I have considered a tummy tuck for seven long...

I have considered a tummy tuck for seven long years. I'm feeling really excited and anxious and a bit scared of the health implications as well. I have an appointment scheduled next week with the doctor.

I hope to feel comfortable undressing in front of my husband. I was approved for a loan and my mil said she will help so I'm ready to get this done! I'm hoping the sooner the better so I can be recovered for my ninth anniversary in November :)

Today I visited the doctor. He was very thorough...

Today I visited the doctor. He was very thorough explaining the different procedures offered for tummies. After examining me he suggested that with my current anatomy and issues a full tummy tuck is recommended. We then went offer the risks of the procedure, the time, the outcomes etc. Overall, I find him to be confident but not too confident. He seems experienced and competent to perform my surgery. I put down a 10% down payment today. I notified the financing company of the date and asked for expedited payment since payment is usually required two weeks prior to surgery which makes that October 19th. Since I take antidepressants for anxiety/depression he asked for a sign off from either my therapist or my physician which was a bit discouraging because I don't have the time to drive way over the bay to see my doctor and my psychotherapist thinks having a mommy tummy is okay. I see her tomorrow anyway hopefully she will welcome this surgery and sign off so I don't have to drive across the bay. I am really really nervous now. All I need to do now is pay the remaining balance of 1750.00 on friday, get a sign off then surgery here I come. Oh my!!!

Yesterday I got my "psychological clearance" for...

Yesterday I got my "psychological clearance" for surgery. I just have to pay the remaining balance on Friday. The financing company sent the check already. I have to admit that I am on the absolute lowest dose of lexapro. It was sort of discouraging that I needed clearance like I'm not competent in making my own decisions. I guess it is protocol though even though it made me feel like a child/crazy person. Has anyone else encountered that before? I am getting my home ready for my recovery. I did a lot of gardening today. I have been cleaning really thorough. Can you guys give me some tips on clothes and other things I will need during my recovery. I am so ready to get this over with. Time will fly though with as busy as I am. I forgot to mention Monday I was in an accident a hit and run and I am having neck pain but I cannot take motrin. What a bummer...it's okay though. I actually found the suspects car today so I was on top of the world. I posted some pre op pictures. What do you guys think of them honestly?

Oday I went and paid the remaining balance since...

oday I went and paid the remaining balance since the entire payment is due 2 weeks before. Ouch that really hurt my pocket :/ It almost feels to good to be true as if something will happen that will stop the surgery from occurring, like maybe the financing company is going to back out or something. I also went shopping today for things for my surgery since it is now officially two weeks away. I got a robe (for when clothes is too hard...lol), a pajama tank shirt and shorts that the shirt is so loose I can just take off of my shoulders, a button down shirt, button down pajama set, witch hazel wipes, witch hazel, antiseptic stuff, anti-bacterial soap, puppy pads, two set of girdles. I didn't see one of those toilet chairs there though. Maybe I'll order one from amazon or something. Is there anything else I'm missing besides entertainment? I have pads here at home. My mother in law said something weird today. She said, "is Your husband going to be home Saturday after your surgery?" I don't think so he will work Sat and Sunday, she said, "oh i feel so sorry for you!" What does that mean? Is she backing out? Is she taking the kids out of town with her? I guess I should have asked but it didn't register in my mind. I guess she will probably bring my kids home with her so I will be solo the next days afterwards until monday...that sounds scary but I'm sure I will be fine...I had a completely natural birth so I'm okay with pain and there is always domino's pizza, right? Besides I will just be bed ridden for the most part. So I have been weaning my little one and it is so difficult. He is suspected to have autism and he does not like change and I have stopped nursing him at night. I still nurse him when we wake up and after nap time in the afternoon and once more before bed. Those will be easier to take away so I chose the hard one first. He did well Wednesday night but last night he cried for two hours...I felt terrible. Anyways, I'm so excited and as I was shopping today I was elated at the idea I will soon look good in everything :)

I'm happy to have found this site and know that...

