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Hi Ladies! I have finally decided that I am ready...

Hi Ladies! I have finally decided that I am ready to get my BA. I have been wanting this for such a long time, since I was about 18. I am now 30 going on 31 and have one son who is now 10 years old. I have always been uncomfortable with the size and appearance of my breasts especially at the beach in a bikini. We are finally in a position financially where I am able to do this for myself. I am hoping to schedule for March, around my birthday! Bday present to my self :) My husband is not completely optimistic about it but is starting to come around. He says if it is something that I really want then I should do it.

I am 5'4 and weigh 113lbs. I just had my consultation on Monday and this just got me even more excited that it is finally happening. I was able to try on sizers and am going back and forth between 300cc and 325cc. I am going for the Mentor silicone subpectoral. Right now I am a small B cup wearing a 34B bra sz. I am hoping for a full C cup. I don't want to look too big, but have heard a lot of people say to go bigger than what I think. I am just nervous of coming out too big for my body size. I want to look natural. What do you all think? I am thinking of going for a second consult to try the sizers again and maybe talk my husband into coming along so he can see. I am posting some before pics as well as some rice test pics (300cc) and the pics I took at my PS office with the sizers (325cc) on (pink shirt). Let me know what you think about the size.


You live in my hometown! Small world lol. I'm so excited for my upcoming Ba. Good luck and looking forward to your future updates.
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Lol! It is a small world. I am getting excited also! When are you scheduled? Good luck!!! Look forward to seeing your updates as well. :)
I think the the 325's look good, but my advice now that I am 2 weeks post op is to at least try on a size or two bigger than what you think you like just for comparison. I ended up with 397 and am a full C (I am 6'1) but wish I would have at least seen what a little bigger looks like just for comparison. I will say I ended up with a very natural look which was what I was going but I think the sizers look bigger than what you actually end up with! Not sure if I would have really gone any bigger but hind sight is 20/20! Good luck!
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So I am thinking about scheduling my BA for March...

So I am thinking about scheduling my BA for March 11th. However, I am a full time student trying to finish my degree in Dental Hygiene and will only be off of school for a week during that time. Do you all think that will be enough time for me to recover? When I am at school, it is mostly sitting doing bookwork however there are two days a week where I am in clinic and actually working on patients. I really want to schedule for this time because I won't get another break till summer and I really dont want to get my BA in the middle of summer. But I don't want to push myself too much during recovery either. My nurse said I should be fine to return to school after a week, but I have seen many women on here say that they are really tired after just a couple hours even in week two. Any advise please?


I just got mine done almost 2 weeks ago and Dr. Bautista did mine. Him and his staff are amazing. At my consult I initially wanted 300 moderate plus and I thought they looked huge on me. I took my husband to my pre op, and after some reviews and doing my own research I decided I wanted to go bigger. So I decided to go with 375cc high profile. My recovery was easy and I think it's because of the Exparel...GET IT! I think you'll be fine with a week off. Best of luck!
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Hi angel1981, it's great to hear from someone that went to the same PS. You look great by the way! They were telling me about the exparel and I definitely want to try it. I have have a sensitive stomach so other pain meds make me nauseous. I have another appt with them on Monday to try on sizes again. I am getting so excited. Thanks for the advise!
No problem at all and good luck!

So I went in for a second consult with my PS...

So I went in for a second consult with my PS yesterday. I brought my husband along so I could try the sizers again and he could see. I was thinking of going with the 325cc which would give me a large C to small D. My husband liked the look of the 350cc sizers especially since I will be losing some by going under the muscle he said. So now I am back to wondering wether I should go bigger or not. I definitely don't want to be too big for my body size, but I also know, everyone says when in doubt go bigger. lol.. I put down my deposit though and am officially scheduled for March 12th! I am so excited and scared at the same time! Is it just me or has anyone else gone thru cold feet phases? One day I am super excited and can't wait and then the next I keep thinking about what if theres a complication and I think about all the other things i could be using that money for. But I know that I have wanted this for such a long time, so I am going to do it. I need some ideas of where to get some good but somewhat cheap sports bras for post op. Thanks for all your thoughts and support ladies! Have a great day!


