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I'm a 45 y/o mother of 4 adult children. All my...

I'm a 45 y/o mother of 4 adult children. All my children were natural births and nursed only the youngest. I've recently lost about 60 pounds. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 215 which still makes me overweight, however I can't stand the saggy skin that hangs on my stomach any longer from having the kids and losing the weight. My breasts are still nice, but I've lost a lot of the volume.

I have been looking at having this procedure done for approximately 6 months and have decided to have it done December 11, 2012. I will be having a BA with cohesive gel, high strength silicone implants and an abdominoplasty with lip. I am really worried about having the procedure done after reading a lot of the reviews, but still think it will be well worth it. I go Friday, December 7, 2012 for my pre-op and will hopefully take before pics and do some measurements then to post.

Any tips, helpful advice to calm my nerves and what I will need to have on hand would be greatly appreciated.

I am hoping that having the procedure done will make my clothes fit better and improve my self image as I really don't care for the way my tummy protrudes these days.


Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! Check out this list of supplies to get for your recovery.

Please keep us posted. Your big day is coming right up!

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In a bit of a panic thinking I am only days away...

In a bit of a panic thinking I am only days away from having my procedure done. It seems like there is so little time to get everything done that I need to. I've arranged for a nurse to sit with me whenever I get back from surgery Tuesday evening as it is required by the surgery center. Wednesday I need to either find someone to sit with me for an hour or stay alone while my daughter goes and takes a final exam at college.

I went and got several pair of baggy lounge pants and button up shirts yesterday. I had my blood work done yesterday and went by the place where I had my last mammogram so they could send the results to my doctor.

Hoping to take before pictures today and upload them and maybe some more at my pre-op appointment.

A little more about me. I am a current college student after the company I worked for almost thirteen years eliminated my position due to downsizing. I will do all my finals this week even though I had one scheduled for next Thursday.

I weighed over 265 about a year and a half ago and have kept almost all the weight I've lost off.

I am a smoker of less than a year and know that I need to quit. Surgery center says I shouldn't smoke for 24 hours prior to the surgery so I'm trying to cut way back by wearing the nicotine patches. I do have asthma so hoping the anesthesia won't be a problem for me. I've never had a surgery this long so hoping I won't have any problems coming out of it. I never have with my other surgeries.

Trying to stay positive, but I know I have a long haul in front of me to get to the body I used to have.


Thank you so much. The list is extremely helpful,

I am so nervous and excited at the same time. ...

I am so nervous and excited at the same time. Surgery day is tomorrow. Everything will be okay, right? Totally not looking forward to being in pain, but excited and very much looking forward to my new 'me'. And, I should be healed for bathing suit weather! Woohoo....

Doctor took my before pics, but I don't have a copy yet so I took my own, I'm sure his turned out much better than mine because of the lighting and angles. lol Goodbye saggy baggy belly and hello new, fuller girls.


I'm 11 days post op, your body looks just like mine did! I was 186 when I went in for surgery,5'4". Wanted to lose more weight before surgery but couldn't stand the site if myself and more weight loss meant the skin sagged even more. Anyway, just here to encourage you! I'm over the moon thrilled! still not 100%, but really cant complain about the recovery. I had two csections, and its definitely comparable. Good luck! You'll be so thankful you did this!!!!
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Thank you so much. So glad someone else is build similar to me, that also had this done. I've never had a c-section, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance level so hoping for the best. Congratulations on your success and looking forward to posting mine ASAP.
Almost time! So excited for you! you'll do great!!!!
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Had my surgery yesterday. They sent me from the...

Had my surgery yesterday. They sent me from the surgical center to the hospital to monitor the amount of blood I had coming out of my tubes since I was going to have a 2 hour ride home from there they wanted to ensure that we wouldn't have any problems on the trip home.

Not sure what everything looks like as I'm bandaged and in the compression garments, but it does look like my tummy should be pretty flat. My new breasts are 'in my face'. lol I'm sure that will change once they drop and the swelling goes down.

I am currently taking the pain meds every 4 hours and do have some pain just sitting in the recliner. When I get up and walk to the bathroom is when everything really hurts. I spent the night in the recliner and most of my day. I've drank close to a gallon of water. I return to the doctor on Friday. I am running a low grade fever 99.1 but other than that I believe I'm doing as well as expected at this point.


Hey! Are you home now? How are you feeling???
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Thanks. I am home and doing well. Pain is pretty bad getting up and down. Not as bad when I'm walking and only mild pain when I'm resting. I am taking 2 of my pain pills every four hours. I tried only taking 1 about 4:30 this morning and I was in pretty severe pain very soon. I'm also making sure I take my muscle relaxers on schedule as there are times whenever I can feel my tummy quivering. I go for my post op appointment tomorrow so maybe I'll get to see what I look like then. The drains have small clots in them today and the color is now a dark pink instead of the deep red they were yesterday. I'm running a low-grade fever and I'm icing my boobs as they randomly have pains shooting through them.
Oh I hate that pain that randomly comes- I still get that. I would take 2 then 1 then 2 every 3 hours. If I laid still I didn't have any pain! Lol did u milk ur drain? Let me know how tomorrow goes:-)

Here are a couple of pics. My drains are still in...

Here are a couple of pics. My drains are still in and still very swollen. Stomach is numb, but to be expected. Pain is getting much better now, but can't stand up for very long at a time.


Posted some post op pics. Still healing and still swollen, but getting better. My doc told me I wouldn't want to lose more than 35-40 pounds or I'd have the loose skin issue again as well but I just couldn't wait any longer. He said my stomach muscles needed a lot of repair so I'm glad I went ahead and had it done now.
Thanks. I did post more pics and I do see the difference, but still have a lot of swelling. I can actually look down and see more than just my tummy so I know it's much better than it was before. LOL

Went to the doctor on Friday, 1/4/13. I have an...

Went to the doctor on Friday, 1/4/13. I have an infection under my breasts and in my belly button. Need to soak it with hydrogen peroxide several times a day and put an antibiotic cream on it. Still looks yellow this morning. He says it's unusual, but not serious so hopefully it will clear up before I return to him this Friday.

In the meantime I've been on an emotional roller coaster. I've had way too much time to think. I accused my wonderful boyfriend of cheating on me as I was having so many thoughts racing through my mind. He's had enough and has told me to move out and that it's over. I'm still not really able to lift or do a lot of bending so not physically able to pack and move. It's been extremely stressful living with him, trying to apologize, knowing I need to move and that he wants me out of his life. I really have no friends to talk with about this and family just doesn't understand. Ugh....not sure this was the right thing to do at this point, but hopefully time will heal all wounds (both mental and physical). Would really appreciate some thoughts or advice on how to handle these emotions.


SORRY TO READ HOW YOUR BF WENT LEFT FIELD! I WANT YOU TO CONCENTRATE ON "YOU"'re HEALTH is waaaaay more IMPORTANT than a bf who may have neen cheating! cause if he wasn't he wouldn't had FLIPPED THE SCRIPT and kick you OUT at such a TIME like THIS! you just had LIFE CHANGING SURGERY so you have a PASS on your EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER! I don't know if you have somewhere to go that's LESS STRESSFUL...if you do GO! if you don't STAY until you are HEALED! HE WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT/YOU! DO NOT APOLOGIZE ANYMORE! YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS!
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Thank you for the encouragement. I do have somewhere to go, but trying to move back to a two bedroom house where my son and daughter have been living is taking time to reorganize so there's room for me.
Oh girl, I'm so sorry your bf is being such a jerk, especially now when you need help! How are you doing?? Hugs
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