I'm happy to have found this site and know that all of my emotions that I am feeling is normal. Today was my pre-op. I really enjoyed Dr. Romano's bedside manner today. He is very cheerful, kind, patient and informative. I am now officially ready for my surgery on FRIDAY! I will arrive at 6:30 and hopefully be in surgery for 7:30. My mil will be staying with me until Tuesday and then my mom will fly in from Louisiana on that Wednesday. My follow up appointment is also on that Wednesday morning. I have been dieting and lost another 4 pounds since my consultation. I am now going to stop my diet and eat lots of nutrient rich food so my body will be strong for the recovery. If I am still dissatisfied with my size after the surgery I can always diet again afterwards. I am thankful to have such a busy week planned so it will not drag by.

The day has finally arrived and I am really...

The day has finally arrived and I am really nervous. I suffer anxiety so my fears are overwhelming me but my talks to myself (lol) are soothing. I actually am sick right now but since I have no fever or cough or mucus I'm in the clear. What are the chances? So hopefully nothing changes and all is well tomorrow morning. My surgery is at 7:30 pray for me!!!!!!!

I did it I actually did it! the surgery went well....

I did it I actually did it! the surgery went well... I don't remember anything from the surgery but I do remember my plastic surgeon holding my hand while I fell asleep that was so sweet... I woke up and a lot of pain.... a bunch of pain medicine later I went home... I have actually not been able to go to sleep I am in so much pain. . if I was able to take something else like ibuprofin it would be so much better. I called my doctor because the pain was too much and I needed to know what else I could take. he prescribed me somthing else my mother in law is picking that right now i guess i dont have a high pain tolerance after all? which is really weird because I just delivered my baby natural... no medicine needed. i asked how much was removed 500+ ob one side and 40+ g on the other!! that is 2 pounds....how exciting...so no taking off my garment until Wednesday :( so no pictures yet. happy healing to those of you in need. btw is the first day the most painful?

Yesterday was my surgery. I am feeling less...

Yesterday was my surgery. I am feeling less groggy today so I can run the day down for those of you that may be interested. I woke up at 5:00 very tired and ready to go back to sleep at the surgery center. I took a shower with hibecleanser and anti bacterial soap, straightened my hair, brushed my teeth then woke up my seven year old to tell her good bye. I arrived to the surgery center at 6:15 and registered. The nurse brought me to the back and I gave a urine sample while I got dressed into my surgery outfit. The nurse asked me my medical background, medicines, and I signed forms. My iv was started, then they allowed my husband to join me by this time it was 7:10. The PS came to my room and drew the markings on my belly and answered my last minute questions. Then the anesthesiologist came in and did the same. He then gave me my "cocktail" which didn't mess me up as much as I expected. The operation nurse told me I couldn't wear my tampon into surgery nor my underwear so I was walking around in a gown holding a pad between my legs...lol. I was then wheeled into the operation room after kissing my hunny goodbye. I was put into the bed covered with blankets. The anesthesiologist, doctor, and nurse were very friendly. The PS grabbed my arm and clasps my hand while rubbing it very nurturing and told me to think of something beautiful and I would wake up even more beautiful :) Then I woke up in a ton of pain a lot different than I expected. I was expecting a more superficial pain from my muscles and incision but the pain was more internal feeling like my organs. My blood pressure was really high from the pain so they were overly friendly with the pain medicine which I was thankful for. I was only in recovery for an hour or so. I needed the restroom because I woke up without my pad! The nurse was male and pushy with my private time..lol needless to say he saw more than he should...ha ha. Then I was wheeled out to the van and the time was 12:00. The pain medicine at home was not working at all so I called the doctors office to ask why I couldn't take ibuprofen along with it so he ended up prescribing an additional pain medicine that definitely helped take the edge off and I was able to relax a bit. I have to admit it was very painful. Today I feel much better. The pain is more superficial and abdominal soreness/tightness unlike yesterday in which it felt more internal. I slept okay and I have a ton of help. Fore those of you who have kids I highly suggest you getting help for them because it is really difficult to get up and down. I absolutely need help to get out of bed. I don't get my garment off until Wednesday :( Oh well...it will be even that much more exciting to see it then. I'm still in disbelief that I/me got a tummy tuck and no longer have that saggy monster dragging me down...yay! here are some pics before the surgery and of my garment and drains. Happy healing and waiting for your turn!!!