I would highly recommend you to go bigger. I have 457ccs (36D or 34DD) and they are SOOOO easy to cover up. Most women will tell you they wish they went bigger - I am one of them. Go bigger while you can LOL! As for the sports bras, I liked the Danskin foam zip ups from Walmart - I wore that home from my operation and for the next few days. Presently I live in the Champion sports bras from Target (they don't squish the girls at all, but give them a little support - I'm wearing them in the pics wear I'm in the hot pink and blue bras). I'm a little after 6 weeks post op and still live in sports bras or ultra comfy types. I finally did some bra shopping today and it was fun! It is also fun to shop for just clothes too! Good luck and feel free to check out my profile/pics. ;) xoxo
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Excuse the typos ^^ I wish we could back and edit ourselves LOL!
Thanks! Your results look great by the way! I hope mine come out that nice. I am definitely going bigger. The most he recommended for me was 350cc. So that is what I am gonna go with. I have my preop in another week and a half. I cant wait. I am getting so excited now! I ordered a really cute sports bra from Kohls. I was also thinking of ordering one very similar to your black snap front one. Does it have good support? As well as the Danskin zip front. Can't wait for bra shopping!! Thanks for the tips. :)

Hi Ladies! So, I had my preop today which was...

Hi Ladies! So, I had my preop today which was exciting but nerve wrecking all at the same time. I officially paid for everything today and am now only two weeks away from my surgery day. I am so excited!!! I wish the time would go by quicker. I talked to my PS about going with 350cc instead of 325cc and he recommended going with the 325 because of the width of my chest. He said if we went up to 350cc we would have to do the HP which I really don't want. So I am sticking with the 325cc. I know I will still be super happy with the size. Ive got my prescriptions which I will be getting filled this weekend and I have already got a couple of post op bras. Any other recommendations on some things I should have. Can't wait!!! :)


Good luck 2 morrow u will do fine and look great!
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Thank You!!! :)
Good luck tomorrow! I went very small (175 cc) but I'm glad I stuck to my guns on size. My recovery has been very easy so far but I think a lot of that is because they are so small. You'll probably be able to tell within the first couple days how you'll be to go back to school after a week. It really depends on each person I think. And what I appreciated the most during recovery was my mom to help with changing positions, brushing teeth, etc. didn't nee too much else (except for laxatives haha)
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On my way ladies! See you when I get out! Wish me...

On my way ladies! See you when I get out! Wish me luck! I am super nervous!

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Surgery went well today! I don't even remember...

Surgery went well today! I don't even remember getting in the car. Apparently the nurse took me out in a wheelchair and after she got me into the car, my husband said I was trying to give her a hug and a kiss. Lol.. How embarrassing! I've been in and out of sleep all day. These pain meds make me so tired. I can't even make it through a single movie. I have a post op appt tomorrow at 1 and they are gonna show me how to massage. I just can't wait to take a shower and have a solid meal tomorrow. The nausea hasn't been too bad, just a little this morn after I got home. So far from what I can tell, I am happy with the results. I just can't wait for them to drop. Do you lose a lot in size when the swelling goes down and when they drop? I started applying the arnica gel to help with swelling. Luckily no bruising yet. And I am alternating that with a vitamin E oil and cocoa butter lotion. Anyways, I am gonna try to get some sleep now. Thanks for all your support ladies! I'll try to get some post op pics uploaded tomorrow.


I'm so happy to read this! I had a consult with Dr. Bautista 7 years ago, before my daughter was born. I ended up not going through with the surgery, but now that she is five and my breasts are destroyed, it is time! I have a consult with him on April 1st and I can't wait. Keep us updated, I am really anxious to see your results :) Congrats!
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Congratulations and happy healing!
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Thank you!!! :)

Had my first post op appointment today, which went...

Had my first post op appointment today, which went well. The nurse showed me how to do the massaging and helped put me into my post op bra. And I had a shower which felt amazing! I really felt so much better after that. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff! I'm hoping to get off the pain meds by Monday cuz I have to go back to school unfortunately. Wish I had another week to relax. Not much more to report for now. Have a great night ladies!


