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This will be my second consult, different doctor....

This will be my second consult, different doctor. First doctor wanted to charge $10.392. Luckily a friend of mine told me about Dr. Khalifeh. After researching him & seeing his internet special of $7,750. He seems to be a perfectionist & that really eases my nerves. If a doctor is willing to throw in lipo at no cost to you so that YOU look great, thats my kinda doctor.

Well my appointment went well, much better than I...

Well my appointment went well, much better than I thought. Only saying that because I was so worried I was going to get there & the advertised price was going to be higher than expected. So needless to say my stomach cramps & nightmares Sunday weren't necessary :) I had myself so worked up thinking that it was going to be out of my price range.
So I had my appointment today at 2:30 today, with a 11 yr old & a 11month old.... But they entertained themselves :) Dr. Khalifeh was very comforting & reassuring that I would be a great candidate for a regular tummy tuck, and that the price would include everything! That's right, $7,750 to have the stomach I've waited 11 years to have back!
One thing that worried me about the surgery itself was my Lupus. I currently take baby aspirin to prevent blood clots, granted I've never had one but I have an antibody with the Lupus that makes me have an increased risk. Other doctors wanted me to atop my blood thinners completely.... really scared the hell of of me! But Dr. Khalifeh brought up a medication that I coincidentally taken while I was pregnant called lovenox. Now knowing that he takes my high risk issue into great consideration, he gave me a safe alternative.
After viewing my always sucked in, horrible (& still painful) c-section scar, ugly, sagging chunk of fat & skin, he explained what & how he would do the surgery. Suggested some silicone patches to "fix" my old surgery scars on my rib, plus adding that they would help the new scar. :-) He then explained my recovery time & my limitations. Then gave me great news... I can go home the day of the surgery!!! I live over an hour and a half from his procedure location in Chevy Chase, so being able to cone home rather than staying in a hotel is a huge plus :) I'm sure it probably helped that a friend of mine is a nurse and agreed to come take care of me lol.
So now I just need to quit smoking & pick a date for surgery. Hopefully July... My mom is going to offer some help, so I need to go around everyones schedule to make sure the kidos are taken care of. Plus my son turns 1 in May & my daughter turns 11 in June, & I don't want to be healing during that time.
Words can't even describe how excited I am for this to happen!! I can't wait to buy jeans that don't go up to my ribs to suck in my belly. And that awful C-Section scar. I'm going to cry like a baby, happy tears of course, when the day finally comes.
Now to check out calendars, keep exercising & focus on no cigarettes!! That's the goal. YYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!
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I have been in the office once & spoken to the staff over the phone several times. One appointment for a consult with the Dr, NOT their nurse! Love that!

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