Mexico few years ago, It makes it easier to do it. Scar is healing ok with small scab at both ends and it's getting better using cetaphil lotion. It's not comfortable attending parties due to the swelling for sitting up long. I'm going back to work on Sunday

6 weeks

I feel good except the swelling after getting up. I start going to gym for a slow walk in the treadmill and light weights. I'm going back tomorrow and to see my Doctor on Tuesday after work and waiting for his recopmendation on my activity. I dont feel any pain even with sudden movement. I went out dacing last night and dance til dawn, I tolerated it. i'm getting use to the swelling and living it. Otherwise everything is ok

6 weeks afternoon swelling

Pics in the afternoon withswelling


I was so swollen but I'm used to it now. Life goes on and maximize what I got now I just need to loss the weight I gained while recuperating. I'll see my PS and see what his recommendation on exercise at this stage


I went to see my PS today and instructed me to exercise of what my body can handle. He instructed me to wean myself from CG and to monitor my scar for posible keloid to treat it promptly

2nd month

Time flies when you past the 6 weeks. I'm feeling better and active almost to my pre surgery. The swelling is not as bad as I thought , I got used to it and doesn't bother me anymore as well as the numbness. All I can say is that even though I gained lbs after the procedure I look better than before. I could wear dress and not worrying my tummy. I still not able to do the flank and sits up but I do standing sit up like exercise. I'm back to my Zumba and spinning.


I stopped wearing CG or spanyx at 6 weeks and I didn't see any difference of wearing them or not
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Hi, you have to be patience swelling can last up to 6-8 months, l use to pineapple tea from lipton (have photo in my profile) and/or ARTICHOKE tea, cut an Artichoke in half boiled and use honey as a sweet you can drink it cold or hot, wich ever way you refer, l make a jar and still drinking it because l retend water, a TT is a long healing process. God Bless
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Hi, Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will try it. You look fabulous!!!!
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Thank you and you are welcome, at the end it worth it, went all this is over and you look yourself in the mirror you will said dawn!!!, HAPPY HEALINGGGGG
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Thanks for the suggestion
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I am 11 weeks post-op and still have numbness to my outer thighs, that does not bother me as much as the swelling in the abdomen, down into my hips I still have that gets worst by the end of my 9-5 day. When will this swelling subside, or what can I do? any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Welcome to 4 weeks post op! This is when I ditched compression and ONLY wore it to bed. I did a huge post on compression in my Review. If you keep wearing it 24/7, you are only delaying the swelling from happening and letting your body get used to it. So you're doing it right by just sleeping with it. I slept with mine on for a long time! Happy healing :-)
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I'll review yor postings. Thanks
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Drink acidic juices like oj and try the over the counter diuretics.
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Acidic juices: what's the reason behind it? I've been taking my hydrochlorothiazide since day 1, I stopped it for 2 days and my drainage subsided and restarted 2 days ago to see if there's a difference in output, so far I saw no difference
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I'm 9 months over my surgery And still stomach and thighs numb ?
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I guess it's not gonna go away...oh well I just have to live with it...be very careful not to injure the affected area
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Hi there. I have had numbing in my left leg since day one. Every day it gets better. I am now at week 7 post op and still have numbing around the upper left thigh area from the mid to inner part of the thigh (about the size of a 3"x5" index card). I have read that this is normal when TT is performed. Hope you are feeling better. Photos look great. :)
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I don't see any improvement on my numbness but getting used to it. Mine is biggger abou 1.5 the size of the hand. How's your sswellingn to the abdomen?
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The numbess goes away in due time. This happens after abdominal surgery.
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That's reassuring. I'm at the md office for my 2nd follow up visit. Hoping my drains will be taken out
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It takes a while for the body to adjust. You retained fluid after the surgery and it has to be absorbed or released. I had a hysterectomy and the same thing happened. I was always poking my legs checking for numbness.
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