Worst Pain Ever of a Procedure,little or NO Results :( - Frederick, MD

I am 40yrs. old. No sun damage hardly and...

I am 40yrs. old. No sun damage hardly and excellent elasticity in skin. I had minimal jowling at corners of chin and tiny amount of fat under tip of chin but enough to show in pictures.
Supposedly the PERFECT candidate for Ultherapy I was told.

I had this Procedure done on April 20th,2012 in Frederick,Md. and it was the WORST cosmetic procedure I ever have done as no results and WORST Pain yet, worse than Breast Implants which I've done a few times. I was not made aware how painful this procedure was before hand ( also I swelled like a chipmunk storing nuts in his lower jaw for 2weeks which was not discussed) and was told pain was similar to Thermage, FOR WHOM??? This was beyond painful!!! I rate it a 10! Thermage was a BREEZE compared!

I had Doctor Margaret Weiss in MARYLAND(she is excellent) do My Thermage of my jaw in 2008 but only lasts a couple of yrs before jowls return and no idea why I didn't return to her as I really liked the result but was swayed by promises Ultherapy was a better result with less pain- HA!
Boy am I stupid.
Anyhow all in all it was a terrible waste of money. They wanted to charge more after I was finished the procedure which really was weird as I had the price in writing before hand from consult. I would REALLY have been disappointed paying $2k opposed to $900 for this.
It is now June 27th 2012 and I look the same or worse after this procedure. I only had My jawline done and a little under chin and I feel like jawline is EXACTLY the same and the area under the chin is a little wobbly but not less fatty if that makes sense, like damaged my skins "tone". Texture is weird now too. Ugh. Can't they be honest and test these devices longer before unleashing on us consumers with so little info. before hand??? They promise miracles and we get all excited I guess as consumers and it really is disheartening after things like this happen. I will stick to Thermage as been around 10 or 12 yrs. I should have known better but I was so excited this would offer BETTER results as I was pleased with Thermage ,albeit painful as well.
No I'm not dropping names, I do recommend Dr. Weiss and Thermage as an alternate however. Best O luck!

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I also live in VA - in Alexandria, actually, & had to make the drive once/week for 4 wks for the study, then 2mos later, again once/week for 4 weeks for the other arm (which was done as a courtesy to match the "study" arm. It is a hike, indeed, but that was the price I paid for being in a free study!
Keep me posted!
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Thanks so much again for the response Maria, I guess I will have to journey back up to Maryland whenever I can to get Dr Weiss to look at me now. I am in Va. living at the moment so it is a hike but I learned WORTH IT! The doctor was highly acclaimed I must say and great reviews, maybe P.a. had off day? Yeah I was shocked the Doctor wasn't involved at all and yes, his license is on the line if she harms someone. I wouldn't risk if him. I did pass him in hallway and he glared at me like I was in his way as he hurried by. The P.a. awkwardly tried to stop him and just introduce me as I left but he was gone. Weird and rude to say the least, I paid for a Derm. not a P.a. so it still irks me. Very glad to hear your result was good with Ultherapy and I do keep hearing GREAT things about Exilis as well.
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I honestly can't believe you never even met the Dr who owns the practice & only saw the PA-that seems like very poor protocol - what if you had some kind of contraindication to Ultherapy? Is that something the PA would be able to diagnose? If the PA missed something on you, it's the Dr's license on the line-very risky & not professional!
Dr. Weiss is only doing Exilis study on the arms - they do use it very successfully on the jawline/neckline area, but that is not part of a study-it has already been proven successful for that area. I would absolutely consult with her office & see if there is any other kind of procedure that can correct what's been done already.
For what's it worth - I am very happy with my Ulthera results & do not need a second session - I had mine done in DC with Dr. Rondi Walker (hadn't met Dr. Weiss yet) & she said it is rare to need a second session.
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Thanks Megan, my pleasure to share with so many as it helps us all make better informed decisions. Hi Maria51va- is Dr. Weiss doing studies of Exilis on the jaw/face? I was wondering about this procedure as well. Thanks so much for commenting about this. :) I LOVE DR WEISS! I wasn't aware they offered Ultherapy when I did this procedure. Hmmm -anyhow- Dr Weiss did NOT do My Thermage in 2008 but her Nurse/Tech did and Dr Weiss oversaw and advised of settings and protocol. She was very involved. I should have known when I went to this new Dermatologist office in Frederick Maryland that I NEVER saw the Dermatologist who runs this practice just his P.a. but I thought she sounded knowledgable enough and she said she had it done on her face and loved it. She looked good so I signed to do it. She did admit DURING procedure she thinks patients do best with second Ultherapy session.The Man who owns this practice who I thought would at least oversee,never even stopped in during or after the procedure, I will take that as a major no no next time I consult for a laser or surgery in future dealings.
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I have been fortunate to be a study pt with Dr Weiss (for Exilis-skin tightening for my arms) the staff in her office have discussed Ultherapy with me as I had it done by a different doctor, albeit with good results. They are so knowledgeable at that office, about so many no surgical procedures. I think I'd go to her for a consult to see if any repairs could be done
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Hi Megan-I'm not sure Thermage will help me now even at this pt. Since Ultherapy ,as I mentioned ,there is loose skin or wrinkly texture to under chin/neck area where they used Ultherapy.. I am thinking a mini lower facelift now? Sucks bad as I NEVER went in sun and had excellent tone to my skin before with not hardly any sun damage my whole life. I consulted with a Plastic surgeon since and he said he did not think I was a candidate for a lower facelift to fix it, maybe fillers but I dont like fillers in my lower face as jaw is fatty to begin with and why I wanted Ultherapy. Sighs. It just cant be easy can it? Realself is a great resource so thanks so much for letting me share!
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We are so thankful you are on here sharing - it is people like you, adding their experiences, that make RealSelf great! :)

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I'm sorry to hear the Ulterhapy didn't turn out too well for you. Do you plan to do more Thermage treatments?

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