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Like many of the women whose reviews I had read, I...

Like many of the women whose reviews I had read, I have always been unsatisfied with my breasts. I have asymmetry, which I think bothers me the most, and I am 26 years old and they have never been perky. This past year I have become more and more aware of how much I stress over them. I wear a bra 24/7, I won't let my boyfriend see them or touch them..even when I'm alone I have to have a bra on because the sight and even just the feeling of having them not supported in a bra makes me want to cry. A few months ago I made a consult appointment and my doctor recommended I do a lift and implant. Since I don't want to have them be much bigger, I am going with 250cc implants. I'm hoping that will give me the fullness I want without them being disproportionate to my body (I'm 5'3", 135lbs)

So my surgery is in two days and I cannot possibly be any more excited. I thought since I have enjoyed reading others experiences on this website that I should share my story as well. So...here we go!

Thank you for starting your story! Looking forward to following along.


5 days post op-- Hello all! I meant to post more...

5 days post op--
Hello all! I meant to post more but I was staying with my parents after my surgery last week and they don't have internet -__- But I have successfully had my breast augmentation and lift!!

I was moderately nervous the day of surgery. We got there at 7:30am, and the woman who took me back to the room wasn't very warm so it made me a little more nervous. I got changed into the gown and was told to wait for the anesthesiologist to come in. He was absolutely wonderful! He explained the process to me and my mom, and made a joke when I told him I was extremely afraid of needles (since I am covered in tattoos!). He reassured me and my mom a lot and really eased my nerves. Then Dr. Heppe came in and marked me up. After he left a nurse came in and went over a few more things with me, then brought me back to the surgery room. At this point I was more nervous about the IV then the surgery (I really am afraid of needles and I've never had an IV or even given blood before). They laid me down on the bed, and the nurse took my blood pressure as the anesthesiologist started to find a vein for my IV. I had my head turned away the entire time, and did as my mom told me to do: "Pretend you don't even have an arm." To my surprise not only was the IV not bad at all but I really didn't even feel lightheaded. The last thing I remember was the nurse putting these cuffs on my legs to help with circulation, and then I was in the wheelchair being wheeled to my car post surgery! I was waiting for a "Count backwards from 100" or something, but nope, they just gave me the juice without any warning.

Due to my asymmetry, they did a 250cc implant on my left (the larger breast) and a 325 on the right. When I got home I went right to bed. I opted to have a time release local pain killer injection (I can't recall the name right now), and I think that was really the best way to go. To this day I haven't had any pain. At first I felt a lot of pressure. Trying to get up to go to the bathroom on day 1, I sat up halfway and then felt like I was going to fall forward on my face in the bed, so I laid back down. It really did feel like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I couldn't move at all. Days 2-4 got better and better each day. I switched from Percocet to Ibuprofen on day 2 and I've been totally fine ever since.

I am 5 days post op and today was my first day back to work. Being upright for that extended period of time today was pretty uncomfortable but I pushed through. My healing seems to be going very well. The incisions are looking good, the shapes are a little wonky right now but I know that it's normal at this stage. My only concern is that they are still looking asymmetrical. My mom reassures me that since they had to use a larger implant and there wasn't very much skin left on my right breast after the lift, that the skin still needs to stretch and the implant still needs to drop in order to really achieve the true shape and size. I know that she's probably right, but since symmetry was my #1 concern with the procedure, I'm a little nervous about how they will turn out once they're all healed.

I go for a follow up appointment tomorrow so I will make sure to address all of my concerns with Dr. Heppe. But all concerns aside, I am SO excited that everything is all over and done with and I can't wait to see how my new breasts will emerge :)

Thanks so much for posting your photos and updates. I think you look just beautiful!

You look great! I got mine done by Dr Bautista. happy healing.
We must have gotten our boobies on the same day because I'm 5 days out too! I also got the implants with lift, but I got the lollipop lift. I'm also asymmetrical as of now too and am nervous. But we'll see! Patience isn't my strong suit. haha. Keep us updated on your recovery! They're looking beautiful! =)

Today I am so freaked out..I know it's still early...

Today I am so freaked out..I know it's still early but my right breast is looking smaller then it did a few days ago, back when I still thought it wasn't as big as my left. The photo I'm attaching shows a picture on top that I took 4-5 days ago, and the bottom picture is from today. Am I crazy? Shouldn't it be getting bigger if anything from the implant settling into place? I could cry right now.

18 days post op- New pic posted. I am still...

18 days post op-

New pic posted. I am still concerned about my right breast and the lingering asymmetry. I spoke with my doctor at my follow up last week and he showed me some massage techniques which I have been doing this week. Although now I've noticed some bruising on my right breast which I'm wondering if it's due to the massaging or not. I still feel much more tightness on that side, and I know it is still early but I am still so worried that after all of this time, money, stress, etc..I'm going to be stuck with asymmetrical breasts. I just wish I knew whether there was hope in sight or not :(
Im surr It's ok, but I would be freaked out too. What did your doctor say? Did he say it was normal, or does he act like he went to small with the right one? They are healing so nicely :)
He didn't seem too concerned, but he did say something along the lines of we did the best we could with the implant size we had..which makes me wonder if maybe I should have gone with a bigger implant on that side. I know he filled the 300 implant (which was the largest of the three sizes we ordered) to 325, so I wonder if maybe I really needed a 350 or 400cc size. It's so hard to be patient during all of this..I'm really trying but at the same time all I want to do is be confident with them and I'm still very insecure about the asymmetry :( I go for another follow up tomorrow so I will voice my concerns with my doctor. Thanks though, I appreciate the kind words :)

Almost 3 weeks post op-- Well I had another...