I slept really good last night with the help of...

I slept really good last night with the help of some benadryl. Today I am able to get up on my own easier, I still need help sitting down though. I'm very thankful to have help because it is still difficult getting up and down. I am 5 6 and the toilet seat elevator has been my best friend because I have been drinking a lot of fluids and I am on my period tmi sorry but I think that was a great investment for me. Today I have new sensations of a pinch here and a pull there. My drain on my right side is very sensitive and that hurts more than the other pains I'm having right now. I have numbness on my upper thighs. I also found a bleeding hole on my outer thigh and I'm wondering what that may be from because I don't have that on the other leg and i didn't think I was going to get any lipo done. Any ideas of what that can be? When am I allowed to stop wearing these leggings to prevent blood clots? I am also getting a lot of chills only in my abdominal area...I'm not sure what that is about. I have no fever and I'm keeping up on my antibiotics. I am still in pain because I still have to take my medicine to be comfortable but it is not so terribly bad like it was on the first day. It is basically just tightness and soreness with pinching and pulling. The tape and packing and garment are a bit irritating and itchy. I can't wait to see it. I'm wondering why my follow up isn't until Wednesday. That means this packing is going to be on me for five days. That seems a bit gross to me. I have been cleaning my drains sutures with witch hazel and spraying the holes with dermoplast. I also have numb pain on my right hip but I think thats from my garment and the way it puts pressure on that hip bone. It also keeps slipping up and I'm having to pull it down. Last night my mil washed my hair in the sink and my hubby gave me a sponge bath..it felt great because I am hygiene obsessed. My drains are less bloody and more a clear substance coming out. To be completely honest I could deal with them for as long as needed because I'm afraid that if and when they come out I will be dealing with too much swelling. That's all I can think of right now. I'm ready for the pain to get better so I can get off all this medicine..All the rest is really helping. Hope those that are healing along with me are doing good and praying that those of you going in tomorrow have a good procedure with no complications :)

Well ladies not much going on here. im making...

well ladies not much going on here. im making progress in that i can get up and down on my own even though i still prefer not to. Im feeling more pressure/incision burning pain. ice is my off with 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. i javelin to be really careful because with my new numbness im sure i could hurt myself if i forgot about this ice on my belly. i jade to tighten up my garment today because it is sliding up so much. im feeling better overall but i also feel more sore if that makes sense?? im really tired today mainly because i have to take benadryl with my med due to itching. im going to sleep good tonight :D im so thankful for my mil she is so great for me right now! my hubby is being a turd. ..lol he told me if i keep eating like i am my stomach won't be flat...wth. ..? im just going to ignore it because i am pmsing and i feel like poop so yes im going to eat comfort food...he would do the same...im not even worried about it i know i can lose weight this is hard ladies...lol this is the boost i needed and im going to be happy with anything other than my hang. i have chills around my belly but no fever. should i be concerned about infection? its so weird. my post op appointment is Wednesday morning. im draining about 90 ml per drain a day. im cleaning the sutured area with witch hazel and spraying it with that antiseptic spray for cuts and burns to help prevent infections. i am numb on my upper thighs which makes me think that my incision is really low. anyone out there with similiar numbness? my roommate returns tonight so no more walking around in my underwear. ...boo hoof...lol

Feeling down today but not due to regular reasons...

feeling down today but not due to regular reasons but because I feel I should be feeling better by now because I read others post and they're taking Tylenol and moving around and feeling good and frankly I'm not. my ice pack is my best friend right now. I'm having to take my pain medicine about every 4 hours or the pain is too much. I'm resting and doing everything I should be doing just a little upset I'm not feeling as well as others by this point. I have my post op appointment tomorrow I'm thinking I'm going to get my drains out because I'm hardly getting anything out of them. I'm so excited I get to see my mom tomorrow she flies in from Louisiana but bummed that my mother in law will be leaving she's been such a great help. I'm hoping once my trains come out that maybe I'll feel better in my upper abdominal area. that's it maybe I'll check in tomorrow

Pics from a peek yesterday whenever the tape came...