Glad to hear your surgery went well. Your post op pics look fabulous!
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Thank you and thank you soooo much for all the support!!! XO

Im 3 days post op now and starting to feel a lot...

Im 3 days post op now and starting to feel a lot better. Even though I woke up with cramps and a headache this morning. :( The girls are looking better everyday and I am so excited for them to drop. I started trying things on earlier and couldn't help but notice how much I was smiling at myself. It feels so great! :) I am only taking my percocet about twice a day now, in the morning when I wake up because I am quite sore and in the evening because I am starting to feel a little sore again by then as well. But I hope to be off of them completely by Monday when I have to go back to school. I actually slept through the night last night too, which was so nice. I was really tired. Today was my first day on my own since my husband had to go back to work. I have been fairly well I think. I have been mostly sitting around the house bare w/o any support other than a cami top. Today I put on my zip front sports bra and I feel like its squeezing too much. I may have to take it off in a bit. I have been regularly massaging the last couple days which isnt too bad now and am applying arnica gel and coco butter lotion several times a day. I just wish I could make them drop faster. I have anther post op appt next friday, so I cant wait to see what the PS has to say.


Yeah I really love the bralettes! They make your boobies look amazing! I hope mine look like yours by then...I'm still post-op day 5. Happy healing girl!!
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Omg they are perfect!! Where do you get the bralettes? They look amazing on you!
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Thank you! :) I got them at JcPenney actually. They had a pretty good sale!

So yesterday was my first day back to school after...

So yesterday was my first day back to school after being off for a week. It was also clinic day, so we had patients to work on which made it a little harder on me. I was so tired and sore by the time I got home yesterday. Luckily I have Tuesdays off, so I am recovering today. Just not looking forward to going back again tomorrow. Almost completely off all the meds too. I did take a percocet last night because I was hurting. But hoping today I can just take tylenol if needed. :( Things seem to be healing nicely so far. My incision areas are looking good. I did have really bad morning boob when I woke up. But I took a hot shower and massaged them and they are feeling a lot better. I posted a new pic from this morning. Looking better everyday. Just cant wait for them to finish dropping and fluffing!


So excited for you! You look great :) happy to see a fellow dental hygienist on this forum :) my surgery is next Tuesday and I'm super nervous! Hope you have a nice and easy recovery!
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My surgery was the 12th also! With a lift and saline implant. You're lookin' great! I'm glad my breasts are no longer hanging down to my belly button! LOL! I had my 2 week post op today and she's happy with my progress. And so am I!
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Thank You! :) I cant wait for mine to drop and fluff though. lol! Your results are looking are great as well!! Happy healing!!

So I am two weeks post op today! I had a follow up...

So I am two weeks post op today! I had a follow up yesterday with my PS and he said that everything is looking great and to keep up with my massaging. My right one is dropping slightly faster than the left. But they are looking great so far and I am really happy! The glue on my incisions is almost gone and then I can start putting on mederma or the scar strips to help with the scarring. He also cleared me to start light to moderate cardio again. Which I am super happy about! I can't take this sitting around the house anymore. I need to get out and active again. Especially with bikini season coming up. Lol! I will try to post some more post op pics later today. Hope you all are having a great week! :)


Nice results!
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Thanks! :) Your results look amazing as well!

I am one month post op today! Things have been...

I am one month post op today! Things have been going well. They seem to be dropping more and more. My left one is still dropping faster. But overall, I am so happy with the results. I do have days where I feel booby greed, but then it I look at my before and after pics and the feeling passes. I love my results! I have already been out shopping trying cute summer dresses and tops! I love being able to fill things out now. My incisions are healing up nicely and I am no longer experiencing morning boob. I have my 1 month post op next week and look forward to hearing what he has to say.


Hey! How is everything going? Hope all is well.
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Hi angel1981! Things are going great! I haven't had time to post in awhile due to school keeping me so busy but I will post some new pics soon. Everything is healing up nicely and I'm super happy with my results! How is everything going for you? Hope it is going great for you also! :)
Everything is great! Im back to lifting... But there are sm things i cant do like dips an push ups but thats ok cause im loving my new implants!
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