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I was young and immature when I first decided to...

I was young and immature when I first decided to get implants. I went in literally a couple days after my 19th birthday and had 200cc silicone implants put in. I never had issues with my 34A chest before the surgery. I just wanted to do it just because. I have had them for almost 5 years now and I want them OUT!!! I hate the way they feel, I don't like the way they look on me, and I am now more self conscious than I have ever been in my whole entire life.

I want to feel like me again and feel beautiful in my own skin regardless the size of my chest. I don't have anything against implants, but they aren't for me. I do not like having foreign objects in my chest and I want them out for good. I have learned to embrace my inner and outer beauty!!!

I've been thinking about this for a while and have done a lot of research. A few tips for any other women considering this, make sure you go to several consults. I only had two different consults but they were both completely different! The first Dr. was going to charge me $5,800 for (in my case) a simple procedure, and after the consult he let me know that he has only done ONE explant once before... The second Dr. however was heaven sent! He was so polite and really cared about what I wanted. I'm now going to have surgery for removal on monday the 18th with Dr. Heppe under local anesthesia and it's only going to cost me $1,000!!! Also opting to do the procedure under local anesthesia, if it is okay in your situation, will lower the total cost by a lot.

I am counting down until monday and cannot wait to have these plastic balls taken out!

You will bounce right back! From all the before and after photos I have obsessively looked at over the last few years since wanting to explant, I can already tell you will look great after! Good luck and update after they're out!
Thanks for the warm words , Dear :-) I really-really-really worry how they'll look after .... Before implants was 34B , after 34D....
Thanks! I'm hoping so, I didn't go very big to begin so I'm crossing my fingers! I will definitely post more pics, only two more days to go!!

Well in about 2 hours I will be implant free!! I'm...

Well in about 2 hours I will be implant free!! I'm getting a little nervous about the local anesthesia but I'm sure it will be fine, I have experienced worse..I think! I'm going to post a few more pics before with a bra on. I'll update again when I'm all done and home. Wish me luck!

I just got home and already feel amazing! It took...

I just got home and already feel amazing! It took maybe 20 minutes for Dr. Heppe to get the implants out. Injecting the local anesthesia was not bad at all and felt like any other shot you get for immunizations. I am a little shocked to see a flat chest but I'm hoping things will get fluffy soon and back to normal. I will post-op pics in a couple of days.
I just put 800.00 dollars on my xplant and waiting for my 2,700.00 tax return. He has quoted me 3800.00. With out cost of anastegeoligist. I asked for a local, but he didn't seem to want to do that. He has his own in house surgery center and he recommends having him there, but he did say it probable wouldn't cost to much as he is removing not replacing? Any thoughts?
Wow that seems like a high price compared to what I've been seeing on here.
Have you consulted with any other plastic surgeons? My Dr. quoted me $2100 with general anesthesia and $1000 with just local anesthesia. Patients may be eligible to do the procedure under local anesthesia depending on how easy or difficult their case may be. If you need the capsule removed or any other procedure such as a lift then you'll most likely be put under general anesthesia. If this is the first ans only surgeon you've seen I would do a little more shopping around, and always make sure that they are board certified!

Okay! So today is day 3 and I feel really good. I...

Okay! So today is day 3 and I feel really good. I wasn't given any prescription pain meds but I haven't had too much, but take ibuprofen for pain and swelling when I need to. I also have been taking a more natural and herbal alternative, it's called arnica. I recommend this to anyone who has just had surgery or may be recovering from an injury. You may need to order it online but it should also be available in any health food store. Make sure it's okay with your Dr. In some cases your Dr. might even tell you to get it. The day after surgery I had the most pain and it was hard for me to sleep. I was sore and the incision sight was sore of course. Today I woke up and was able to stretch my arms and had no pain at all. I'm taking it easy but I really want to go running or something!! I posted a few after pics. I still need some time to adjust to the size, I feel like they look bigger in the pictures. I'll keep updating every couple of days. And I also wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes! Cheers!
You look amazing!!!!! You sharing your story and pics have given much needed support for ladies during what can feel like an overwhelming and uncertain journey. I know that what we give we gain back two fold. Thank you for giving us your story.
Thank you so much and you're very welcome :) I came here for support and wanted to help support other women too.
Hi Ohnatural You look great! :)

Hi all! I just wanted to post an update and let...

Hi all! I just wanted to post an update and let you all know how I'm doing after one week. I'm already exercising and and completely pain free. I had my one week check up today and everything is healing beautifully. I still have surgical glue along the incision line but once that comes off on its own I can start putting scar treatment stuff on. I can sleep on my stomach now and it feels so different now that my implants are gone, it feels so amazing. Even stretching and hugging feel different and way better now that my implants are gone. I feel like a new person and have way more self confidence already! I posted two new post-op pics. I'll update again in a little bit!
Hi there, I have 240cc mp and am looking to explant. Can I ask what profile you had? You look beautiful!
You look great! Thank you for sharing your story. I have a consult lined up with your doctor because of your recommendation. I have had 2 other consults, both have had something different to say in terms of the surgery and very different costs. Looking forward to the consult with Dr. Heppe to compair. How soon after your consult were you able to have your surgery? Also, did you have to have a follow up appt. the next day? Thanks again for sharing
They look great! Enjoy them and walk proudly.
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