Pics from a peek yesterday whenever the tape came off my bandage and I had to fix it. Pics from today whenever my drains came out. It was not super painful just felt really strange. I'm happy with the results. I still don't believe it is my tummy. Im so excited that im a milf!!! I'm worried about encountering swelling now but I'm sure whatever happens will happens will happen.

Okay ladies I have not posted in a while mainly...

Okay ladies I have not posted in a while mainly because things got much harder. My mother in law left and so did all of her help :( Even though my mom flew in and she did her best and probably wore herself out she didn't help me enough where I really needed it with the kids and getting out of bed in the morning and things like that. I wouldn't have minded my house looking awful if my kids were being cared for minus me getting up and down and up and down and fixing lunch and so forth. I hate even saying it because I am very thankful for her help it is just been difficult. My two year old came down with croup on Monday and we have been going to the ER and a ton of doctors visits to prevent him from being hospitalized so now I am up every few hours getting meds and giving breathing treatments and so forth. I am also sick with a cough and let me say OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! I feel fire in my MR areas. My PS seems to think I didn't damage anything and I sure hope I didn't. I cough as light as I can control and put pressure on my belly while I cough to hold it in.

Today I got my tape off and the swelling has gone down tremendously. I was worried about swelling after the drains were removed and I got some which is completely normal and expected. It has gone down however even though there is still swelling which my PS says to expect swelling until around 3 months I will be 85% then around 6 months-year I will be 100%. While he pulled the tape off a little of my scabs were removed and I bled a bit.

So to sum it up thus far, the day of the surgery I was in extreme pain. I have been making progress daily from getting up and down by myself to walking more up upright, being able to tilt a bit more to the side while lying down, lying a bit more flat, standing while showering, etc. Believe me these are major. I'm still in pain because I am not allowed to rest with my two year old. He would have been in school and not sick and fussy and needy and I would have been able to rest more. Most of my pain is due to MR which is great because I know I will be tight :) The garment is good it helps the pain so much. I need it to cover my upper abs more than my lower abs. I also got myself the roll gauze for the dressing and it works the best. I wish I would have had that from the beginning.

As you see from the pictures I have A LOT of puckering but I'm not overly worried about it because I know it is from packing the upper skin from a large incision into a lower shorter incision. I came into this with realistic expectations and with an open mind which I believe is very important. I see a lot of reviews where women are a bit too concerned in the beginning which can be valid but your body needs time to adjust and heal. Yes, it will be good but you also have to deal with the ugly beforehand!

Sorry for the pubes...eww so disgusting but I have not been interested much in caring for myself since I am so tired and in pain.

I have finally made it over the HUMP. I can...

