Fraxel Works Well for Scars, Not Real Well for Skin Appearance

Let me first say that I have very fair skin. The...

Let me first say that I have very fair skin. The doctor told me that lighter skin colors usually yield greater results. I also had very bad acne scaring around my chin area (dark purple, indented scars).

I started my Fraxel treatments in May 2008 (roughly a year ago) and got 6 treatments. My last treatment was in January. So far, I have noticed some amazing results. I still see the scars (after all, I'm pretty sure scars can never be FULLY erased... but maybe I'm wrong) but they have faded so much that really only I notice them. I still expect them to fade further within the next 3 months (the doctor told me that the treatments can continue working up to a year later) but so far I am happy with the results.

Now, I will say this: some of the bonuses of the Fraxel laser do not last. A month or two after the procedure, my skin is very healthy looking and the looks very good. However, about 3 months after the last Fraxel, my skin has reverted back a bit to how it originally was. The scars are still faded, but my skin appearance is still pretty bad. Pore size hasn't changed significantly, although my skin is much smoother and softer.

A few things I'd recommend: Keep your skin really hydrated during the first few weeks of the procedure. Don't scrub your face too roughly. Wear lots of sunblock (Obagi is a good brand) and continue to reapply it throughout the day. Continue to wear it for 4-6 months after the treatment.

Hopefully this helps someone. I'll try to update this in a month or two when I am 6 months out of the entire series of treatments.

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The nurse that administers the procedure is very good. She knows exactly what energy levels to use to make things go smoothly.

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has anyone had fraxel treatments for acne scars in the wincheser, va area??
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i am facing problem of hyperpigmentation and hypertrophy on my face along with surgical scar after dermatologist suggested me for fraxel restore..will it work? my first sitting is on 13 june,09.. what pre treatment precautions should I take?
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Where is the surgical scar located? Fraxel and the DYE laser are best for skin discolorations. I had a small brown spot on my lip removed completely in just one session of the DYE laser. does the surgical scar indent, and is it discolored?
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I live close to Irvine and I'm considering doing Fraxel as well. Where do you go for treatment?
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Californiaguy, Glad to hear you have had great results. I also have scarring on my chin area which I am very self-conscious about. I am looking into Fraxel re:pair but not sure at this point. Do you have before and after picks available by any chance. Just want to be sure my scarring is similar to yours. I can provide a personal email address if necesary. Thanks, Kerouc
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Yeah, during the first few days of treatment, you will experience some extra acne. I had a few whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads my first few days. The key is to make sure you continue to moisturize and don't wash your face with anything too harsh. I wouldn't use any topical treatments on your face at all until about a week after the treatment. Just wash with something really mild then apply lots of moisturizer and sunblock. I'm very happy with my series of treatments. I hope it works just as well for you! Just make sure to follow all the doctor's orders and you'll do fine!
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Thanks for the information! I had my second treatment today. I will also being doing 6 treatments. My face is really swollen this time. After my first treatment I started getting alot of pimples and blackheads. Did this happen to you? It also could be my hormones acting up as well, but wondering if you had the same.
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