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I spent all weekend researching the Fraxel II...

I spent all weekend researching the Fraxel II treatment before my appointment on Wednesday. I spoke with my Doc on Tuesday and raised the issues that I had read about at this site, specically post-op issues, meds for pain, and downtime. I was very specific and I think I caught her somewhat off-guard with my questions. I was seriously not going to have the treatment if I didn't get specific answers to these issues. The Doc explained that my treatment was specifically designed for acne scarring. The laser would be set deeper and the beams would be set further apart so there would be more tissue spared. She told me that based on her experience everyone reacts differently to the treatment. The Doc prescribed Valtrex as an anti-viral anticipating cold sore breakout. No other meds. My experience was: 1. the lidocaine cream was left in place for about 90 minutes. 2. I had no other pain meds. The Doc was amused by the comments I related about nerve block injections, IV sedation, Xanax and Vicodin (sp) and commented that if I wanted to do only a small test area that she would accomodate. 3. laser: took about 10 minutes for the treatment. She did 7 passes over my entire face. My nurse used the cooling wand. I had no pain, tingle yes, but nothing like the reviews. 4. Post-op: Day 1 Treatment:Ice immediately after the treatment, moisturizer, then I went home. (My nurse who assisted the Doc had 3 previous full face treatments and several cheek only treatments. She looked great.) My face felt like I had been exposed to super cold temperatures (below 0) and then felt like a bad windburn. I was red and somewhat swollen all day. I iced during the day but gradually felt better. I could have gone out if I wanted. Thursday Day 2: today, less red; some swelling around my eyes but generally, the swelling has gone down to almost normal - the best part - my worst acne scars (cheek)are gone today. My wife and I really can't believe the results so far. I am moisturizing and applying sunblock every 5 hours. Some peeling starting to occur at the base of my nose. I suspect the diminished scarring is probably the result of the swelling but if I can end up with these results after 3 treatments it is worth the money and minor discomfort. No breakout of acne or white heads. Tomorrow I am going to the gym and then to work. I will post after Day 3. Good luck everyone.

13 Days - It's been almost two weeks since my...

13 Days - It's been almost two weeks since my first treatment. I continue to moisturize and sometimes put sunblock on. My wife insists that the deepest acne scars and large pores have disappeared and that my color is much better. The deeper lines and wrinkles are still there. I have my next treatment on June 6 and will add to the review. I am happy so far - no reactions, not any pain or downtime after the first 36 hours. Definitely a thumbs up so far.
Dear Quasimoto, I'm sure that you will look great after the treatments are over. The staff at Leahy is great and very considerate. They called me to make sure I was feeling OK after the final treatment. The only issue I had after the treatments was that they double billed me. Almost paid it but it was no problem straightening things out. Congrats - glad to hear all went well. Your husband is a lucky guy. Best, Peter (Rookie)
Hi Peter: You deserve a medal for all the time you take with this blog. I had my first Fraxel treatment with Dr. D'Edwardo on Tuesday. She is lovely, as is everyone who works there. Except for the fear of the unknown, it was like a few hours at the spa. The discomfort was minimal.I was afraid that when the numbness wore off, it would feel like novacaine wearing off after the dentist. It did not. The only downside was the fact that the day after the treatment I looked like Quasimoto, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. My husband said I was exaggerating, but that's how I felt and I think he was being nice. So, when they say there will be swelling, that's what they mean. This is now day 4 and I feel okay to go out. Thank you again. Cindy
Hello all I had my fractional co2 laser surgery today in Brisbane and all is well so far! I have had laser before {in the old days} and this is much easier. Very easy to have the procedure pain wise and very little pain post op so far (9 hours later) in fact pain is not the word I would use... slight discomfit would be more apt. I am doing the vinegar and Vaseline routine whenever the oozing gets too much (I don't like the "trickling" factor!!) Anyway I feel so much better than previous procedures an will keep people posted with honest feedback if you have any more advice for me that would be great Cheers Christine
Dr. Christine De Edwardo Lahey Clinc Lexington MA

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