i have finally made it over the HUMP. I can finally say im feeling better. My muscle repair is still tired and sore and i need ibuprofen for it but i do not need to be wrapped up in garment 24 hrs a day. Im actually only wearing spanx when active to try and wean off the garment lol (because it feels so good). I have had an opening on my right hip that is about 2mm open and leaky. It has gotten better since i stopped putting stuff on it and letting it dry out. I have also had so much swelling in my vaginal area. My nodes in my groin are swollen and painful but only time will tell that they will go down. I did follow up w/my gyno to make sure it is surgery related btw. If you have swollen nodes too don't think just because mine are fine your are too Get it checked! my incision is so itchy which is a good sign :) my numbness is disappearing. It seems the first 3 weeks you heal so fast then the 4&5 are so slow and depressing. I can't wait until i feel 100% and when i don't tire easily. I find myself at 3:00 just so tired. I can also walk straighter but more towards the end of the day Im hunched over. My puckering is a bit better. Im upset with a fat pocket in my lower belly but it looks better than before so im still satisfied. Hope everyone is healing fine :)
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Thanks for such an honest account. I see my surgeon in just over a week. Should have done something about this years ago. Look forward to seeing more progress!
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Good to hear from you. We are only in our 4th week so we still have healing to do.
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Thank you for your comments on my profile. You look really good so far. There is still much more improvements to come in the weeks ahead. So be patient. It sounds like you have a very realistic and positive attitude going into the TT, which I think is extremely important. You'll be happy when all said and done. So sorry about the cold. I sympathize with you. It also really bothered me alot to sneeze and cough the first few days after the TT. My PS said to hold your tummy really tight when you cough. I hope this weekend and next week will be better for you. All the best to you. Can't wait to see more pics of you in the next few weeks.
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:o) Good to see the progress. Sorry things have been all over but you're looking like you're doing well. Get as much rest as you can! You look awesome.
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Thanks and you get rest too for tomorrow I'm so ready to see your results :)
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You are healing very nicely!
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Thank you! How are you doing?
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You look wonderful! So happy for you. What a huge difference. Even with the compression garment on, I can see how small you are now. Wow!
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Thank you :)
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looking great!!! :o) Happy healing.. how are you feeling MILF??? lol
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Did way too much today!!! But I look great..I'm so happy!!!!!
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You can tell that your stomach is going to be soo flat thru your garment !!! You will be in a bikini by spring : )
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I need you to LAY DOWN and rest!!! okay. :o)
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You look great : )))))))
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I hope that you are feeling better, I see that you still have your dains in. My drain was takem out the next morning after my TT. It is bothering me a bit because there is quite a bit of swelling on the one end of my tummy.
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that is what im afraid of happening if they take my drains out. So I will let my PS know on my appointment about my willingness to have them longer if necessary. Sometimes it may not be a good thing though because the skin can grow over the drain or there may be more risk of infection. Can you push the swelling to the other side? I hope your swelling goes down soon? happy healing..yay for us!
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Hang in there girlie!  You are doing great and that tummy is going to be flat, flat, flat:)

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thanks :)
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Just checking, how are you feeling? I am in so much pain. I only get a little relief from Percocet when I take 2. But they take about 45 minutes to start working and I swear they start fading off after just 3 hours. My entire stomach/back was sore during the day. But now I am wide awake because my incision feels like it is on fire. Do you have drains? I do and they are disgusting. It especially hurts where my right drain is at the end of my incision. I hope you are feeling way better. Oh yeah, I also have a pain pump but I can't feel any benefit from it. I swear I think it's broken.
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It may be broken if you are in that much pain. Yes the medicine does literally wear off around three hours so I take mine every 3.5 hours. My incision is okay except for the right side over my hip...I'm thinking it is from the way I'm sitting and the way the garment pushes over it. My right drain is very painful too, like pulling and burning. Have you tried ice...I have been doing ice 20 min on and 20 minutes off and i move it all around my belly (i can't even feel it due to the numbness). I've noticed that the ice is really helping a ton as well. Definitely stay up on the meds because some people that are in pain take longer to heal so don't feel bad if you need to take the full dose. Thanks for checking in and i hope things get better for you!
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Heyyy lilmary128512, am soooo happy for you getting your tt, I hope you feel a lot better soon girly, am having mine done one day after ur garment comes off lol am having a full TT& BBL, with Dr. Pazmino in Miami am sooooooo nervouse , and scared because I have never had surgery or kidos yet soo I really dont know wat kind of pain to expect you know sooo if you have any advice for me lol I would really appriciate it greatly, soo girly enjoy your day and ur new tummy mama :) Hope you have a speedy and not too painfully recovery. :)
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The pain is if you imagine someone duct-taped your chest to your pelvis so you feel tight and naturally are hunched over. After moving around a bit you are not as tight or not as in so much pain. It feels like abdominal soreness like doing a ton of crunches or core exercise. There is also numb pain which is weird and feels more like pressure, and there are uncomfortable pinches and pulls in random areas but it is not terribly bad as long as you can rest. I'm happy for you and hope your procedure goes well :)
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Thanks for all the info and so glad you are back home with your family where healing is much better then in the hospital. Hopefully each day gets better and Wednesday will be here before you know it. So happy for you take care.
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Glad that you are doing well.
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Great to hear today is better than yesterday!
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