Almost 3 weeks post op--

Well I had another follow up appointment today. I expressed my concerns about the continued asymmetry. The problem that I see and I think what my doctor feels is that I basically had two completely different breasts post op. The implants and lift made them better individually but I still have two different breasts. My right is more narrow on the bottom where my left is fuller. He even pointed out that he sees my right breast as bigger towards the top. He said that even if we were to go in add more cc's to the implant he fears it will only make it bigger on top and not give me the fullness on the bottom that I need to be more symmetrical. He gave me a strap to start wearing and showed me how to wear it to put more pressure on the right breast in hopes that it will help push the implant down and possibly correct some of the asymmetry.

Obviously since the asymmetry was my number 1 stress post op, I am really frustrated and upset by the idea that they will most likely never be symmetrical. When I look in the mirror I still feel the same stress and discouragement that I did post op. Obviously they are more perky and the fullness is great..don't get me wrong. But right now I feel so depressed and feel like I am going to be left with two bigger but still two completely different breasts.

Patience, I know, but this is a long process and it's so hard to be positive when I am not seeing the symmetry I so desperately wanted. sigh.
I can't wait to hear what he says!! I know he is the expert and he has probably seen it before, we just expect beautiful flawlass boobs instantly lol if for some reason they didn't even out, would he fix them for free?
I didn't ask him that..But I would hope so? If 6 months pass and it's not better I will see what my options are. In the meantime, I'll continue to keep my shirt on and not feel confident around my boyfriend :(
Oh this makes me so sad! This is a time where u should feel confident and sexy! To be honest u should still feel sexy because even though ones a little smaller they still look awesome and perky. But I totally see where u r coming from, I would be upset too, but it is still early! Also in a month if they are still not changing I would call, you paid a lot for a life changing procedure and u deserve to feel happy and confident and the last thing any honest surgeon would want is their patient to be unhappy!

1 month post op- Well ladies, I've had to change...

1 month post op-
Well ladies, I've had to change my "Was it worth it" status from Yes to Not Sure. As you can see from my latest photo, my asymmetry has not improved. I've been wearing the strap my doctor gave me, not every day but as much as possible at night since it's hard to wear that ugly thing to work. When I look in the mirror I still see two completely different breasts, only now they're larger. I'm on the verge of tears as I type this..after spending almost $9,000 on a surgery to correct asymmetry, I am still back at square one.
Has anyone else had this kind of trouble? I've been scouring the internet for stories like mine..and everyone always says just give it time. But I've been monitoring my progress with photos and I have not seen a single smidge of improvement.
I'm going back for another follow up on Friday.. I'm so discouraged. I think I will give it one or two more months and then possibly go get a second opinion if my doctor doesn't have a solution.
If anyone has had any similar experiences PLEASE share, offer advice, tell me it'll be ok, or just straight up tell me it won't be ok so I'll stop hoping for things to get better..
I originally wanted to have the surgery to fix my asymmetry but as I found out as well that it's pretty much impossible for any PS to make your breasts perfect! I was told that they would still be slightly different sizes afterwards but that he would do his best. I think he did good with that he had to start with for me. Have you tried them in a bra yet? I wore my strap 24-7 and only took it off for a 30 minute shower for the first 2 weeks and then he said I didn't need it anymore. If your PS says to wear it all the time, then you need to wear it all the time....I would find new shirts that you could wear to work for the time being. You won't need the strap forever so just remember that when you think about having to limit your style. Good luck and give it time.
I think what I'm most upset about is the fact that my PS did NOT tell me that I should expect them to not be symmetrical post op like yours did. He told me that we would just do a larger implant on the smaller breast and they will be evened out. I feel very dumb and naive looking back now..I probably should have gotten a few PS opinions before deciding on one. So that is really what is most upsetting..he is telling me now that I had two different breasts before so I will have two different breasts after..and had he told me that before I spent $9,000 on surgery, I may have reconsidered getting it altogether. They still look uneven in a bra. Unless I wear a padded bra, which I was trying to avoid since I've been wearing thick padded bras my entire adult life, and I thought surgery would relieve me of that. He didn't tell me how long to wear the strap. He was pretty vague about it, just said as much as possible I guess. I've been wearing it religiously every night for the past couple weeks after I get home from work and while sleeping. My PS said that it probably won't do anything anyways. The whole post-op experience has been very upsetting and I'm so extremely angry at my PS for being so vague about what I should have expected pre-op. I have an appointment for a second opinion in a few weeks. Thanks and I will give it time, just still so depressed about this that it's hard to see the forest for the trees.
Also, I understand that perfect symmetry is impossible. I really never expected perfection at all. But I did expect improvement, which I didn't get. They are still the same proportion asymmetrical as they were before, now they're just bigger and I'm out almost 10k -__-
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