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Mini Face Lift with Facia Plication - Fredericksburg, VA

I remember my mom for years saying she wanted a...

I remember my mom for years saying she wanted a face lift and thinking I would never do that. Of course, that was before I started looking older than I feel and now I total "get it". Just wish she was here to tell her.

I am having the mini on Wednesday and am feeling nervous and excited. I have told 3 people - a close friend who is driving me back and forth, another close friend and my daughter.

I started the Arnica (per doctor's instructions) and have filled all prescriptions. Got a neck pillow so I have some support while sitting and have saved season 2 and 3 of Downton Abbey so I have something to do LOL

So happy I had this done...

I am amazed at how wonderful I feel at 5 months out. The recovery was a little tough at first because I didn't really comprehend how much work was done and the length of time for recovery.

The doctor's before and after pictures still amaze me when I look at the difference. This is one of the best things I have done for myself and would do it all over again.
Fredericksburg Plastic Surgeon

I love this doctor... He did breast reconstruction surgery on my 16 years ago and is an excellent surgeon and super nice guy.

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Thank you so much for sharing on RealSelf!

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I'll try and post photos soon - I have kept a journal of my recovery, but I need to find some "before" photos which show the jowls/sagging. I didn't take any clear "before" photos, which I should have done, so I'll have to try and find some that show how I looked before. I have the numbness, too, especially in front of my ears, but it doesn't bother me. I did feel a stitch, a couple of days ago, underneath the skin, that feels like it may pop through. I contacted my PS and he said it's nothing to be concerned about. If it does come through the skin (which it probably won't), he can remove it, or I can have someone clip it. I guess this is something that happens on occasion. I am so happy with my results - I hated how old I looked whenever I looked in the mirror. Now I find myself looking in the mirror and smiling at myself. I'm 53 and looked more like 65, now I think I could pass for 40 (at least that's what I tell myself, lol)! I've just been so much happier and am so glad I had this done and didn't put it off any longer.
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Good for you, I feel so much the same as you. The numbness around my face is still pretty annoying especially when I try to put on makeup or cream but its worth it. I too had some stitches pop through behind my ears and had them removed the other day which was painless. I love my result and am looking for my befores and will take some afters soon too. I am 53 too and I feel like now I can move forward and look more like I feel. I will keep my a lookout for your photos !
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I had mine done 2/15/13 so I am still recovering. No real problems except I had bad reactions to the pain meds and ended up not being able to take any so I was uncomfortable but not in pain. I too only had any real pain in my ears but I had a full on old school facelift because my neck was not responding well to the plan for a mid facelift. I am super happy so far, get my stitches out next Tuesday and cannot wait for some more swelling to go down so I can see the results which I will post with my before pics. I took Arnica on my own as my doc didn't recommend any supplements but I knew from experience it really really works, I have hardly any bruising either. Good luck and just keep looking forward to the result not the procedure !
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Just had mine done on 2/11/13. So far, I'm extremely happy. Get the stitches out tomorrow. I was very scared, but am so happy that I had it done. I took the Arnica, as my doctor recommended, and I think they really helped. I bruise very easily, but had very little bruising with the procedure. The only pain that I've had is some ear pain. Good luck - you'll be fine.
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Had mine on 2/15 so we are neck and neck, haha. I have some ear pain too but nothing too bad. I love Arnica and had taken it before just to get filler shots on occasion and found a huge difference in the bruising. My stitches come out next Tuesday and I am super excited to start a great skin care regime like Obagi nu derm to keep my new face smooth and spot free ! Good luck on your result
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Glad to hear that you're doing well also. My ear pain has cleared up immensely. Went back to dr today and got stitches out -yay! He was pleased with how my face looked. I'm still swollen in places and numb, especially around my ears, but, so far I am so happy with the results. None of my friends/family have seen me (except my husband of course) and I'm anxious to see if they notice anything different. I haven't told them about the lift. I'm glad that you mentioned taking the Arnica before getting filler shots. I hadn't even thought of doing that, but am going take it before getting Botox as I always bruise. Keep me posted on your recovery
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Just wanted to see how you're doing? I know that we had our surgeries within a few days of one another. My ear pain has cleared up and the scars in front of my ears are almost invisible. Still have a noticeable scar under chin (he had to make a rather large incision as he had to remove a lot of fat), but can easily cover it with make-up. I am very happy with results so far. Just wondering about you. Please keep me posted.
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HI, I am doing great. My major thing is just the numbness around my face but its 4 weeks and I know it can take 6 months to go completely away. I love the results, I am not sure that my under eye area is the way I want it, I am kind of thin with small bones and my face hollowed out as I got older so I need some more fat in that area. I may go ahead and have some juvederm added but I will wait to see how it shakes out after a few more months. I am so glad you are pleased with your results. Can you post photos? I will too ! Stay well and enjoy your results. : )
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